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Former EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook has announced that she is battling womb cancer.

She took to Twitter to thank everyone for their well wishes and support.

The actor and reality TV star revealed that she will undergo a hysterectomy and that on hearing the bad news, she immediately thought of her late friend Jade Goody, who passed away in 2009 from cervical cancer.

The 44-year-old said, “I’ve always said I am not scared of dying. But when the doctor said, ‘You have cancer’, straight away my thoughts turned to Jade and that I don’t want to die. I know I need to fight.”

Danniella's mum was diagnosed with womb cancer  30 years ago, but she beat the disease after undergoing treatment on the NHS. 

She said, “they are taking me in in three weeks for a full hysterectomy. Before they take it out they won’t know to what extent the cancer has grown.”

Danniella went on to explain that the cancer was found by a doctor in Spain, where she lives, after a few weeks of heavy bleeding. 

The diagnosis was confirmed  by a doctor in Essex when she returned to the UK.

Our thoughts are with the mother-of-two as she battles this illness. 


Last year, Daniella Westbrooke took part in the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, where stars go on in hopes to fix any part of their bodies that they feel uncomfortable with.

Daniella had a boob job and a bit of work done on her teeth while making the appearance, but now she's looking for $750,000 (€870,000) from the makers.

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She told The Sun: "I’m suing the makers of Celebrity Botched Up Bodies for £750,000 to cover lost earnings."

While she was on the show, the former actress begged to have her teeth redone after a car crash left her relying on dentures.

Doctors were hesitant to do the dental work because of Daniella's 20-cigarettes-a-day habit, but went through with it nonetheless.

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Just days later she had to seek urgent medical attention while in the Big Brother house because she had blood poisoning from the newly-implanted veneers.

When she returned to the show she had to explain to Stephanie Davis why she became so angry at her before she went to see the show's doctor.

"I’d just been out to have my veneers done – when that happened. I was worried about infection… I bet you didn’t see that."



It looks as if things have gone from bad to worse for Daniella Westbrook and her on-off fiancé, Tom.

The former EastEnders actress shared a photo of her bruised hand on Twitter last night and wrote: “Back to bed back up sleep for a while. Body bruised and hurting.”

Daniella later alleged on the social media site that it was her former fiancé, Tom who had inflicted the painful looking bruises, writing: “So Tom Richards blocks me after beating me up and covering me in bruises. That boy needs arresting and sending back to Wales. #PoliceAware.”

This is the latest in a string of violent incidents involving her fiancé, one of which involved her 18-year-old son, Kai.

Thankfully, the actress says that she is resting up while the police take care of things: “Resting with my family right now. @metpoliceuk and doctors have been amazing. @OfficialTomRich needs banging up #CanOnlyFightWomen.”

We hope Daniella makes the right decision for her family regarding her relationship – all of these incidents really do not sound good at all.



Former Eastenders actress Danniella Westbrook may have been enjoying the trip of a lifetime in Egypt with her newly engaged pals Chris Maloney and Gary Doran this weekend, but she went through a pretty traumatic event before she left.

The actress' on-and-off boyfriend Tom Richards, who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction issues, reportedly had to be rushed to hospital after collapsing on Danniella's doorstep recently.

It's believed police were called to Danniella's house after reports of a raging row, but that Tom had collapsed by the time they arrived, due to an overdose of prescription drugs combined with alcohol.

This isn't the first time that a row between the pair has escalated out of control. Back in the summer Danniella was seen throwing her phone at Tom's head during an on-street argument, and before Christmas Tom was arrested at a London hotel after yet another heated argument.

This most recent incident has apparently prompted Danniella to end her relationship with Tom once and for all, but she is having a hard time cutting ties with him "Danniella was ­absolutely horrified. Their relationship has been very fiery," a source told the Sunday People. "She finally had the strength to end it properly but Tom is making things very difficult for her."

It's been a tough few months for Danniella, who admitted on Twitter last year that she was living in sheltered housing having lost her home.

We hope that things start to look up for the actress.



Former Eastenders star Daniella Westbrook is no stranger to drama. The 41-year-old, almost as famous for her cocaine addiction as her acting career, last week took to the famous This Morning sofa to open up about her most recent struggles.

Having suffered a drug relapse, split from her partner Tom Richards and learned that she had miscarried, the normally vivacious star looked and sounded completely distraught while appearing on the famous morning chat show.

Revealing that herself and her children were now living in sheltered accommodation, it certainly looked like the troubled star could do with a kind word or the support of a good friend.

Luckily Sid Owen, who played Ricky Butcher and starred opposite Daniella on and off for twenty years on the hit BBC soap, saw her distress and reached out to the struggling mum-of-two earlier today and it looks like it’s made the world of difference!

Taking to Twitter to express her gratitude, the grateful actress said: “@sidowen5 hearing your voice cheered me up no end x old friends make the best friends x”

Hopefully, the support of her former co-star will help to lift Daniella’s spirits at this hugely difficult time in her life.



Daniella Westbrook has had many ups and downs over the last few years, with her ex-fiancé being arrested for assault charges only a few weeks ago.

Now, the former EastEnders actress has revealed on Twitter that she is currently living in sheltered housing after losing her home. Daniella tweeted the heartbreaking revelation after it emerged that someone had sold the story to Closer.

The actress tweeted: “The next tweet I send is from the heart. 2stop the grass who’s earning money selling stories on me 2closer mag! Not it’s not exclusive!!!! … It’s been a tuff year for me &its with great regret I have 2 admit, I’ve lost my home an I’m lving in sheltered hosuign waiting 2b housed … I have the love of my kids &afew good friends. Now who ever has sold it 2closer for the 3rd week stop! Cos your pushing me over the limit!”

Daniella is a mum to two kids, Kai and Jody with her ex-husband Kevin Jenkins, who she split from back in January after 12 years of marriage.

What an awful time of year for something like this to happen to anyone, we wish Daniella all the best!



Daniella Westbrook and her ex-fiancé Tom Richards have found themselves in a spot of bother after a blazing row in a hotel led to his arrest!

The couple were said to have agreed to meet to discuss their relationship and whether things could work. However, the talk soon turned heated and the police were called, with Tom eventually being arrested. 

Police in the area confirmed the arrest, saying: “A 25-year-old man was arrested at the Premier Inn at Stansted Airport on November 19 at 10.35pm on behalf of another force and in connection with an assault.”

Daniella and Tom have been known for having a very tempestuous relationship, and had previously had an on-street fight that saw the former EastEnders actress throw her phone at Tom. 

It was also said that Danielle’s teenage son, Kai was also at the hotel where the incident occurred. 



There is trouble in paradise for Daniella Westbrook and her fiancé, Tom Richards, after the two were spotted having a bust-up on the street.

The incident occurred in London where the former EastEnders star was seen throwing her phone at Tom’s head who then took off on his own.

The couple have been together for a few months now following Daniella’s 12-year-marriage to Kevin Jenkins ending back in December.

Daniella tragically suffered a miscarriage back in June.

Hopefully the two can work out their differences.