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The dust has barely settled on the whole Jordyn Woods versus Khloe Kardashian feud, which was spurred on by Khloe's ex and baby daddy Tristan Thompson's infidelity.

Woods has now been spotted partying with yet another one of the reality TV star's exes, only weeks after the Kardashian Klan excommunicated her from their lives after she shared a kiss with Tristan.

The 21-year-old model has clearly moved on from the incident and has now been spotted with another ex of Khloe's; James Harden.


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Jordyn and James were caught on camera cosying up in the same booth at Texas bar Belle Station, where they were partying with pals.

In footage obtained by  TMZ, Kylie Jenner's former BFF was seen dancing with James in the Houston hangout.

Ever since Khloe spit from Tristan, who she shares her baby daughter True Thompson with, Jordyn and James have been meeting up.

Apparently Khloe is fine with the situation, but things may have changed since Jordyn was kicked out of the family's lives.


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NBA star James and Khloe dated in 2015 after she separated from her ex-husband, Lamar Odom.

Their short-lives romance ended after James got frustrated by the constant onslaught of paparazzi chasing them.

"I didn't like all the attention. I feel like it was for no reason," he told Sports Illustrated of the "worst year" of his life.

"I wasn't getting anything out of it except my name out there and my face out there, and I don't need that – it wasn't uncomfortable, but it wasn't me."


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He added: "I don't need pictures of myself when I'm driving my car. Who cares? What shoes am I wearing? Who cares? Where am I eating? Who cares?

"It was unnecessary stuff that I think trickled down to my teammates. I had to eliminate that."

Jordyn was pushed into hitting back at the Kardashians after Khloe was accused of fat-shaming the 21-year-old.

In a recent episode of Keeping up With The Kardashians, an intoxicated Khloe made negative comments about Jordyn's figure on the phone to Tristan's friend Oguz Savas.


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Malika Haqq (her bestie) and Khloe were sitting with a glass of vino in front of them when she FaceTimed Tristan's friend.

Savas insisted Tristan "didn't kiss anyone " and doesn't "remember anything" from the night in question, but Khloe screams "liar!" at him.

"Tristan, f**k you if you can hear me," Khloe shouted as Malika tried to hold her back. "They both admitted it to me. Both of them. Fat f**king a**holes!"

Jordyn didn't seem to care about the whole debacle, and we're definitely feeling her vibe a lot more than Khloe's.

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The Love Island villa is set to explode tonight when Jordan Hames brazenly cracks on with India Reynolds, despite making Anna Vakili his girlfriend only days ago.

And just like that, a new villa villain was born. Michael must have transported his gaslighting spirit straight into Jordan as he walked out the door, and the devil's work continues. Fuckboys have power.

Anna Vakili is concerned that her boyfriend hasn't been spending any time with her, and her instincts end up being totally true.

What does Jordan do? Blame her for the fun not being in their relationship anymore. Note, blaming the other person is an EXACT sign of *gaslighting*. 

Jordan wastes zero time in telling India about his newfound attraction to her, and pulls her for a private talk before Anna realises what's being going on and confronts him.

Curtis Pritchard immediately told Maura Higgins about Jordan's confession to him about India, and Maura warns Anna that cheating is about to commence. 


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The drama begins the night when Jordan tells Curtis about his doubts;

"At the time I asked her to be my girlfriend, it felt normal and natural and it was the right thing to do. But I feel like I may have rushed into it." Since they've been in the bottom three, he's probably looking to escape.

"I feel like over the past couple of days I’ve had a few good conversations with India. I actually get on with her really well. I’m finding myself looking forward to bumping into her in the villa and having a conversation with her."


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Despite saying that himself and Anna are having no problems, he then claims she can be "hot-headed". Curtis suggests that India could be the catalyst to Jordan realising Anna isn't the perfect girl.

Jordan admits: “Since India has come into the villa, we get on really well. Obviously, she’s a good-looking girl. It’s definitely something I’m going to process in my head and decide what to do in due course.”

Jordan reflects on his decision, overnight before telling Curtis: "I think I’ve confirmed the location of my head…India."

