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Some people are bath people and some people are shower people; it's just a fact of life that we've all come to accept at this stage.

And while most people don't tend to give either very much thought, die-hard 'bath people' can't help but harbour ill will towards anyone who fails to see the true merit in a long and leisurely soak.

Yes, showers are quick and convenient, but baths are one of the world's real happy places. And you either get that or you don't.

And if you do, the following 17 things will probably ring a bell or two.

1. You have spent hours daydreaming about the perfect bath.

Freestanding, claw feet, taps in the middle; you know what we're talking about.

2. While other people fantasise about bed after a long day, you picture your tub.

Just imagine that bad boy filling up.

3. You'd rather go without a microwave than a bath.

A home without a bath is a home without a heart.

4. Your favourite part of a hotel stay is always the tub.

And they rarely disappoint, to be fair.

5. A good soak requires a little preparation.

Unlike shower people, you respect the process, and can dedicate up to 90 minutes to ensuring it's a good one.

6. You'd rather spend money on bath bombs than Jaeger bombs.

And that's because they last longer than 12 seconds.

7. You've cleaned your entire bathroom from top to bottom just so you could enjoy a soak.

Only a true 'bath person' would understand that dedication.

8. You've spent cold hard cash on bath pillows and bath trays.

Even though you've always reverted to rolled up towels and the ledge of the bath in the end.

9. You have a playlist on your iPod devoted entirely to 'bath-time'

There's more Snow Patrol and Coldplay in there than you can shake a stick at.

10. You're either from a 'bath family' or you're not.

And you can't help look on 'shower families' with an air of suspicion.

11. You've lost many a book to a bath.

A collection of waterlogged books as thick as phonebooks is a sure sign you're a bath person.

12. You're fallen asleep in the bath more times than you can count.

And sometimes, if you're honest, you've actually gotten into nap.

13. You've encouraged your other half to share a bath with you.

And instantly regretted it because the bath is your personal space.

14. Sometimes you look up 'baths' on Pinterest and plan your perfect bathroom.

There's those middle taps again.

15. Getting out of the bath is worse than getting into a heavy exercise session.

So much effort… and no more bath.

16. A bath that is not to your exacting standards – temperature wise – is enough to ruin your day.

The actual treachery.

17. You honestly question the sanity of any person who says baths just aren't for them.

What kind of person wouldn't enjoy the best thing in life?



Jennifer Aniston has opened up about the strained nature of her dysfunctional relationship with her late mother, Nancy Dow.

The actress describes the correlation between their maternal bond and her complex new Netflix film Dumplin', in which she plays a pushy mother and former pageant queen.

In the new movie, her daughter is plus-size and enters herself in a competition purely to make a dramatic statement regarding unrealistic beauty standards in our society.


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The 49-year-old actress spoke candidly to The Sunday Telegraph about the many parallels between how Dow treated her during her childhood and Dumplin's expression of mother-daughter relationships.

When asked whether the two were similar experiences, Aniston replied “Where do we start?”

“One of the reasons I really loved the mother-daughter aspect of it was because it was very similar in a way to what my mother, and our relationship, was,” Aniston told the publication.

Nancy Dow, based on Aniston's description of her, was clearly preoccupied with her daughter's appearance.

“She was a model and she was all about presentation and what she looked like and what I looked like,” The former Friends actress commented. The star endured a highly-publicised fall-out with former actress Dow.

“I did not come out the model child she’d hoped for and it was something that really resonated with me, this little girl just wanting to be seen and wanting to be loved by a mum who was too occupied with things that didn’t quite matter.”


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The actress added that she really resonated with the film's message, which encourages the audience to embrace their flaws and imperfections.

"This movie is so special because it is about stripping away those preconceived notions of beauty, trying to become individuals and not feeling that we have to live up to some unrealistic ideal that society is feeding up to us," she explained.

"My idea of beauty is, it's what makes you feel beautiful and what makes me feel beautiful are the people around me, the life that I have. And maybe a good hair day."


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Aniston previously told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015 about Dow, saying; "She was very critical of me." 

Nancy wrote a biographical book in 1999 about their strained relationship: From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir, which Aniston saw as a breach of privacy.

"Because she was a model, she was gorgeous, stunning. I wasn't. I never was. I honestly still don't think of myself in that sort of light, which is fine." 

