Young Irish drinkers leave scientists astounded

RTÉ's new show Drunk is a bit on the controversial side, as it offers free alcohol to contestants so that they can then be put through different tests to see the effects of the drug on our ability to function.

The results? Well, apparently scientists were amazed at how little twelve or thirteen standard units of alcohol affected contestants, causing concern at how tolerant we are becoming due to over indulgence.

Bill Malone, RTE Two Channel Controller said that "The first night we went filming, we supplied the alcohol. The Irish young people, all over 18 of course, drank 12 to 13 vodkas each and the majority of them were functioning completely normal on the tests.

"The medical professionals were astounded by the level of capacity in the young Irish people who were able to drink."

We're all for tolerance here at SHEmazing!, but not like this! If you're going out tonight, maybe set yourself a healthy limit of alcohol, you'll be glad of it in the morning!