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There is a major baby boom going on in celeb land right now, with the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Beyoncé and Whitney Port all announcing their pregnancies via Instagram in the last week.

Cheryl Cole is one mum-to-be who has remained tight lipped about her speculated pregnancy. 

The rumour mill went into overdrive a few months back, as fans tried to guess whether the star was pregnant or not.


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The pregnancy was only confirmed by some pretty telling photos of Cheryl and boyfriend Liam Payne, which emerged 10 weeks ago as the couple enjoyed an evening out in London.

However, both Cheryl and Liam have yet to confirm the pregnancy 100 percent. 

Now it seems that Cheryl will be sharing her baby news in a huge exclusive campaign for L'Oreal.


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“Cheryl’s bump will appear in the new L’Oreal campaign which is coming out in a few weeks," an inside source told The Sun. 

“The bump is obvious and she is not trying to hide it any more. It is partially visible in the still images but even more so in an accompanying video which will be going out alongside it."

Some behind the scenes bump snaps of Cheryl were leaked on Instagram in the past few weeks.


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Hair stylist Wendy Iles shared a video of Cheryl posing and adjusting a tight black dress, bump on show, at the end of January. 

Peruvian fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco also shared some BTS snaps of a photo shoot with Cheryl on his Instagram story, which were quickly deleted.

All this secrecy makes us think Cheryl has something up her sleeve, and we can't wait to find out exactly what it is. 



Their divorce was formalised just in October. However, sadly Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini and his estranged wife are not now in close contact.

Indeed, the French businessman has spoken for the first time about the moment he discovered that Cheryl Cole was expecting a child with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. 


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And it seems that he found out in the same way that many of her fans did: via social media posts and online photographs.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the 36-year-old explained: "Funnily enough that was how I heard."

JB is evidently delighted for Cheryl, 33, and her 23-year-old One Direction love; he continued by saying having children makes the world a "better place".

He added: "It's a great thing to have babies. There are so many sad things these days, if everyone was creating life, the world would be a better place."

When it comes to matters of the heart and finding love again, Mr Fernandez Versini believes that fate finds a way.

"If it happens, it happens. My life has never been about looking for something. It comes to me," he stated. "I'm old-fashioned. If I'm meant to meet the person, I will. If not, I will go home."

Jean and Cheryl tied the knot on a tropical beach in Mustique in July 2014; they had met three months previously at the Cannes Film Festival. Cheryl has also been married to footballer Ashley Cole.

She and Liam are believed to have first begun their romantic encounter a year ago. They have yet to publicly announce the pregnancy. 


She's kept her fans guessing for months – but now, finally, pictures of 33-year-old Cheryl Cole have clearly displayed her pregnancy.


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The former X Factor judge, who has been with her boyfriend Liam Payne for close-to a year, was out and about this evening in London.


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The loved-up duo, who first met on the reality TV talent show when Liam was just 14, were today attending a Christmas fair in the centre of the English capital.

The pop-star, who recently divorced second husband Jean Bernard Versini Fernandez, wore a tight green wool dress with black boots for the occasion. 

However, and despite Cheryl's appearance, Mail Online reports that a spokesperson for the Newcastle native refused to confirm her pregnancy.


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She was married to her first husband, footballer Ashley Cole, until 2010.

Liam, 23, and Cheryl began dating late last year – although it was the spring until their relationship was social media official.


Having sold her first wedding to OK! magazine and endured two high-profile divorces, it's no real surprise that Cheryl Cole has done a full 180 in recent months and decided to keep her private life… well… private.

But that doesn't mean the star isn't aware of the scrutiny and speculation which surrounds her on a daily basis – a fact of life she addressed during a recent interview with The Sun's Fabulous magazine.

The former Girls Aloud singer, who is said to be expecting a baby with boyfriend Liam Payne, is refusing to feed into rumours, and insists the public can take from that whatever they want.

"I am happier than I've ever been before. Now is a good time in my life," she said.

And while she refused to confirm or deny any rumours, Cheryl hinted that the public have a good insight into how the star is feeling at various points in her life.

"I know you can tell exactly what is going on with me. My eyes give everything away," she admitted.

"I can't ever hide my emotions, and it's great that you can see I'm really happy. I learned to be less apologetic and not to give a sh*t about what people say."

While Cheryl and Liam haven't addressed the pregnancy reports, the couple's friends, Kimberley Walsh and Olly Murs, haven't done much to dispel the rumours.

