Reality star makes MORTIFYING admission on Twitter


If you were looking for an example of what NOT to tweet, we’ve got you covered.

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan obviously had a pretty wild night out in Scotland, so much so that she missed her flight because she was so drunk. Not only this, but she also wet the bed, and told everyone about it on Twitter:

No Holly. This is not the type of thing you should be tweeting! But she clearly disagrees as when someone replied to the tweet telling her it wasn’t a good thing, she had this to say:

Yikes! Perhaps you should take their advice on board Holly, and maybe lay off the booze for a while!

The reality star wasn’t having a very good day on Twitter in general, as when she posted a revealing picture of herself on a night out, someone told her to “Put ‘em away, no wonder some girls get attacked on nights out”. And while her other tweets have left us speechless, we have to agree with her on this matter, as she replied:

Well, one good tweet out of three is better than none we suppose! Just stick to the protein shakes from now on Holly, please?!