He takes India for a chat on the sun deck, but Anna interrupts them to call him out on his bullsh*t.


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Curtis says to Maura: “I’ve been speaking with Jordan. Basically, he is a little bit confused. He has feelings for India.” Maura cries: “Sorry, what? Is he going to do that before talking to Anna? I don’t believe this.”

Maura heads over to Anna and reveals: “He’s cracking on with India. He likes India. Curtis told me. He’s pulled her for a chat right now.”

Oh, did we mention that Jordan calls his girlfriend 'embarassing' for airing her fears about their lack of time together? We hope she drags Jordan by the ear and throws him in the pool…Nasty piece of sh*t.

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Warning; Severe SHADE incoming.

In the latest clip from the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, "self-made" billionaire (lol) Kylie Jenner takes a few swipes at her ex-best friend Jordyn Woods following the cheating scandal. 

The young make-up mogul appears to confirm that she has no desire to be best mates with the model again, saying that things happen for a reason and only loyal people can stay in her life. Woof.

We thought the Kardashians may have moved past the whole Tristan Thompson kissing Kylie Jenner's 21-year-old BFF while still dating Khloé debacle, but apparently these ladies never forget.

Khloe potentially shaded Jordan on her Instagram yesterday too, and now the latest clip shows more of the fallout from the cheating scandal. Jordyn does not come out looking squeaky clean…

Khloé and Kylie Jenner are wine tasting in Napa Valley in the clip, and Khloé suddenly brings up the former friend's name in conversation, asking, "So, Jordyn. Do you miss her, want to be friends with her?"


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Kylie coolly replies, "I think that this whole Jordyn situation needed to happen for a reason. For me, for her, for you, for everybody. She was my security blanket.

"She lived with me. We did everything together, I just felt like, 'Oh, I have Jordyn. I don't need anything else.' And I feel like there's a part of me that needed to grow without her," she added.

"Sometimes people are there for certain reasons at certain times in your life and then not there for others." Damn, Kylie is ICE COLD. She's definitely seeing the Jordan scandal as some type of destiny.


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Khloé also makes sure to have her say in the conversation, emphasising that loyalty is key when it comes to the Kardashians:

"Everything's supposed to happen for a reason, and it's the season to filter through the bullshit, and, you know, only the strong and loyal will survive," implying that Jordyn doesn't have either quality.

Kylie responds with a simple; "Yep." Season 17 of the show looks set to be shadier than a palm tree, good luck to Jordyn if she decides to watch it.

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Ex-Love Island reality star Yewande Biala has revealed her real feelings about Curtis Pritchard and Michael Griffiths, currently two of the most hated men in the world.

The scientist branded Curtis as a 'fake' who's operating with a 'game plan', and we have to agree.

The dancer's half-girlfriend last night, Amy Hart, was left absolutely crushed at the news that he'd been "lying from the start" about their relationship and had pursued Jourdan in Casa Amor.

Curtis admitted that he'd fancied another girl, kissed her twice while carrying out challenges in Casa Amor and had wanted to recouple with her but she declined his offer.

He confessed to Amy that he'd been rejected and it had made him reflect on their seemingly-perfect relationship, telling the boys that he found Amy to be too bitchy.

Speaking about life in the Love Island villa during her appearance on Good Morning Britain today, Yewande said: "I think some people are really genuine and obviously some people have a game plan."

Susanna Reid was quick to probe her on who exactly had a game plan in the villa, to which Yewande said: "From watching it yesterday, Curtis really shocked me. I'm still confused about how you can go from 100 to zero really quick.

"He basically said to Amy that he had been lying from the start, which kind of makes you question everything really. Like, did you have a game plan from the start? How have you kept lying to her for four weeks?," she added.

"That's a long time to lie to someone." Yewande was best mates with Amber in the villa and was quick to point out Michael's gaslighting behaviour last night, which has made him an enemy of viewers.

The 28-year-old firefighter decided to recouple with new girl Joanna and claimed the reason was due to Amber's childish personality and immaturity, and that he'd been "biting his tongue" and "not been himself".

When Amber called bullshit and asked for examples, he couldn't cough up a thing.

