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The famous doughnut company which we all know and love, Krispy Kreme are launching a campaign to search for their biggest fan, to be crowned the 'Hotlight Hero'.

This competition is celebrating a new Hotlight service which they’re bringing to their one and only Irish Krispy Kreme store, located in Blanchardstown. 

Krispy Kreme’s renowned Hotlight gives you the opportunity to enjoy a freshly made Original Glazed doughnut for a hot hour between 7pm and 8pm every single day. Whenever you see the ‘Hot Now’ sign lit up at a Hotlight concept store, you can experience the magic of a hot Original Glazed doughnut straight off the line.


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The staff at Krispy Kreme will let customers know when a fresh batch is available by igniting the neon Hotlight sign. Customers can drive up to the store and wait until the Hotlight is turned on, and then get their scrumptious doughnuts while they’re warm and fresh.

Would you rather wait until you get home to tuck in? Not to worry — for a deliciously hot at-home experience, simply pop your Original Glazed treat in the microwave for eight seconds, and enjoy.

To heat up the occasion, Krispy Kreme will be launching a nationwide search for a super fan, the ‘Hotlight Hero', to turn on the iconic Hotlight sign at the Blanchardstown Hotlight store.


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The dozen ‘Hotlight heroes’ from the UK and Ireland will be in for a 1 in 12 chance to win a trip to visit the new Krispy Kreme flagship Hotlight store in Times Square, New York next year as part of its one-year anniversary.

For your chance to be crowned Dublin’s 'Hotlight Hero' tell/show Krispy Kreme why you’re a super-fan on their social channels using #KrispyKremeSuperFan or email your entry to competition@krispykreme.co.uk by midnight, August 27. Good luck!


Brace yourself for a delicious weekend because we have an insider tip for all the foodies out there.

Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts this weekend.

Yes, they are completely free of charge and just as delicious as the kind you pay for.

The spur of the moment giveaway is in honour of Krispy Kreme’s new store opening on September 26th in Blanchardstown.

It seems they want to give the public a preview of their scrumptious treats.

Doughnuts have been all the rage in Dublin, and we can’t think of a tastier trend to get behind.

So, where will they be handing out the free food?

In the city centre of course. Word on the street is Krispy Kreme will open a secret hotlight hatch, according to The Sun.

For three days, Friday, Aug 10th- Sunday, August 12th, the doughnut giveaway will take place on 57 South William St. Their opening hours will be 10am-10pm on Friday and Saturday, and between 10 am and 6 pm on Sunday.

Basically, when the hotlight comes on, get ready for some hot, glazed original doughnuts.

These mouth-watering doughy delights are impossible to say no to. The key is to get them when they’re warm, and you won’t be disappointed.

And if you are a true Krispy fanatic share your doughnut selfie and tag @KrispyKremeIRL and #TheOGisComing.

You will be entered into a draw for the chance to win exclusive entry to the Krispy Kreme VIP opening night in Blanchardstown Centre, according to the store’s spokesperson.

So, when you are out on the town this weekend, make sure you and your friends stop by the hotlight pop-up for some free, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts.


Forget pumpkin spice, butterbeer is the real flavour of the autumn season.

Harry Potter fans will be familiar with the iconic drink which is hugely popular in the world of witchcraft and wizardy, and now, it's finally time for us muggles to get in on the action.

Sugar Shack Donuts, a US based bake shop, have created the ultimate Harry Potter-inspired treat in the form of the butterbeer doughnut – and honestly, we're drooling already.

Complete with a shimmery glaze, sparkling sprinkles and gold stars, these little pieces of heaven are every bit as magical as you'd expect.

Oh, and did we mention every doughnut is topped with its very own golden snitch?

But alas, these beauts are currently only available in Alexandria, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., so unless your willing to zip across the Atlantic on your Nimbus 2000, you'll have to admire them from afar for now.

Or, if you fancy getting creative in the kitchen, you could always try to conjur up your own magical creation. 

We reckon they'd go down a treat at any Halloween party! 


