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As the nation prepares for Ireland’s final group stage clash in Japan, Just Eat, the county’s leading food ordering and delivery app, is giving fans the chance to enjoy breakfast delivered straight to their door. With wet and windy weather conditions hitting the headlines both home and away, line-out on the couch and score a winning breakfast available from 8.00am.

Try Porridge of the Gods from Leon, a freshly prepared breakfast roll from Maxol, or a tasty sweet and savoury crepe from Tram Café whether you’re tuned in with family and friends or watching through your fingers under the covers. Featuring Krispy Kreme, Subway, Chopped, Cocu, O’Briens, The Riddler and more, the expanding Just Eat breakfast menu has something for everyone, but it’s certainly not the only show in town!

Refuel at halftime or regroup at the whistle as lunchtime attentions turn to the Boys in Green in Georgia, with a choice of all your favourite flavours, including newcomers from Ranelagh, Mak at D6 and Dillinger’s, as well as fellow new signings The Fish Shack Malahide and Bullet Duck and Dumplings.

Hong Kong duck and dim sum specialists, this new squad of restaurants further strengthens the Just Eat pack, with Dillinger’s ‘Super Nachos’ the perfect sharing option for your hungry gathering. Celebrate or commiserate with delicious Fish and Chips from The Fish Shack or immerse yourself in authentic East Asian food culture with Spicy Chicken Potstickers from Mak at D6, or handmade Shu Mai Pork Dumplings from Bullet Duck and…Dumplings.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, rugby or soccer, there’s food for every occasion, available for delivery straight to your home or office with the tap of the Just Eat app.


Have you ever wanted a good excuse to have to avoid cooking? Well, thanks to Deliveroo your prayers have been answered.

The last thing you want to do on the weekend is slave away in the kitchen like Cinderella. We can't help but daydream about going out for brunch or dining at that fancy new Italian restaurant your colleague has been raving about, but sadly our bank accounts won’t allow it.

Luckily, Deliveroo is offering free delivery across all restaurants this Friday and Saturday.


Every restaurant on Deliveroo in Ireland will be taking part in this special free delivery deal across Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast over the two days.

Liam Cox, General Manager of Deliveroo Ireland shared: “We’re thrilled to be able to give our loyal customers the opportunity to take advantage of our free delivery offer."

He hopes this offer will encourage people to try new food: “I'm hoping this will encourage more people to want to try out some of their favourite local delicacies, so there’s no reason not to indulge!”

We will certainly be treating ourselves this weekend thanks to Deliveroo.

Why not make the most of this offer and gather up your friends for a night-in. You could all order your favourite dish and share with one another, that way everyone can try something different, whether that’s a gourmet burger or some salmon and avocado sushi.


With the mid-week slump hitting us right in the face, it can be tempting to get on your phone and order dinner from your favourite takeaway. 

While we have nothing against a cheeky food delivery, making your own takeaway would probably be a cheaper and healthier option. 

So why not try one of the tasty recipes below? They won't take you long to make and will certainly please your family! 

1. Crispy orange chicken

2. Chinese dan dan style noodles

3. Korean fried dumplings

4. Chinese Szechwan supper

5. Pork chow mein with vegetables

6. Singapore rice

7. Asian noodle soup with prawns

8. Classic sweet and sour chicken

9. Pork with black bean and noodles



Ever been so worse for wear that even ordering a takeaway feels like effort?

Well, at long last the heroes at Domino’s have found a solution.

The pizza giant has launched a new facility which allows customers to order food through Facebook simply by messaging the word “PIZZA” to a contact called “Dom”.

“Dom” – who is in fact an artificially intelligent chatbot – enables Facebook users to satisfy their cravings near instantaneously by automatically ordering a user’s favourite pizza upon receiving the word “PIZZA” or – if you’re really suffering – its emoji equivalent.

To get set up, all you need to do is open an “Easy Order” account with Dominos and link it to your Facebook profile.

Then, open your messages, find “Dom” and let him take care of the rest.

Sundays just got a whole lot better.



Too hungover to walk to the shop for a hot chicken roll?  Not to worry, that trouble could soon be a thing of the past as drones are about to start dropping food on college students.

That’s right, those big boy toys you keep hearing so much about but may not really see the point of have finally found their noble purpose and it's a good 'un.

According to the New York Post, Alphabet – the parent company of Google – has decided to give drone delivery a go for the next few weeks after being granted permission to do so by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Unfortunately for now only those on the far side of the pond will be able to avail of this service as the initiative will be tested by delivering Chipotle Mexican Grill to students at Virginia Tech.

But if the experiment – which is designed to test if the packaging can effectively protect the goods mid-flight – is successful, maybe drone delivery will become the norm.

