The most annoying guys found at your college party


There is always a few of these people at a college house party. Try to make sure you aren’t one of them!

1. The Snapchat Story guy
The guy who spends more time taking photos and adding them to his “Snapchat Story” than he does actually socialising with anyone at the party. Why he feels the need to catalogue everything about his boring night so he can look at it in the morning and “show off” to his friends, we don’t know.

giphy2. The hole-in-the-wall drunk
The ridiculously drunk guy who freaks out because somebody ashed into his drink by accident. Everybody proceeds to take the p*ss out of him because of his hilarious antics, until he lashes out at the closest door, wall or chair in his way. Silence follows, usually by him being kicked out of the house.

w3. The turn-the-music-down kid
Don’t be this person. “Hey, guys could you turn the music down a little?” Nothing sinks your buzz more than this.

giphy4. The drunken mess
This is the person who is at EVERY party – the one who cannot handle their drink, slips and slides all over the house and slurs their words before 11pm. They usually have someone “taking care” of them just after midnight and either pass out on the couch or get taken home early.

e5. The random guy
The guy who nobody knows! Nobody invited him but he’s showed up and managed to sneak in, wearing the creepiest grin you’ll ever see. He stands against the far corner wall, his knee propped upright to support him, sipping on a can of Miller Lite and eyeballing every girl in the room. Agh!

wild-card6. The annoying photo-bomber
This one shuffles around the house at a tremendous speed, not speaking to anybody for over 5 minutes, and jumps halfway across the room to ensure that his fat head leaps into the frame of every girl who’s trying to take a picture with her friends.


7. The drinking game guy
The one who barges into the party late, attempting to clear everything off the table and shut down the music so he can set up BEER PONG! Or even ignite a game of “Kings.”

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