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It looks like Celebrity Big Brother might be coming to Ireland.

Coco Television, who are behind some of our favourite shows such as Irish First Dates, Don't Tell The Bride and Room To Improve, have apparently claimed the rights to the reality show.

A source told the Irish Sun: "Big Brother has never been done in Ireland but Irish broadcasters are now so risk averse to new programme ideas, it's a safe show and could provide content for all three TV3 channels."

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TV3 will reportedly secure the rights from Coco Television, so they can air the first ever Irish version of the show, to compete with RTÉ's Dancing With The Stars.

We can only image what this would be like!


Our evenings haven't been very productive since CBB started, and it looks like we'll be procrastinating even more, as the show is looking to extend its stay on our television screens.

The reality TV series was due to have its final on Friday, February 3.

 However, CBB bosses are hoping to push it back as far as February 24, according to the Sun Online.

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This year's All Stars Vs New Stars concept has been very popular, with celebs like Chloe Ferry, Kim Woodburn and Jedward bringing the drama.

Kim Woodburn and Jedward are the favourites to win this year's show.

“The All-Star format has done brilliantly this year, with so many different personalities bringing so much drama," and insider told the Sun.

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“The ratings have almost doubled since Kim walked through the doors and caused chaos in the house.

“Viewers are hungry for more action, so bosses are potentially going to push the final back until February 24.”

Fingers crossed!


After winning Celebrity Big Brother last year, Scotty T probably has a better idea than most what it takes to navigate the minefield that is the long-running reality TV show.

But by the sounds of things, Scotty hasn't let his Geordie Shore co-star, Chloe Ferry, in on the deets on that one.

Commenting on 21-year-old Chloe's performance in the infamous house in recent days, Scotty has been far from complimentary.

Speaking to The Sun, the 28-year-old acknowledged the other contestants' inability to get on Chloe's wavelength, and even suggested that the star's drunken behaviour may get her in trouble.

"No one really can understand her banter honestly man, she’s literally… when she gets drunk, she’s just sheer evil," he claimed.

And he didn't stop there.

Alluding to the Geordie girl's intellect, he added: "She’d probably won’t even realise she’s been in the house, man. She’s that thick."

Well, good to know Chloe has the support of her Geordie 'family'…



We've been waiting for the new season for months, and finally the new season of Celebrity Big Brother kicked off ast night.

The latest instalment of the controversial show is set to be bigger and better than ever, with a special All-Stars vs. New Blood theme, introducing new contestants alongside CBB veterans.

Speculation about the housemates has been rife online for weeks, with CBB revealing sneaks peeks and teaser trailers, but now the full line-up has been revealed.

Entering the CBB house last night was a series of famous faces, some of whom have appeared on previous seasons of the show.

CBB veterans included Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who werent "satisfied with how we left the house last time, so it was time to get back in there now."

Calum Best has also returned for another season, along with models Nicola McLean and Jasmine Waltz.

Ballroom dancer James Jordan, presented Coleen Nolan and reality TV star Austin Armacost are also in the house for a second time.

Joinng the old hands are some new faces who have never appeared on the reality tV show before.

Remember the sex tape that may or may not be Kim Kardashian's initial claim to fame? Well her co-star and ex-boyfriend Ray J has just claimed a place in the house.


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Joining him is glamour model and Calum Best's ex Bianca Gascoigne, singger Stacy Francis and Game of Thrones actor James Cosmo.

Former footballer Jamie O'Hara and 90s DJ Brandon Block are also battling it out for the CBB crown.

Finishing up the celebrity line up is shock entry Angie Best, Calum's mother. 


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"I've done such an injustice, I know he's going in but he doesn't know that I'm going in," she told CBB host Emma Willis.

"He's going to have a heart attack God bless him, he's going to be completely dismantled because mumma's here!"

If this line up is anything to go by, then this series is going to be madness!


The next season of Celebrity Big Brother is just around the corner, and the latest instalment of the controversial show is set to be bigger and better than ever.