Feat image: Flirtey


Ever order fast food and sit there waiting for it to arrive thinking it just isn't fast enough?

Well it looks like that feeling could soon be a thing of the past as the world's first 3D pizza printer is on the way and it is set to change everything.

According to Fast Casual, the people who invented NASA's first 3D food printing robot Beehex have developed a pizza printing prototype which can create oven-ready pizzas in any shape imaginable in less than four minutes.

And as if that isn't enough, Beehex is also working on a 3D food printing kiosk which can create and bake one pizza pie ever 60 seconds – that's a lot of pizza.

These pizza gods have left chef Pasquale Cozzolino in charge of sourcing the right base, sauce and cheese for the printer and it seems he's going all out on finding the very best ingredients for the project by importing tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius and mozzarella from Italian cows.

Pasquale – who owns restaurants in New York and Atlanta – also intends to use 80-year-old yeast for the dough – fancy!

Because the pizzas will be ready within minutes and should be available to order by app, this new venture could change how we eat pizza forever.

Oh the possibilities…


Sunday; late afternoon… you're feeling wholly 'lethargic'. Lying sprawled on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of Botched is all well and good, but there is also the small matter of food to consider.

Lethargic Sundays, after all, have 'calorie mega-splurge,' written all over them (and never mind that Thursday, Friday and Saturday were also 'treat' days). 

Yes, the dilemma is not so much whether you will or won't order a take-away (that's a given) – and more whether said take-away will consist of chipper, pizza or Chinese.

And it seems that the rich and famous folk of this world are just like us too (sorta).

For it has now come to our attention that none other than teenager reality TV millionaire Kylie Jenner had a serious case of the munchies on Sunday – and that she evidently fancied Chinese. 

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, when Ms Jenner does take-away – she does it with style.

In fact, the 18-year-old splashed a cool €4,500 (say what?) on her cravings: she had a chef from her favourite Beverly Hills eatery make the 45-minute journey to her Calabasas abode to whip up Chinese fare for her and her mates. 



A photo posted by PhilippeChowBeverlyHills (@philippechowbeverlyhills) on

Philippe Chow is a favourite among celeby-types (including Oprah Winfrey, Bobby Brown, and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner squad).

It offers a prawn starter for €17, while three vegetable spring rolls are a tenner. It's €60 for a whole red king crab in garlic and butter and surf and turf for two is offered at €100. Sides such as broccoli and mixed veg are €10.

So while the food isn't crazy expensive (in a Beverly Hills context anyway), the luxury of having your own chef whip up Philippe Chow snacks in the comfort of your own €2.2m home evidently costs a pretty penny. 


Thank you @philippechowbeverlyhills for coming to the house tonight

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Ms Jenner was on Instagram yesterday to thank the restaurant for coming out to see her, although some fans questioned whether it really was money well spent. 

"Spending $5000 to have them come to your house instead of just goin there is ridiculous," one said, also warning: "She's gonna blow thru her money and then wish she had made better choices."


In case you missed it this week, McDonalds made the announcement that they want to introduce table service to their restaurants.

Not only that, but they are obviously making some serious efforts for their name to be associated with more elegant dining.

Their new ‘gourmet’ breakfast menu has been unveiled for the world to see, and they have included some unexpected items. Sourdough bread and wilted spinach? From McDonalds? Madness.

The menu is currently being tested outside of Brisbane in Austrailia, according to Burger Business.

A ‘Café Breakfast’ inspired string of products include; bacon, chipolata sausage (small pork sausages, FYI), scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, wilted spinach and our favourites Belgian waffles.

There’s also a bacon and egg roll, not just any kind though this is gourmet dining after all. This one comes on a toasted brioche roll with bacon, eggs, spinach and a tomato relish. Yum.

They’re also offering an avocado smash platter that has smashed avocado, spinach, sliced tomato and crumbled feta cheese.

There is rumours of a chorizo and egg brioche roll to be available on the menu. No more double cheeseburgers for the breakfast of champions then?

The upscale food offerings are sure to make the breakfast McMuffins look a little lacking, but it is hard to imagine that fancy spinach and avocados will soon be available via drive-thru but some people are still crying out for an all-day breakfast menu.


Ah finally, we can indulge in a Mc-themed treat in peace without attracting the curious stares of other customers when we order the infamous 20 pack of chicken nuggets.

Sometimes you just want all the food, it happens. However, if anyone ever felt their fast food experience was becoming a little too casual, then McDonalds have some good news for you.

The fast food giant has announced that it is going to be introducing table service in the UK. In attempts to beat their rival burger joints, McDonalds have already introduced the service Down Under.