We think she's absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Dow passed away in 2016 at the age of 79, after a long illness.



Vogue Williams has revealed that she can become absolutely obsessed with her looks.

The former model, who currently has her own show, On The Edge, on RTÉ has admitted that when she sees herself on TV, it can be pretty difficult.

Speaking to Goss, Vogue said: “I didn’t realise how easy it was to become obsessed with the way you look.


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“It’s very nerve-wracking to be judged on your body like that. I didn’t realise how easy it was to become obsessed with the way you look from doing things like that."

Talking about taking part in a bikini competition, the Dublin DJ said: “I’m very competitive so I found myself being like ‘Ugh, I don’t look like the other girls’.

“I found myself thinking things about my body that I never thought about before because I’m quite comfortable in my own skin.


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“From doing that, I thought ‘This would not be for me,’ because I would be too easily influenced by the competition and easily become quite obsessed with that, but [the competitors] see it as a sport.

“I just don’t think it’s the healthiest of sports to be doing. I think that you put your body through a lot, I don’t think it’s a healthy thing to do to yourself," she added.



Ansel Elgort received threats on Twitter after he was cast in The Fault in Our Stars.


The actor plays the male lead in the adaptation of John Green’s novel, and diehard fans were quick to send him a very clear message.

Ansel plays the character of Augustus Waters who falls in love with Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) after they meet at a cancer support group.

Ansel said, ”I read the book and realised how much it meant to me. After I was cast, I got a flood of people mentioning me on Twitter and saying ‘If you mess up Augustus Waters I will kill you’ and all this stuff.”

“There are millions of people – look at John Green followers – who are obsessed with this story … this book is much more important than the idea of it becoming a movie and movie stars, its about the book [to the fans],” said the actor.

What a brave guy!

"30 Beats" New York Premiere



Miley Cyrus has been left terrified after an obsessed fan was arrested outside her home.

The Wrecking Ball singer has been granted a temporary restraining order against the man – who thinks Miley is communicating with him through her songs.

An LA judge granted Miley the stay-away order against 24-year-old Devon Meek, after he was arrested by police outside her house, as he tried to get close to the singer.

According to court documents, “Meek, who we are informed and believe suffers from delusions about Ms. Cyrus, believes that the singer/actress/celebrity Ms. Cyrus communicates with him through her songs and is telling him to come to see her so that they may be together.”

The man is currently in a psychiatric hospital but has reportedly said he will keep trying to get to Miley once he is released.

A detective wrote in a statement that Meek told officers they should shoot him in the head if he could not meet the pop star.



So, you’re totally in love and all that but if most of these seem familiar, you could also be obsessed with your other half. Take some time to think about why they are so lucky to have you, and not the other way around!

1. You text him all the time
He’s just left your house but anything could have happened between here and his house. You need to know.


2. You check to see how longs it’s been since you text him and he didn’t text back
He was texting back in 3 minutes and now he just stopped?? it’s been 35 minutes… “Who is she?!”


3. You stalk his Facebook
You regularly check his Facebook, if he puts up a status, you wanna know what girls liked it.. And how dare that girl like his photo about getting top marks in his exams! #whoisshe #newpersontostalk


4. You automatically hate any girl he’s previously dated, texted, kissed, talked to….
So they dated when he was 16, of course you’re going to hate her! And that super hot girl he once kissed at a disco, total bitch, she’s so fake, all make-up! I mean… right?”


5.You keep an eye on their friends
You know your man’s with them and they be like “any house parties?” I’ll give you house party!!


6. You constantly check their snapchat best friends
#relationshipkiller, you’re first..mickybob99 is second and sorry sarah who????


7. You have gained an acquired set of skills from watching criminal minds
Detective? Who needs a detective when you’ve got a friend, who knows a friend, who knows that bitch texting your man..


8. You know where they are all the time
“Oh hey I just said I’d face time you to see what you’re up to” I don’t recognise that white wall in the background!! Where are you!!

Every Step

 9. You have their password to EVERYTHING
Their phone password, Facebook password, Instagram password, Twitter password, even their e-mail password.


10.You smother him
You want to be with him ALL the time. You want to do everything he does, you don’t want miss out on anything. Be your own person, give him space, you will appreciate each other more the less you’re together.


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