It has been strongly rumoured that the next series will be the special All-Stars vs. New Blood version of the show, introducing new contestants alongside CBB veterans.

CBB is giving fans a sneak peek, with a very mysterious video of one of the contestants.

The video, uploaded to Twitter, shows a male contestant, who's voice and appearance are totally disguised, discussing why they are entering the house.

“Free electricity, free pool, free food – I’m in," they said.

Any guesses as to who it is?


The next season of Celebrity Big Brother is just around the corner, and the latest instalment of the controversial show is set to be bigger and better than ever.

It has been strongly rumoured that the next series will be the special All-Stars vs. New Blood version of the show, introducing new contestants alongside CBB veterans.


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Among the celebrities rumoured to be returning are Katie Hopkins, Perez Hilton, Katie Price and Stephen Bear.

Spencer and Heidi Pratt and Calum Best are also in the line up, according to The Mirror.


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The veterans are said to be joined by newbies Sam Thompson and Jasmine Lennard.

Khloe Kardashian's BFF Malika Haqq is also rumoured to follow in Jonathan Cheban's footsteps by entering the reality TV show.


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The new season is set to air on January 3, 2017.

The 19th series of the show is also said to be just 24 days long, one week less than previous years.


They may have traded a kiss during their time on Beauty School Dropouts, but it seems there's no love lost between Jeremy McConnell and Scarlett Moffatt if the Dubliner's recent comments are anything to go by.

Making his feelings for the Gogglebox star clear while speaking to Heatworld, he admitted that he doesn't share the same love for Scarlett as the rest of us.

"I hate her. I just think she's manipulative," said the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant. "I don't think she's a genuine person."

While Scarlett has been lauded by I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here viewers for her down-to-earth attitude, it sounds like Jeremy was having none of it.

"I think she knows how to play certain situations," he argued. "If you were there for six weeks in the jungle, you'd be found out. But luckily she's playing a very clever game."

Despite Jeremy's critique of her performance in the Aussie jungle, Scarlett went on to be crowned winner – something Jeremy said he couldn't 'give a sh*t' about.

Jeez Jeremy, how dya really feel?


Last year, Daniella Westbrooke took part in the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, where stars go on in hopes to fix any part of their bodies that they feel uncomfortable with.

Daniella had a boob job and a bit of work done on her teeth while making the appearance, but now she's looking for $750,000 (€870,000) from the makers.

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She told The Sun: "I’m suing the makers of Celebrity Botched Up Bodies for £750,000 to cover lost earnings."

While she was on the show, the former actress begged to have her teeth redone after a car crash left her relying on dentures.

Doctors were hesitant to do the dental work because of Daniella's 20-cigarettes-a-day habit, but went through with it nonetheless.

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Just days later she had to seek urgent medical attention while in the Big Brother house because she had blood poisoning from the newly-implanted veneers.

When she returned to the show she had to explain to Stephanie Davis why she became so angry at her before she went to see the show's doctor.

"I’d just been out to have my veneers done – when that happened. I was worried about infection… I bet you didn’t see that."


After being dropped from Simon Cowell's record label, X Factor winner, James Arthur, found himself facing into a fairly bleak future.

Without a penny to his name, the singer looked like he was going to be confined to the X Factor 'has-been' category alongside the likes of Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson.

And it was then that reality show execs began inundating him with offers to appear on some of Britain's biggest reality television shows – invitations which James ultimately declined.

Recalling this period of life, the singer, whose comeback track hit the top of the charts in recent weeks, insists it was the right decision at the time, and even says he wouldn't have gotten a number one had he become a Celebrity Big Brother housemate.

"I got offered loads of reality shows including I’m A Celebrity and Celebrity Big Brother," he revealed during an interview with the Daily Star Sunday.

"They were life-changing amounts of money. The most I got offered was £250,000 for CBB, which I really needed at the time, not knowing if I had a career."

While paying tribute to the shows which helped revive some stars' flagging careers, James insists it wasn't for him.

