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We're big fans of doughnuts in the SHEmazing! HQ, and now one very special selection of the confectionery treats have been adorned with a particular seasonal treat we can't get enough of. 

Dublin sugar haven Sweet Republic are revolutionising the Easter treat options by creating the Creme Egg doughnut. 

The doughnuts have attracted a lot of attention, after Sweet Republic uploaded a delicious picture of them to Instagram.

The new doughnut creations have a chocolate glaze,a long with some crumbly Flake toppings and, of course, a delicious Creme Egg to top it all off. 

We're seriously getting hungry(and a sugar rush) just looking at them. 

We hope no one gave up chocolate for Lent, because these treats are too good to miss.

The doughnuts are available from Sweet Republic on Bachelor's Walk, Dublin. 


Yes, clean eating is great and all but sometimes you just need something jam-packed with ice-cream, chocolate, cookies and everything else delicious in this world.

So forget about kale for a minute and take a look at the offerings available in Sweet Republic, a new Dublin café that opened on Bachelor's Walk last Saturday. You'll find it right next to Decobake, which has the same owners.

We have yet to pop in for a look (or an ice-cream binge) so for now we're doing our best not to drool on our keyboards as we pore over the photos from the store's official Facebook page.

Like these freakishly large and DELICIOUS looking milkshakes… is that a Mint Aero we see?

Or these customisable ice cream sandwiches – simply choose your cookie and your flavour and you're away.

Sick of cookies? No fear, they can make you a doughnut ice cream sandwich instead.

What would a sweet café be without a gallon of Nutella lying around?

If you want something a little "healthier" (who are we kidding), this banana and toffee French Toast isn't quite so stacked…


Okay, enough torture, we're heading there right now.