Every couple likes to put their own little touch on that special day. After all, most ceremonies follow the same old routine and the whole event can seem a little, dare we say, monotonous.

The white dress, the round tables, the first dance – it's nothing we haven't seen before.

Not to say these things aren't lovingly planned and perfectly executed, but wouldn't it be interesting if we mixed up the old formula every once in a while?

Enter Paige Kirk.

Determined to re-write the rules of wedding norms, the Australian bride opted for a rather untraditional bouquet for her and her bridal party.

While most brides choose to walk down the aisle with a bunch of roses or peonies in hand, Paige chose something much sweeter – a bunch of delicious white glazed doughnuts.

The unique bouquets where supplied by the good folk from Sydney based Dessert Boxes, and they were even on hand to capture the moment Paige surprised her bridesmaids.


The moment that the Bride told the bridesmaids that they'll be walking down the aisle with donut bouquets!

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But perhaps the most baffling part of this whole story – not one single doughnut was consumed during the ceremony.

Speaking to the BBC, Paige said: "We had plenty of goodies beforehand so we were too full too eat them."

Now, that's what we call willpower.


If you are still coming to terms with the unadulterated stress that was this year's Day of Reckoning, it's likely you're more than a little deserving of a treat or two today.

Thankfully, Harvey Norman has your back today as they have revealed that they will be providing Leaving Cert students with free coffee and doughnuts today.

That's right; in 13 stores around the country today, caffeine and confectionary will be up for grabs without anyone having to spend a cent.

The good folk at Harvey Norman took to social media yesterday to confirm the almost-too-good-to-be-true rumours.

And it doesn't end there, ladies.

Those who have survived the horror that is the annual State exam system will also be able to avail of €100 off on computers and Apple Macs over €699 and will be entitled to 10 per cent off all other computers.

You'll need to move quick though because this offer only lasts today.


We've been filling our Instagram feeds with things we're obsessed with; fabulous braids, frivolous trends, and of course, fancy food.

But if there's one thing that takes the biscuit every time, it's doughnuts.

From our love for them in Dublin, and around the world, the deliciousness of a doughnut has no words.

And our latest doughnut obsession? The glownut.

The glow in the dark treat was created by Australian company Black Star Pastry.

The sweet stuff is topped with yuzu icing which is packed with vitamin B (not only delish, but healthy, huh?).

Black Star Pastry decided to go with yuzu icing to be rid of additives that are used in most pastries around the world.

“We thought it would be fun to see people with glow-in-the-dark icing all over their hands and faces, so doughnuts were the natural choice,” baker Christopher Té told Daily Mail Australia.

“We would never create anything that was unnatural, even if it was a great idea,” he said.

“Black Star is all about great techniques and real cooking, we never add dyes or additives to any of our products. We strictly adhered to this principle in order to make the glow in the dark doughnut happen.”

And Black Star Pasrty don't stop with doughnuts. They also have a range of glow in the dark white hot chocolate, as well as neon doughballs.

Anyone fancy a trip to Australia?



Just when you think you've seen it all, the Internet hits you with a special new breed of baked good – that legitimately glows in the dark. 

Yep, really.

Black Star Pastry, a bakery in Australia, is currently whipping up glow-in-the-dark doughnuts, and they look positively nuclear. 

They’re called glownuts (obviously) and are slowly becoming an Internet sensation.  

The doughnuts made their debut at the Vivid Festival in Sydney recently.


Happy international dounut day! Help celebrate this day with one of our #GLOWNUTS – only available at our @vividsydney pop-up in Martin Place

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The bakery’s founder, Christopher Thé, spoke to the Daily Mail Australia about his groovy new creations, saying that he actually got the idea for the doughnuts last year at the very same festival.

“I was thinking hard about a way to tie in food with lights. And glow-in-the-dark popped in my head. Just the thought of people eating glow-in-the-dark food at the world famous Vivid festival of light was an amazing challenge we just couldn’t resist!” he explained. 