Cheryl's really playing the long-game with this one.




While the rest of the British entertainment industry are discussing Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne, the couple themselves have refused to address rumours that they're expecting a child together.

But it sounds like Cheryl's BFF Kimberley Walsh (along with everyone else) is pretty much done with the silent treatment approach.

According to emerging reports, the former Girls Aloud star is concerned for her best friend's reputation if she continues to ignore the widespread speculation.

‘Kimberley and Cheryl have been spending a lot of time together recently, and she hates seeing her pal under attack," a source close to the stars told Closer.

Kimberley, who is currently expecting her second child, fears that the Crazy Stupid Love singer will experience serious backlash if she continues to turn a blind eye to the non-stop scrutiny.

"She’s worried Cheryl may face an angry reaction from fans who feel she’s keeping something from them," Kimberley added.

Kimberley, who has referred to Cheryl's 'news' in recent interviews, is keen to advise her friend that facing the reports head-on might be her best bet given the public interest in the reports.

Cheryl, however, is apparently far from convinced on this one.

"She’s told Cheryl she’ll have an easier life if she just addresses the rumours herself, from the heart. But Cheryl doesn’t want to feel forced to do anything," the insider added.

Looks like we're all going to continue playing the waiting game on this one…


It sounds like Phillip Schofield is just like the rest of us when it comes to his fascination with Cheryl Cole's reported pregnancy.

And after the former Girls Aloud singer appeared on The One Show this week, Phillip was unable to hide his confusion over the presenters' decision not to broach the topic with the Geordie star.

"They can’t have failed to have realised that that was a very important question to ask," he said while discussing Cheryl's appearance on the show.

‘They’re very good on that show, so I can only think that the only reason they didn’t ask was because they were told not to."

Reading between the lines, Phillip came to the conclusion that Cheryl had told the show's team that that particular line of questioning was off limits.

"We know from our job here that every so often someone comes in – and I’m not saying that’s the case here – but someone comes in and says, “Under no circumstances are you to ask me about whatever," he explained to viewers.

"So normally we don’t. Sometimes we’re a bit naughty, but normally we don’t. So it appears, although I don’t know, that she may have said, “Don’t talk to me about it”. In which case – why?" Phillip wondered.

Sounding as perplexed as the rest of us, the 54-year-old This Morning host wondered if Cheryl was secretly enjoying the speculation.

"I’m not sure I understand the intricacies behind this one,’ he admitted. ‘If she is pregnant – fantastic. If she’s not, maybe she’s just enjoying all the fun."

Hmmm, we're starting to think he may be on to something.



Not long after Cheryl Cole's BFF, Kimberly, implied that her former band mate was currently celebrating some wonderful news, Olly Murs weighed in on the are they/ aren't they discussion, and added serious fuel to the fire.

Having been quizzed about the couple's relationship and potential baby announcement during a recent celeb event, Olly didn't do much to suggest the press and public were barking up the wrong tree when it came to Cheryl's changing figure.

While sounding like he didn't want to reveal too much, Olly still managed to stoke the flames by suggesting an announcement might be on the horizon.

"Honestly, listen, it's Cheryl and Liam's business… all the press are making speculation and rumours, but I'm sure when they feel confident and want to come out and tell everyone they will."

Like Kimberly, Olly was keen to remind people that the couple are entitled to keep any potential news to themselves.

"It's their own business and I'm sure they'll be fantastic parents if they are, so I wish them all the best," he added.

Hmmm, we're thinking Olly knows more than he's letting on.



With radio silence from Cheryl and Liam (save for a few gag-worthy Twitter posts) it's come down to the public to figure out whether Cheryl is indeed pregnant with her first child.

And when there's only so much squinting you can do at the Crazy Stupid Love singer's midriff, it's always helpful when someone close to Cheryl weighs in and implies that we are all, indeed, onto something.

Suggesting we're not barking up the wrong tree, Cheryl's best friend and former band mate, Kimberley Walsh, recently revealed that Cheryl is indeed in a good place right now.

And while Kimberley, who is currently expecting her second child, tried to rein in her remarks, she didn't do much to persuade the public that the couple won't be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet very soon.

With Cheryl once having said she was born to be a mother, 34-year-old Kimberly remarked that she's delighted for her friend during an interview with the Daily Star's Life magazine, saying: "Yes, I'm really happy that she's happy."

"I don't really want to go in to too much detail on that because I feel it's something that she should speak about, but to know she's happy makes me happy," she added.

