Woman finds pizza box stuffed with CASH gets free Domino’s for a year

You know that delighted feeling you get when you order a takeaway only to learn on arrival that you’ve been given extra food?

Well, imagine how you’d feel if your delivery came with $5,000 in cash.

After ordering chicken wings from Domino’s in San Jose, a Californian woman discovered that she had accidentally been given a container full of cash instead of her food.

But while most of us would take the 5k and head straight for the shops, honest Selena Avalos contacted the branch from which her food had been sent and alerted those working there of their mistake.

According to The Sun, the popular pizza chain rewarded the Spacetel Wireless manager’s honesty by offering her free pizza for a year.

And just for being a good person, Selena’s boss gave her a paid week off work.

GIF: giphy.com