Brooklyn Beckham gets full licence and his new CAR is actual GOALS


For most people their first car is something that will get them from A to B, hopefully without too much chugging on the way.

But Brooklyn Beckham is not most people.

According to the Mail Online, the teen model has been spotted driving around London on his own in a brand new Mercedes C-class having just passed his driving test.

The sleek grey car is worth around €44,000 and can go from 0-100km/h in less than 7 seconds – which seems like a lot of power for someone who only began driving in March but, according the Mail, 17-year-old Brooklyn was well able to handle his new ride.

Brooklyn wasn’t long back from LA when he took the car for a spin, having recently flown across the pond to visit his girlfriend Chloe Moretz.


When you're missing bae 🙁

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The  young power couple have become increasingly public with their relationship lately, giving everyone the impression that they’re in it for the long haul.

And we doubt Chloe will be too upset to see that car picking her up from the airport.