Kris Jenner has called in the help of the FBI because she’s been getting phone calls from someone who is threatening to kill her and her family.

A search warrant was issued to authorities to search one of the rooms in the Four Seasons Beverley Hills, and they seized the female suspect’s mobile phone, laptop, iPad and iPod Touch. However, the woman was not taken into custody, and spoke out online saying that she had let her friend use her laptop for the last eight months, and it was her who had made the death threats. Who knows….

It is alleged that the suspect called Kris Jenner up to three hundred times in one day, and made various threats. However, Kris doesn’t seem to be letting this trouble get her down, and is as active as ever on social media as she supports her daughter Kendall at Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week in NYC and encouraging people to watch Kim’s Ice Bucket Challenge on The Ellen Show.

We hope the FBI catch whoever was making the calls, we can only imagine how scary that would be, no matter how much security you had around you!