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Ex-Love Island star Danny Williams has revealed that he's contacted the police over a series of racist death threats made against him.

The 21-year-old model commented that the abuse he's been receiving has been "worse than you can imagine."

He told OK! Magazine: “I’ve had death threats, racism, people threatening to come ‘round to my house and hurt my family."

He continued; “As worse as you can imagine, I’ve had it all. And it’s still happening today. Daily.


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“When it’s racist and it’s threats and you have to get the police involved that’s next level. And it got to that extent."

Social media has been a cesspit for death threats targeting reality stars;

“I'm going to bed at night I go on my phone like everybody else does, and you see some of the people saying they're going to come and kill me or, 'You're a horrible sick f' and whatever.”


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He added: “Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but there’s never an excuse for that kind of stuff. It’s horrible.”

Danny became an infamous Love Island character known as the 'travel agent', as every girl he liked ended up on a plane home.

His relationship with Jourdan Riane appears to be getting stronger by the day, at least. 


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During an interview on Capital Breakfast with hosts Roman Kemp and Vick Hope, the pair announced that they'd become official.

Roman quizzed the pair on their relationship status, asking: "Have you dropped the girlfriend/boyfriend question?"

Jourdan replied with a teasing comment; "Potentially…" However, Danny then confirmed: "Yeah we have, it's official."

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A candidate for the Women's Equality Party in the UK has received a death threat signed 'Jo Cox' – a deeply unsettling reference to a Labour politician who was brutally murdered in West Yorkshire last summer.

Nimco Ali, who campaigns against female genital mutilation, spoke of her distress upon receiving the handwritten missive.

Speaking to The Independent, Ms Ali said: "It’s crippling to receive a death threat."

"I don’t think the people who send these things realise the affect it will have or maybe they’re fully aware and get kicks. I am worried for my safety."

Acknowledging the reference which was made to the late Ms Cox, Ms Ali said: "It was difficult having known Jo Cox personally and respected her so much."

"I’m familiar with abuse and received stuff like that for eight years as an activist but this shocked me. It’s just words on a paper it just takes one idiot to act on it.”

Speaking on behalf of her colleague, the founder of the Women's Equality Party, Catherine Mayer, admitted that the letter came as a shock to Ms. Ali.

"At first Nimco was resilient as always but when I told her how it was signed, she was shaken up," she said.

"It was handwritten and in capital letters. It included racist, Islamophobic and misogynistic stuff and was extremely nasty.”

Worryingly, this is not the only incident of harassment that the party have endured, with Ms Mayer explaining that they have been on the receiving end of threatening phone calls this week.

"The unidentified male callers were shouting angry and abusive stuff and throwing insults. It was terrifying. The women have been left shaken up."

"There are women in the office at all times but it is scary to be there. This shows how much we need a woman’s equality party.”

Commenting on  the importance of her work thus far, Ms Ali said: "I have spent the last 10 years risking my life to Ends #FGM and I have lost so much to ensure this world is free of abuse and hate."



She wasn't the first one to do it, and she certainly won't be the last, but Lola Kirke's decision not to shave her armpits ahead of the Golden Globes has attracted a worrying amount of coverage among the press and public.

And while many have celebrated Lola's decision, it seems a certain section of society believe an unshaven female armpit warrants a death threat.

In a post which stunned fans and followers this week, the actress took to Instagram to address the 'controversy', and made reference to the negative backlash she had received in the wake of her red carept walk.

Sharing a photo of herself on the night Lola wrote: "Ok, Now I'm really ready. Thanks to all you beautiful people that didn't send me death threats on account of my awesome hairy armpits."

Refusing to dwell on the drama which followed her appearance, the Mozart in the Jungle actress decided, instead, to pay tribute to the individuals who helped her prep for the big night.

"And thank you @susanwinget for always making me feel cool and @reginaharris for my make up, @blakeerik for my hair and @andrewgn for my kickass dress!" she wrote.

Stunned by the star's admission, fans and followers wasted no time expressing their disbelief over her revelation.


Red carpet ready!

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"Why are ppl so amazed by this like wow hairy pits? I'm inspired," wrote one while another remarked: "Beautiful human!!! Thanks for trying to change this patriarchal society!"

"As Kelly Le Brock said in those old commercials, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Glad you're refusing to be shamed by the demented and confused," added another.

Unfortunately, not everyone was on the same page, with one Instagram user writing; " So flashing disgusting armpit hair is somehow gona change womens rights or equality or whatever, find other ways , not this bullsh*t."

Can't school everyone.


Ah, the lives of the rich and famous, huh?

Ardal O'Hanlon was possibly our favourite star in Father Ted (apart from Ted, of course) and with his good humoured nature, it's a wonder why anyone would ever hate on him.

But the star has opened up about the time he used to get death threats while starring on the comical TV show.

“I remember it was along the lines of, ‘you’ve gone over to England and you’ve taken the Queen’s shilling. You’re a disgrace to the country and if I ever see you, I’ll kill you’,” he told The Sun

“I showed the postmark to someone and they said, 'I think that’s from a little place in the West of Ireland’.”

However, one of Ardal’s friends took a holiday in the remote village and said it could only have been one person that sent the threat.

“The only person it could be is this old ranter and raver in the pub who gives out about people on the telly,” Ardal said.

“So, being a stalker in Ireland is a rubbish occupation.”

Ah, Ardal, you never fail to make us laugh.



Kris Jenner has called in the help of the FBI because she’s been getting phone calls from someone who is threatening to kill her and her family.

A search warrant was issued to authorities to search one of the rooms in the Four Seasons Beverley Hills, and they seized the female suspect’s mobile phone, laptop, iPad and iPod Touch. However, the woman was not taken into custody, and spoke out online saying that she had let her friend use her laptop for the last eight months, and it was her who had made the death threats. Who knows….

It is alleged that the suspect called Kris Jenner up to three hundred times in one day, and made various threats. However, Kris doesn’t seem to be letting this trouble get her down, and is as active as ever on social media as she supports her daughter Kendall at Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week in NYC and encouraging people to watch Kim’s Ice Bucket Challenge on The Ellen Show.

We hope the FBI catch whoever was making the calls, we can only imagine how scary that would be, no matter how much security you had around you!



Ansel Elgort received threats on Twitter after he was cast in The Fault in Our Stars.


The actor plays the male lead in the adaptation of John Green’s novel, and diehard fans were quick to send him a very clear message.

Ansel plays the character of Augustus Waters who falls in love with Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) after they meet at a cancer support group.

Ansel said, ”I read the book and realised how much it meant to me. After I was cast, I got a flood of people mentioning me on Twitter and saying ‘If you mess up Augustus Waters I will kill you’ and all this stuff.”

“There are millions of people – look at John Green followers – who are obsessed with this story … this book is much more important than the idea of it becoming a movie and movie stars, its about the book [to the fans],” said the actor.

What a brave guy!

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