Ah, the lives of the rich and famous, huh?

Ardal O'Hanlon was possibly our favourite star in Father Ted (apart from Ted, of course) and with his good humoured nature, it's a wonder why anyone would ever hate on him.

But the star has opened up about the time he used to get death threats while starring on the comical TV show.

“I remember it was along the lines of, ‘you’ve gone over to England and you’ve taken the Queen’s shilling. You’re a disgrace to the country and if I ever see you, I’ll kill you’,” he told The Sun

“I showed the postmark to someone and they said, 'I think that’s from a little place in the West of Ireland’.”

However, one of Ardal’s friends took a holiday in the remote village and said it could only have been one person that sent the threat.

“The only person it could be is this old ranter and raver in the pub who gives out about people on the telly,” Ardal said.

“So, being a stalker in Ireland is a rubbish occupation.”

Ah, Ardal, you never fail to make us laugh.