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Everyone knows that doughnuts are pretty much the food porn masters of 2016, so naturally we were over the moon to hear that Krispy Kreme is finally coming to Dublin.

Already widely available across the US and UK, Irish fans of the renowned doughnut franchise were left devastated last year when a fake page announced that Krispy Kreme was coming to the capital, only for the brand itself to later announce that it had no plan to open an Irish store.

But it now looks like KK has had a change of heart as the Irish Times has reported that the American doughnut chain is planning to please Irish bellies in the near future and is already considering Liffey Valley and Blanchardstown shopping centres as potential destinations.

While it is still unclear as to when Krispy Kreme will actually arrive, any step towards getting those delectible doughnuts here is more than welcome.

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Doughnuts are possibly one of our favourite treats here in Shemazing! HQ – we honestly can't get enough of them (in moderation, obvz).

And with news that there's actually going to be Annual Doughnut Festival in Dublin, we're happier than ever.

But a new doughnut trove, Treasure Sugar, is after popping up in Drumcondra in Dublin, and they look glorious.

There's a mango and peach one, the ever-popular chocolate and marshmallow and even a BACON maple doughnut. Mmmm…

For now, you can order the doughnuts via email which come in a box of six, however, their shop has yet to open.

We'll take 50 boxes so, thanks.


Described as "funky, warm, hipster, but also family-orientated," a brand-new bar is about to open its doors in Sydney's Dulwich Hill area. 

So what's the big deal, you ask? Well, this is not any old hipster-friendly establishment, no siree. 

In fact, it's a specialist NUTELLA eatery which will serve up an array of chocolatey, hazelnutty, sugary wonders.

And yes, frankly, we're already seriously considering selling a kidney and using the proceeds to hop on a 17,250km flight Down Under. 

Offering "every Nutella product you can think of," the owners have already said they reckon the quirky likes of Nutella cruffins, Nutella banana bread, Nutella macarons, Nutella brownies, Nutella icecream and Nutella cheesecakes will be among their biggest sellers, although the more standard Nutella crepes, waffles, and pancakes are sure to be a hit too. 

The concept has been kicked off by the same folk who run the city's popular Foodcraft Espresso And Bakery

Recently, the cafe caused an on-line storm when its €6.50-a-pop Tella Ball milkshake – a mouth-watering mix of three scoops of Nutella and vanilla ice cream topped with a Nutella-infused doughnut – went viral. 

Understandably, the Tella Ball will also be available in the new cafe. For those of us not based in Sydney, SHEmazing! has rounded up the following Instagram snaps… now let's all take a sugar-infused moment to dare to dream…












Yes, Mondays can be the worst day of the week. You're tired, emotional and out of the Rugby World Cup (sob). 

And just when you think it can't get any worse, a Dublin doughnut shop opens to lift the mood of the nation (well, just the city). 

Yes, commuters were VERY happy this morning when they embarked on a new deli situated on Aungier Street. 

But this isn't just any ordinary deli, it's a delicious doughnut deli called Aungier Danger.

This new shop is serving delicious, mouth-watering doughnuts with hilarious names such as, Dublin Death Trap, Banoffee Autopsy and Cherry Gunshot

But there's a catch! When the doughnuts are all sold out, the shop closes and the barriers go down. They were so popular this morning, the shop was completely sold out by 9.30am. 

But not to worry, as a new batch of doughnuts are ready approximately every 20 minutes. 


Good news or bad news ? The bad news… We are SOLD OUT!!!! The Good news, it's only temporary!! More ready in 20 mins

A photo posted by Aungier Danger (@aungierdanger) on

Here's the map if you need to find this sugary haven. You can thank us later. 



Supermarkets reported a sales spike of up to 50% after the Great British Bake Off featured fancy doughnuts in the final round last Wednesday.

According to Asda they sold 10,000 doughnuts the day after the show alone, selling half a million in the last week.

Hopefully this new trend will encourage supermarkets to sell the doughnut flavours featured on the show, such as the unbelievable cocktail doughnuts made by Louis. His mojito and Baileys opened up a whole world of possibilities. Long Island Iced Doughnut anyone?

If the sugary snacks really make a comeback, this could be the start of a whole new fashion. Gelaterie and frozen yoghurt shops seem to be everywhere now but if we're lucky, speciality doughnuts could be the pop-up shops of 2015.