So, if it’s managed to make the leap to our hemisphere at last, you know it’s only a matter of time before your happy meal will be brought direct to your table.

A spokesperson for McDonalds has said: We are significantly investing in our restaurants to create an exciting new environment and improve the customer experience.”

These new and improved experiences are an obvious gateway to never having to stand in a line waiting for a McFlurry ever again.

“We are testing some new concepts, such as table service, whereby customers place their order via our new digital kiosks and then have their food brought to them.”

However, if like some of us, you like to grab the paper bag and retreat back to your couch and Netflix with your cheeseburgers, you can still order at the till as usual.

We wonder though, how long before they introduce a delivery service? Truly a monumental moment for fast food lovers everywhere.


The original land of the “take away”, America, is getting an all-vegetarian drive-thru restaurant.

The restaurant ‘Amy’s kitchen’ is a company already known for its convenient and healthy food but it is branching out opening its first restaurant in San Francisco.

This drive-thru is promising quick service and cheap prices without all the calories and we can’t WAIT until one opens up in Ireland!

On the menu in Amy’s kitchen will be meat-free burgers, burritos, macaroni and cheese, pizza and salad, as well milkshakes and vegan non-dairy shakes.

And it gets even better, all items on the menu come in a gluten free or vegan option too and all of the ingredients are non-GMO.

Not only is it vegetarian, it’s an all round healthier option as this drive-thru uses ingredients you can trust as they are all organic and locally sourced. Seriously, we need this!

Here's a look at how good the food on the menu looks!

You can get one of these burritos for under a fiver.

This salad box would be the perfect lunch and it's only €4

Wake us up when it gets to Ireland….



It looks like Laura Whitmore is a girl after our own hearts with this latest snap!

The TV presenter uploaded an image to her Instagram account and branded herself a “classy bird” with a pap of her leaving the Nando’s stand at Wireless festival.

Laura captioned the image: “Classy bird…Totally caught out raiding the @nandosuk stand backstage at wireless #sorrynotsorry.”

Don’t worry Laura, you still manage to make the epic drinking food run look chic and sexy as ever! If only we could pull that look off!

Maybe next Saturday?




4am is a strange time of the night. You should be in bed, but you’re in the chippie. At least you’re not the only one – look who else is with you:

 1. The security guard
He’s your man if that scary looking group in the corner kick off!


 2. The loud group of guys
This group of lads are roaring things at girls that come in, all the while shovelling a curry cheese chip into their gobs…sexy.


 3. The food fighters
The food fighters usually end up being the same group of lads that will eventually get kicked out by the security guard. They use their chips as missiles against rival groups, with some unfortunate people getting caught in the cross fire as they make their way to the toilet.


 4. The messy eater
It’s unclear whether this person is always a messy eater or whether the alcohol is to blame, but either way they can usually be seen sitting at a table covered from head to toe in lettuce, ketchup and crumbs.  It’s a similar story for the table in front of them, the floor at their feet, and sometimes even the wall beside them.


 5. The feasters
These type of people will sometimes actually save their money, often not buying the last drink in the night club, just to buy an absolute mountain of food once they get there.


 6. The guy/girl who just finished his shift
Very easy to spot, this person is usually dressed in all black as they’ve probably just finished a shift as a waitress or barman in one of the night clubs that all of the drunk people have just come from. They make a nice difference to the roaring and shouting going on, quietly grabbing their takeaway and running out the door.


7.  The staff
Those poor, tormented people.


 8. The sleepers
Another type of person that the security guard isn’t a massive fan of. They can usually be seen sitting upright with a chip hanging out of their mouth and  a half eaten burger in their hand.


 9. The emotional wrecks
They sit there weeping into their happy meal with their friend consoling them after they were rejected by the ‘love of their life’, or, even worse, they lost their phone. The happy meal is bought to try and cheer them up, but to no avail. Happy meal toys are a very common souvenir from a night out, and are more fun when you’re drunk then they ever were as a child.


 10. The loners
Not only does this person not know where their friends are, they also have no means of contacting them because their phone is out of battery. It is also common for them not to have any money. They seem to have lost all hope and are just resigned to sitting in the chippie. You might try and be a nice person and help them, but there’s really no point. They’re better off alone.


 11. The people too drunk to function
The only reason they’re in the place is to sit down somewhere without the risk of getting rained on, mugged or something because there’s absolutely no way they’re able to get any food into them. Their friends might insist on buying them something and try to sober them up before they get into the taxi to reduce the risk of them getting sick.


12. The people who are too sober for this shit
Usually left with the task of looking after the person who is too drunk to function, they sit there with a grumpy look on their face as the only reason they’re there is because no one would get a taxi with them when they wanted to go home. If they had had their way, they would’ve been in bed an hour ago.

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