“Then we came up with the name 'Glonut', which really sealed the deal.”


Them #Glownuts

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Apparently, it took a year to develop the glowing doughnuts, which retail for $7, and features icing made with Vitamin B, “which in itself is quite acidic.”

The best part? These glowing doughnuts are actually free from additives – hard to believe, we know. 

“We would never create anything that was unnatural, even if it was a great idea. BlackStar is all about great techniques and real cooking; we never add dyes or additives to any of our products. We strictly adhered to this principle in order to make the glow-in-the-dark doughnut happen.”


Friday night treat from @blackstarpastry! #welovetoeat #GLOWNUTS #vividsydney2017 #glowinthedark

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And while we will admit to certain levels of scepticism, apparently these baked treats are delicious, “It is light to eat, and not greasy at all.”

What do you reckon, ladies? Would you try these babies? 


There is nothing better than free food, and with our love for doughnuts, this latest news had our excitement levels rising. 

Quality doughnut shop Offbeat Donuts is giving away free doughnuts today for a very special reason. 

The store is celebrating its first birthday, and are feeling generous for the occasion. 

'To celebrate we are giving away a FREE OFFBEAT BIRTHDAY DONUT to anyone who comes in and wishes us "HAPPY BIRTHDAY,' read posts across their social media pages. 


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The store is renowned for their fresh, delicious and innovative sweet treats, so this freebie event is sure to attract a crowd. 

We know exactly where we'll be heading this lunchtime…

Feature image: Offbeat / Instagram


Buckfast has been with us for decades, and many of us probably have a (foggy) memory about drinking the tonic wine on a college night out.

It's not the tastiest of alcoholic drinks, but alas, we go back to it time and time again.

And don't even get us started on our love for doughnuts.

Well, some absolute genius has combined the two treats to create a Buckfast doughnut and we are ALL over it.

Coming to you from Doughzy Doughnuts in Belfast, the little beauties are said to be super boozy – and we can't think of anything better.

Check out its Facebook page to see when you can get your hands on these alcoholic delights.


We're big fans of doughnuts in the SHEmazing! HQ, and now one very special selection of the confectionery treats have been adorned with a particular seasonal treat we can't get enough of. 

Dublin sugar haven Sweet Republic are revolutionising the Easter treat options by creating the Creme Egg doughnut. 

The doughnuts have attracted a lot of attention, after Sweet Republic uploaded a delicious picture of them to Instagram.

The new doughnut creations have a chocolate glaze,a long with some crumbly Flake toppings and, of course, a delicious Creme Egg to top it all off. 

We're seriously getting hungry(and a sugar rush) just looking at them. 

We hope no one gave up chocolate for Lent, because these treats are too good to miss.

The doughnuts are available from Sweet Republic on Bachelor's Walk, Dublin. 


Aungier Danger is currently on the hunt for the best bakers in the business, as the ever-expanding doughnut company wants to add some new talent to its team.

Among the applications which we're sure are pouring in, was one little love note for Aungier Danger that their HR department definitely didn't miss. 

The Dublin-based doughnut delicatessen posted this picture across their social media, showing a screen grab from one confectionery fan.

The impressive email was from one daring 13-year-old, who went out on a limb to tell Aungier Danger that he or she loved their delicious doughnuts.

"I don't want to apply because I'm 13 I just really like your doughnuts," read the message.

While the doughnut fan may not have much baking experience, we think AG owe him a few freebies for reaching out. 

Who knows, maybe there is a youth ambassador position available?


If you can't get enough of doughnuts and rosé, then it's safe to say these little delights are right up your street.

Because, well… sparkles, booze and carbs are a girl's best friend, right?

Spotted on Cosmo, the DIY doughnuts caught our attention mainly because they have rosé in them. However, if you just want to eat them and not actually bake them, the website suggests you can just buy plain doughnuts and then follow Tyna Hong's recipe for making the boozy icing.

Cosmo Bites has put together an easy how-to video, and within five minutes, you'll be gobbling these beauties up: