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Since 1990 when the first Home Alone movie graced our screens and changed our lives forever, the nostalgia has been building.

We've waited SO LONG to see Macaulay Culkin give us more Home Alone magic, and now our wishes have been granted, courtesy of Google.

Yes, Google have somehow persuaded the former child star to recreate some of the film's classic scenes, and it's as special as you might imagine.

The actor tweeted the 'Hey Google' ad yesterday, and sent the internet into mayhem;

It seems that Peter and Kate McCallister's parenting skills haven't improved in 30 years, but we're sure that raising about 2930282 children in a beautiful twelve-level house can't be as simple as it appears.

I mean, we've all gone and holiday and forgotten something vital. We've never forgotten a child, but sure look. Each to their own.

“Have you ever wondered what Kevin McCallister is like as an adult?,” Macaulay tweeted, and from the looks of things, he's pretty much the exact same.


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Google is essentially helping him out this time around, so he doesn't have to fend off any burglars all on his lonesome. There are a few differences for Kevin as an adult, for one, he actually has a need to shave this time.

He puts out his back while jumping on the bed, much like the rest of us. He's not a kid anymore, SOB.

Culkin has retrofitted his gaff to be a super smart home, so there's no ingenious traps needed. Google implies that when you have a voice-activated tech assistant, warding off thieves is pretty damn easy.

Have a look at Kevin McCallister in all his adult glory, we're busy exploding with wistful thoughts of the blissful 1990s:

Keep the change, ya filthy animals.



In 2008, a group of high school students were named the Bling Ring, after they were convicted of stealing millions worth on money and goods from celebrities' homes… and now it seems that it's started back up again.

The original group cleaned out the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Rachel Bilson. Before they were caught, the gang of teens wracked up a massive $4m in stolen goods.

However, in recent months, stars such as Blac Chyna, Scott Disick, Kevin Hart and Chris Brown have all been targeted, and police think there's another Bling Ring doing the rounds.

None of the stars were in their homes when the thieves hit, and mysteriously the robbers knew exactly where the safe was once they entered the house.

Kevin Hart was hit the hardest, with them taking more than $500,000 in jewellery and household items.

"They took so much stupid stuff," he told Radar Online. "They took a pair of my jeans."

Blac Chyna had $200,000 taken from her in cash and jewellery, and Chris Brown had about $50,000 swiped from his safe.

And just like the early 2000s, the burglars left absolutely no sign of forced entry.


Any burglary can be scary, but when you're metres away from raiders stealing from your home, it can be even more terrifying.

That's what happened to Simon Cowell and his family in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Simon was burgled at his £10m (€13m) London home in the middle of the night as he, his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and son Eric slept inside. The raiders escaped with jewellery and cash worth a mighty six-figure sum, the Daily Mail reports.

They sneaked into the Holland Park property at 2.20am yesterday and after searching the downstairs of the house, spotted a key to a safe. 

The safe was completely emptied of cash and jewellery before the raiders fled as the police were called.

Simon only became aware of the situation when his personal bodyguard woke him up after the burglars ran.

Even after the stressful ordeal, Simon still made it to rehearsals for tonights X Factor and put on a brave face in front of the cameras as he waved a peace sign on his way out of the studio.


Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver had his London home targeted by thieves.

Although Jamie and his family (his wife Jules and their four children) are not thought to have been in the house at the time, the Mirror report that thieves broke into the home through the basement.

The property in North London, valued at almost €10 million, was broken into and supposedly ‘ransacked’ by burglars. Neighbours noticed a door had been left open in the house and informed Jamie, 40, that something was amiss.

Police are now said to be examining CCTV footage in attempts to track down those responsible.

Locals have said that coming into winter, burglaries such as this become more common:

“The police regularly advise us to review our security arrangements at this time of year as burglars are known to scout the area looking for empty homes.


Jamie's home has got CCTV, but it seems it didn't help in this instance as the burglars got in through the garage.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police confirmed the news and added that officers are working to track down the criminals.

“Officers attended and went inside the property and found that the premises had been burgled. Items were removed from the address.”


Jamie and his family are said to be in the process of moving to a new home in Hampstead. The Grade II-listed house recently purchased by the TV chef dates back to the 17 century, according to Mail Online.

Builders are supposedly carrying out improvement to the eight bedroom property before the family relocate.

A rep for Jamie said “nobody was hurt” during the incident and also added that “two electrical items were taken” from the home.


SHEmazing! TV is here to deliver your round-up of all the Showbiz News.

Today’s highlights include:

  • Is Chris Brown wooing Rihanna again?
  • One Direction takes money from rivals
  • Girls Aloud member wants birth to be filmed
  • Kourtney Kardashian gets robbed by KUWTK crew member?
  • Singer reveals adorable first baby snap

Niamh Geaney reports.



Poor Miley Cyrus has been through the mill over the past few months. She was struck down with an allergic reaction to antibiotics, her dog Floyd was killed by a coyote while she was on tour, and to top it all off her house was broken into twice.

The second burglary occurred on Friday, where her $135,000 Maserati Quattroporte was stolen along with some jewellery when a man and woman scaled Miley’s fence and gained access to her house through the garage on Friday evening.

However, police investigating the case had some good, albeit slightly strange news for the star today when her precious car was found in plain view on a street in Simi Valley, California.

LA Police say that no one is in custody and the case is still under investigation.

Could it be that the burglars just had a change of heart and decided to give the car back?