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Lena Headey, Queen Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, has changed the #10YearChallenge game after posting an image of a polar bear, and now everyone feels hella guilty.

Rather than focusing on herself in terms of the ageing process, the actress instead chose to take a stance on climate change and its horrific environmental consequences.

Though her status has a LOT of cursing in it, it's understandable how angry she is considering the lack of lawmakers making vital environmental alterations.


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She captioned the harrowing image;

"Law makers. People who sign papers. Stop being greedy c*nts and get it done. Ban sh*t that is killing the earth. Stop f*cking about. Make changes NOW, stop all this knobbing about bullsh*t. Stop wasting time we don’t have."

"We don’t need votes on things that don’t need votes. We need bold INTELLIGENT leadership. WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU ALL?" she concluded.

Lena isn't the only celebrity to focus on the environment, with Shailene Woodley posting an equally as disturbing image;


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With reports that plastic waste is set to treble within the decade, and scientists discovering that the Great Pacific garbage patch is now three times the size of France, the conversation on plastic waste has come into the fray.

David Attenborough’s 2018 nature documentary Blue Planet made us sit up, listen and get serious about recycling, so maybe we need to talk to our lawmakers even more.

We're sure if polar bears could talk, they'd be cursing about it even more than Lena.


It seems polar bears are not just cute, snow animals, they may hold the key to helping us treat heart disease.

According to Irish scientists, understanding how the bears consist on a diet of fat and little water could help treat the disease caused by a number of factors including high fat diet and high cholesterol.

Dr. Mary O’Connell from UCD says: “If you think about having a diet which is entirely animal fat-based, you’d be pretty sick. Polar bears have mastered the art.”

She added: “They live on mostly ring seals, and eat the blubber. In many cases they only eat the blubber, their entire existence is based around fat. In terms of their body mass, up to 50pc can be fat.”

While their diet doesn’t sound particularly appealing  the “cool thing” about it is the way they metabolize the fat and turn it into water.

Dr. Mary said: “Polar bears don’t drink water. If you think about it, where would they get fresh water anyway? So they don’t drink.”