The types of people your friends turn into on nights out


Your friends turn into completely different people on nights out. Your quietest friend suddenly turns into a maniac once she gets a blue WKD into her hand while the really opinionated girl gets very subdued once the alcohol hits. What is going on?! Here are the types of people your friends turn into on nights out:

1. The one that shouts in your ear
They’re not really aware of how loud they’re speaking and the gibberish that they’re coming out with. They don’t seem to be in control of their hands, any minute now they will spill their pint all over you.

Santana_&_Mercedes_shouting_at_her2. The creep
They seem to just vanish into thin air without  a trace left behind. They slither around like a snake looking for their prey. They spend most of the night roaming around the club looking for the appropriate guy or girl and giving them intense stares.

creepy-smile-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3-27183. The one on laughing gas
They think that everything is absolutely hilarious and they’re constantly smiling at you. After a while it starts to get really annoying so you tell everyone else that you don’t know them.

Ricky-Gervais-Cracking-Up-On-Sofa4. Duracell bunny
They’re the one that is constantly getting jelly shots and looks like they’re on drugs. They don’t “dance” per say they kind off just jump around with bundles of enthusiasm.

giphy5. The exhibitionist
They want everyone to look at them and always want to be the centre of attention. They will literally do anything to be the life of the party.

1393706232067_ah-life-of-the-party6. Too drunk to get in
They don’t even make into the club because they’re so drunk and spend the next half and hour arguing with the bouncerIf they could see themselves and how drunk they look, they wouldn’t let themselves in.

giphy7.  Raging bull
They’re always looking for an excuse to start a fight. Anytime anyone even looks in your direction it’s grounds for them to fly off the handle.

tumblr_m85fotJJcl1ry10fwo1_5008. “This is my song!!”
They scream and shout when they hear a song: “OMG!! this is my song,” they drag everyone up onto the dance floor only to realise that it’s not the song they thought it was.

tumblr_mh8caxdKfr1ry6exno1_5009. Drunk texter
You know their night is not going to end well…


8. The sleeper
When they get really drunk  they start to get sleepy and you find them taking a kip in the corner.

pxeZtaT9. “What do you mean last orders?!”
They will do anything for just one more pint when the bar closes they don’t want the night to end

Airplane-gif10. Touchy feely
It’s as if they only realise they had senses and so they really enjoying touching things. They can’t get enough of touching their own body and when they’re talking to someone they always have to pat them on the shoulder or put their arm around them.

thi11. The cheater
They tell everyone that they’re so faithful to their boyfriend or girlfriend. As their friend you have to keep it a secret when you see them eating the face off every guy or girl in the club. Or if you don’t care you could ruin their relationship by taking a picture.

tumblr_mgimgugmPk1r7f39co1_50012. The hot mess
Their make -up is always running down their face and they end up walking around with no shoes on because one of their heels broke. They were mixing drinks and now they’re paying for it by getting sick on the street while they’re waiting for a taxi.

136371610347116257913. The emotional trainwreck
In combination with the hot mess this can be a real disaster. When they drink, everything just comes rushing out of them they can’t handle all the emotion. Be careful with what you say to them because anything could set off the waterworks.

520159314. The acrobat
They’re naturally flexible and will get up on top of tables or counters to show off their moves. God forbid there happens to be a dance cage or a strippers pool in the club.

q0fIFhx15. And then there’s … you

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