This isn't the first time Kimberley's been asked about Cheryl's life with Liam Payne, having said earlier this month that she'd rather not comment on speculation.

"She’s one of my best friends and I would never speak about any friends’ personal lives. I just try and leave them to it," she admitted.

So, what is it that Kimberley thinks Cheryl should speak about?!


Their short-lived marriage barely limped on for 18months, but the subsequent divorce of Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini and Chery Cole has been in the offing for close-to a year.

However, it has now been revealed that the former X Factor judge and her estranged businessman spouse will be granted a divorce in a London court on Thursday.

Neither party will be required to appear in person.

It is believed that Jean Bernard – affectionately known as JB to his friends – will not receive a financial settlement as part of the split. 

A source told The Sun: "This has been the result of months of negotiations, but Cheryl and JB reached an agreement two months ago. And there has been no financial settlement… JB is not going to be paid any money by Cheryl."

In light of her relationship with One Direction star Liam Payne, 23, Cheryl has been eager to get her divorce finalised as soon as possible. 

Several photographs of the popstar suggest that she is pregnant with her first child – another motivating factor in bringing her second marriage to an end before the year is out.

It is not know how far into her pregnancy the 33-year-old is, but some sources have told tabloid publications that she is already nearing the six-month mark.


With Kimberley Walsh adding fuel to the pregnancy fire by stating that her BFF will make a brilliant mum, Cheryl Cole and her beau Liam Payne headed out for sushi in London last night. 

Unsurprisingly, the former X Factor judge's appearance sparked oodles of commentary on the supposed impending arrival of a little pop prince or princess. 


A photo posted by @supportforcheryl on

Wearing a beige, polo-neck jumper dress with tall black boots, the 33-year-old completed her look with a heavy camel-coloured coat.

Hitting celebrity hotspot Nobu, the duo turned in for the night early – also opting to shun booze for bottles of water during their meal.  

Still, some fans expressed concern that the love-birds seemed particularly exhausted; Liam, 23, had bags under reddened eyes while Cheryl also seemed tired. 

Of course, Mr Payne recently returned from a recording session in LA and may still be suffering from the effects of jet-lag. 


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He met his girlfriend of ten months way back in 2008 when he was just 14 – with Ms Cole, who is currently in the midst of divorcing her second husband – .giving the then wannabe-star a resounding 'yes' following his audition.

However, it wasn't until two years later that the One Direction singer returned to the reality TV show – and made it through to the live finals. He and his bandmates ultimately finished third in the competition, going on to become the biggest band of the last decade. 




It's the conception their fans and followers have been discussing since news broke Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne had become an official item last December.

From analysing Cheryl's loose-fitting dresses and books on motherhood to discussing her mum's trips to Mothercare, the public have found themselves on one serious 'bump watch', and this week it looks like we got the first glimpse of it.

Posing at a L'Oreal event in Paris this week, Cheryl appeared to be boasting a burgeoning bump, and bookies have gone into meltdown as fans place wagers on when that oh-so-important announcement will be officially made.

But it looks like the public's enthusiasm for the couple's potential announcement has resulted in one bookmaker deciding to suspend bets for the time being.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Coral's John Hill said: "After being flooded with bets over the last 48 hours on Cheryl announcing she is pregnant before the year is out, we have decided to pull the plug on this market for now."

"The sheer intensity of this gamble suggests an announcement could be imminent," he added.

The bookmaker's announcement comes after the former Girls Aloud star was forced to disable comments on her Instagram account after eager fans inundated with her questions over that appearance for L'Oreal.


It's the rumour that refuses to go away: several sources have continued to declare that Cheryl Cole is currently expecting her first child with her boyband boyfriend of ten months, Liam Payne.

And stepping out in Paris over the weekend – her first public appearance in some time – the former X Factor judge certainly gave her fans plenty to talk about. 

Attending a L'Oreal event – a brand for which she is an ambassador – Cheryl looked beautiful wearing an all-black jump-suit with embellishment detail. 

Earlier, the 33-year-old singer had been keen to keep her stomach firmly hidden, opting for a series of heavy coats despite the 20C heat in the French capital. 

Although she is currently in the midst of divorcing her second husband Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini, Cheryl and Liam, 23, began seeing each other late last year.

By May they had gone public with their union – posting a cosy snap to Instagram. 

The couple has so far opted not to comment on the pregnancy rumours, but it is believed that they are now preparing to issue a statement later this week. 

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