"I’m a huge fan of those shows but I don’t think there’s any chance I would be back at No. 1 now if I’d gone down that route."

He might have a point, in fairness.



Close-to a year after shedding a load of weight – reality TV star Lauren Goodger is still working up a sweat and keeping the excess pounds at bay.

However, the 30-year-old – who is known for her love of heavy contouring, false lashes and HD brows – showed why OTT makeup and the gym rarely mix.

In a selfie posted to her Instagram account yesterday, Ms Goodger can be seen working out with enthusiasm… so much so that her mascara is smudged around her eyes and her foundation is practically dripping down her face. 

It seems that the snap may have been an attempt to answer her critics: late last week, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant was criticised for piling back on the weight that she worked hard to lose when unflattering photos of her came to light.

It was an issue she addressed in the same Instagram entry. "Sunday afternoon gym session," she wrote. "When I train I trainnnnn hard, this is one of the hardest targets to date."

She continued: "Since seeing bad pap pics lately even though I don't agree I look like that at all, I've been training extremely hard and I nearly feel as Amazing as I did on my DVD it works and I'm sticking to it not long now."

Last month, Lauren also posted a super-fit throwback snap of her at a svelte 9st. 

The star, who once weighed-in at 13st, wrote alongside the snap: "My eye is on that goal – here I go again."


They’ve already talked five-year-plans and the possibility of marriage so really it shouldn’t come as any major surprise that Marnie Simpson has already met Lewis Bloor’s family.

But when you consider that the new couple only launched “the world’s longest first date” upon entering the Celebrity Big Brother house a little over a month ago surely it all seems to be moving a tad fast?

In her latest Star magazine column the Geordie Shore cast member revealed that she met her new beau’s family over the weekend and it went really well.


Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. @marniegshore

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She wrote: “Things with Lewis have been amazing.  I met his family at the weekend!  I was nervous, but they felt they already knew me because they’d watched me on TV.”

And while expressing her opinions through a very public medium, Marnie decided to reiterate for those who mightn’t have realised that she and Lewis have kept their newfound love on the DL since leaving CBB.

The 24-year-old Geordie – who was previously engaged to TOWIE star Ricky Rayment – said: “As for people saying we’re a showmance, that’s ridiculous. Since we came out, we’ve kept everything private.”


Shoutout to my boy @archiescars for running me & @marniegshore around this weekend best car to be driven to clubs in

A photo posted by Lewis Bloor (@lewisbloor1) on

Building on her BAE’s comments that they are well and truly in it for the long haul, Marnie added that she can see Lewnie lasting “a long time”.



When you're a reality TV star, stuff can get pretty damn confusing.

Is this actually happening? What show am I on? Is sex appropriate right now? Sure, the list of concerns is endless – just ask Marnie Simpson.

After appearing on This Morning earlier today, the Geordie girl admitted that at times during her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house she struggled to remember where she was and who she was with.

No, seriously.

Explaining why her behaviour sometimes seemed a little outrageous, Marnie explained: "I went straight from Geordie into there and I was still in my Geordie ways and I forgot that group of people wasn't my Geordie group of people and there were boundaries and sometimes I crossed them."

From flashing Saira Khan to antics in the shower with Lewis, the 24-year-old insists it all came down to her Geordie Shore roots.

"Maybe I'd had a little bit too much to drink, but that type of stuff is really acceptable on Geordie Shore, so when I'm drunk, I just assumed it would be then, but it clearly wasn't."

And while Marnie, who came fourth in the series, was involved in some of the most controversial storylines in this series of CBB, she insists the public has the wrong impression of her.

"When I came out, I was really upset because I saw people saying I'm a bully and that's completely not true," she told This Morning hosts.

Referring to the moment she gave Saira Khan an eyeful, Marnie explained: "It was supposed to be a harmless joke to lighten the mood, because there was a lot of tension in there."

"If you were there, you could feel it. It wasn't a very nice place to be," she said.

Ah yeah, happens to the best of us.