"I'm really disappointed in the way that he handled the situation," Yewande said. "He didn't want to apologise to Amber and was so quick to call her childish."

She added that while it was "important to go with your gut", all Michael did was "highlight all of Amber's bad qualities" instead of admitting he was just more into Joanna for compatibility reasons.

Yewande added: "He never took responsibility for his actions." Michael ended up feuding with Anna last night and things got heated, and poor Amber kept every ounce of dignity.

She proved that despite her age, she's still the most mature person in that villa.

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The family and friends of Love Island's Amy Hart and Amber Gill have absolutely slammed Curtis and Michael over social media, and we have to say…GO OFF.

During last night's insanely dramatic episode of the ITV2 show, Amber was dumped by Michael in favour of new girl Joanna, and Curtis claimed his head was turned by Jourdan (who had zero interest).

The scenes shocked the entire nation, and their loved ones have been finding it difficult to watch their hearts being broken by boys who have completely led them on while they stayed loyal.

Amber Gill’s friend tweeted: “As one of Amber’s friends, that was hard for me to watch. It’s not nice to see your friend in pain and biting their tongue not knowing what to say.

“But it looks like tomorrow Amber and Anna are going to rip him a new a**hole, so it’s all good.”

The mate later sarcastically wrote:  “Wouldn’t trust Michael the firefighter to save me from a burning building… might change his mind halfway through, say I’m too young, and leave me there.”

Amy’s family were clearly finding it hard to watch too. They tweeted: “Oh Amy, girl.  YOU ARE  NO ONES  SECOND CHOICE!” Yes, girl.

After Jourdan carefully let Curtis know that she wasn't interested in him, Amy's Twitter wrote:  “What a shame that Curtis got pied.” It included a Beyoncé hair flip Gif, because of course.

In tonight's explosive episode, Curtis comes clean to Amy about his feelings for Jourdan, and she reveals that she was about to declare her love for him;

Amber was deeply shocked to find out that the man who had grafted LONG AND HARD to persuade her to couple up with him had actually ditched her for a brunette he's known three days.

The 21-year-old refused to get to know any of the new boys, despite Dan telling her she'd be the one he'd have wanted to get to know, and was horrofied at the idea of kissing anyone else.

The 28-year-old firefighter had other ideas, happily sharing a bed with Joanna and kissing her. Not to mention, talking smack about Amber to some random girl he barely knows, how's that classy?

Asked if he wanted to stay with Amber or choose Joanna, Michael said:

"The last few days have been quite interesting. They've opened my mind to a few things. So the past few days have given me a lot of time to reflect. I've come to the realisation that I've not been true to myself and I've overlooked certain situations that I wouldn't normally do.

"I've bitten my tongue when I wouldn't usually do so. Meeting this girl has brought the Michael that I know and everyone else knows back," he added, throwing shade at Amber FOR NO REASON.

Curtis also admitted that he'd taken a shine to new girl Jourdan, who is clearly into Danny and shared a bed with him. The dancer kissed her on two separate challenges, and admitted he fancied her.

Curtis said: "Amy and I we haven't had any test or bumps in the road and things were going fantastic until a few days ago.

"Basically a young girl walked into the villa and made me realise a lot of things … It made me realise I'd been lying to myself and most of all, to Amy. I just hope everything can be sorted out."

Tune in tonight to see sh*t hit the fan with Amy and Curtis, and Michael and…every single girl in the villa. He's going to need physical protection because he's the most hated man in the nation.

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Khloe Kardashian is apparently "torn" after her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson bought her an LA mansion to try and win her back.

Thompson was dumped by Khloe after numerous cheating scandals, the most explosive one being his tryst with Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods this year.

In a bid to win the 35-year-old reality star's heart back, the basketball player splashed out on a huge home close to Khloe's LA house for their family.


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The sport star's purchase was allegedly in the hope that he could spent more time with True, the daughter he shares with Khloe.

The Sun reports that the advances have left Khloe feeling "torn", as her family are very much opposed to her ex returning to her life.

An insider said: “Khloé is totally confused – Tristan has been begging her to get back together, and he posted that long gushing birthday message to her too."


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The source added; "He’s been asking her to sit down with him properly, have a heart to heart – but she’s refusing.

"She wants to keep things civil for True’s sake, but she doesn’t want to risk falling for him again and getting her heart broken all over again.”

The 28-year-old is seemingly desperate to show Khloe that he's changed his wiley ways, and wants to make things right. His history makes it hard to trust him, that's for sure.

Khloe and Tristan’s chaotic relationship began when the pair hooked up while his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig was pregnant with their first child, Prince.


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Tristan's many affairs came to light last year, and Khloe broke up with him in February 2019 after his kiss with 21-year-old Jordyn Woods exploded into the media.

He recently posted a heartfelt message for her birthday to his Instagram, writing; "You are the most beautiful human I have ever met inside and out. Thank you for being an amazing mommy to our princess True.

"She is blessed to have someone like you to look up to. I wish you nothing but more success and sending you positive blessing your way. Enjoy your day Koko."

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians have just released the latest trailer for Sunday's episode, and it's absolutely excruciating to watch. Honestly, we're cringing extremely hard right now.

The video shows the family throwing a party for Kylie Jenner and her former BFF Jordyn Woods, before the whole Tristan Thompson scandal, and Khloe herself makes a toast.

The emotional toast is given to Jordyn specifically, which makes the entire thing about 1000 times more awkward. If that was even possible.


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In the clip, Khloe addresses Jordyn directly and says how proud she is of both Woods and her younger sister Kylie.

"Jordyn, for you to be turning 21. I've known you forever, and I'm so proud of you and the woman you have grown into and you're growing into. To see you guys just stick together and be best friends through thick and thin, it's such a blessing."

She mentions Kylie's generosity while she's at it; "I know how hard you have worked on your company and everything."

"You're so generous to share that with me and Kourtney and Jordyn, and it's such a blessing because you don't have to share your blessings with us, but you kind of do.

Watch the clip above in full to see the whole speech, and to perhaps go unconscious from the sheer awkwardness of the whole thing.

The part about the duo sticking together through thick and thin really slapped us across the face, good Lord. The friendship seems well and truly dead in the water since Jordyn was embroiled in a scandal with Khloe's ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

News broke that Woods had shared a kiss with the notorious womaniser, and then appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk to defend herself and ask the public to calm down. The public, predictably, did not calm down…

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Shit's goin' down in Hollywood.

The largest college cheating scam in US history continues.

Desperate Housewives' star Felicity Huffman and her husband William H. Macy were taken to court where Felicity was charged with federal mail fraud.

Now star of Full House and later the 90210 reboot, Lori Loughlin has turned herself in to the FBI nad set her release bond at 1 million dollars.

The 54-year-old is mum to two daughters – 20-year-old Isabella Rose and 19-year-old Olivia Jade, with her husband Mossimo Gianulli.

Lori Loughlin turned herself into authorities on Wednesday and has been set a $1million (£751,365) release bond by a judge. Loughlin is one of up to 40 influential figures who have been charged in connection with alleged payments of up to $6 million used to get children into schools including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and USC. Both she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were indicted for their alleged involvement in the college admissions scam. Giannulli was arrested on Tuesday morning and taken into custody. He was later released after being set a $1million bond and forced to surrender his passport. Lori hadn’t been arrested as she had been in Vancouver, Canada working.


Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/13/lori-loughlin-turns-fbi-set-1million-release-bond-amid-investigation-college-admissions-bribes-8899571/?ito=cbshare

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Lori Loughlin turned herself into authorities on Wednesday and has been set a $1million (£751,365) release bond by a judge. Loughlin is one of up to 40 influential figures who have been charged in connection with alleged payments of up to $6 million used to get children into schools including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and USC. Both she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were indicted for their alleged involvement in the college admissions scam. Giannulli was arrested on Tuesday morning and taken into custody. He was later released after being set a $1million bond and forced to surrender his passport. Lori hadn’t been arrested as she had been in Vancouver, Canada working.


Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/13/lori-loughlin-turns-fbi-set-1million-release-bond-amid-investigation-college-admissions-bribes-8899571/?ito=cbshare

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