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It was the 18th birthday present that effectively blew all other gifts out of the water: a white 482 Italia Ferrari, valued at a cool €300,000.

But despite boyfriend Tyga's incredible generosity, it seems that the vehicle wasn't entirely to Kylie Jenner's tastes: over the weekend she had the colour changed, also adding in bright new hubcaps.

The reality TV star and her beau – as well as much of the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan – have been partying on the Caribbean island of St Barts, with the KUWTK cameras in tow, of course.

And the break was the perfect time to have her car seen to: Forgiato Wheels in LA's Sun Valley collected and dropped back the newly spruced-up drive while she enjoyed her beach break.

So, what did Kylie go for?

Well, she had the – incredibly expensive – Italian white paint stripped off and replaced with a blue-grey tint. Then the standard black hubcaps were removed and replaced with bright red ones. 

The teenager celebrated the image overhauled with a spin around LA yesterday with BFF singer Pia Mia, also 18, in the passenger's seat. 

And while she was getting the Ferrari seen too, the TV personality also dropped in her €200,000 Mercedes G-Wagon for a shake-up too: the bright red exterior was swapped to a more muted blue. 

We reckon that millionaire Ms Jenner picked up the tab for the paint-job herself: after all, Tyga has battled financial woes in recent years and we reckon that coughing up a six-figure sum for his girlfriend's birthday present will have put enough of a dent in his bank account without having to then worry about added extras.


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Jennifer Lopez has shared her anger after the car she was travelling in with her children, actress Leah Remini and Leah’s daughter was hit by a drunken driver.

The singer described how she went all “Bronx” on the driver and shared a photo of herself and Leah after the incident, writing: “Sitting at a light, Riding high right before some drunk fool rear ended us in my new whip!!! Thank god everyone is ok!!! #GRATEFUL #THANKYOUGOD #DontdrinkandDrive!!!! #cursedthatfoolout #theBronzcameout #dontmesswithmycocnuts #mamabear #leahstayedcalm #thatwasweird.”

Jen had previously shared a snap of her twins, Max and Emme with Leah’s daughter in the back seat before the incident occurred.

Thankfully nobody was injured but we’re sure they’re a little shaken!



Selfies are funny things. You might upload them to Facebook for all your friends to see, but it’s pretty embarrassing when you’re caught in the act of taking one!

This dad filmed his daughter taking a bunch of selfies in the back seat of the car, and she had NO idea, because selfies are addictive ok? You become oblivious to the world around you when all you can see is your beautiful face. Or at least this girl did!

This is cringe-tastic viewing, at it's finest.


We think all mothers would like their son to be this generous, normally this gift is given the other way around!



At the time you may have thought your car was the biggest heap of junk ever, and it was. Looking back though, you shared a lot of amazing memories, good and bad, with your very first car.

1. Arguments with your parents
Actually learning to drive is a stressful experience for everyone concerned, including your parents, who sometimes can’t grasp how difficult it is to find the stupid bite point.

shouting2. Your driving test
And whatever about the stress of learning to drive, the actual driving test is a completely different ball game. Anyone who says they didn’t need a shower after their first driving test is a liar.


 3. Your 2nd/3rd/4th/ driving test
This of course only applies to the people who did not pass their test first time.

son of a bitch

4.  Your first Garda checkpoint
Yet another sweaty experience, even if you are fully insured and taxed and have all the necessary paperwork. Obviously the less of the paperwork that you have, the sweatier this particular experience becomes.


5. Your first speedtrap
Again, unless you’re speeding there’s nothing to worry about, but it still doesn’t stop you having your eyes glued to your speedometer, which as it happens is probably more dangerous than if you were speeding.

slow driving

6. McDonald’s Drive-Thru
Whether it be a 2am craving or for a cure the day after a heavy session, after getting the food, you park in the McDonald’s car park and eat it before going anywhere else.


 7. Your first road trip
Any trip which takes longer than 45 mins to somewhere you wouldn’t usually go counts as your first road trip. It could be anything from driving to the other side of the country for a weekend camping trip or to the beach for sandcastles and ice-cream.

big_bang car

8.  Going to a festival
10,000 times better than getting the smelly bus. You can also sleep in there when your tent gets flooded – yay!

car packed9. Getting lucky
The most important thing to remember ,if you ever do manage to get lucky, is to park somewhere guaranteed not to have anyone passing by. Unless you’re into exhibitionism. We’re not here to judge.


10.  Your first crash
Most people’s first crash is usually only as serious as crashing into their own wall as they reverse out of their driveway, but in any case, just remember that as long as everyone’s okay don’t stress too much about it.


 11. Getting your friends to smoke out the window
This is only relevant if you use one of your parent’s cars. Or you hate smoking.

smoking car

12.  Being the designated driver
You do this for your friends because you know one day they will be happy to return the favour. At least you think they will.

designated driver

13. Cleaning up the day after being the designated driver
Just pray that it’s only beer stains, cans and bottles that you have to clean up, and that if anyone did need to vomit, they gave you sufficient warning so that you could pull over. If not, unlucky.

cleaning car

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A six-car collision has left actor Tracy Morgan in critical condition, according to breaking reports.

The former Saturday Night Live cast member and 30 Rock star was reportedly riding in a limo bus when the collision occurred.

The collision is also believed to have involved two tractor-trailers and an SUV.

One person was killed and four others hospitalised with injuries, authorities have said.

Such terrible news!



This little boy wants pancakes so badly, he’s willing to do anything to get them. Maybe he should have put a bit more thought in to how he was going to get them. Watch the video for more!


A video has been leaked of what looks VERY like One Direction stars Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking marijuana – and joking about it!

Louis – who seems to be filming the footage – can be heard saying, “So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days!”

The boys are in the back of an SUV headed for their concert at the Estadio Nacional stadium in Lima, Peru where they performed in front of 40,000 fans last month.

“What do you think about that kind of content?” Louis asks bandmate Zayn after he takes a puff.

During the video, Louis also pokes fun at a suspicious-looking police motorcyclist tailing their vehicle.

“One nil b***h! Look at this b***h! He’s having a look. He’s thinking, “I’m sure I can smell an illegal substance in there.” And he’s hit the nail on the head,” he says.

“How is it Zayn?” Louis asks.  “Nice,” Zayn replies.

Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Niall Horan are all nowhere to be seen.

This CANNOT be good news for the boys.



Ashton Kutcher came to the rescue of a group of stranded fans at the weekend!

The Two and Half Men star stopped to help a group of hikers, whose car had broken down in the Hollywood Hills in LA.

The driver said his battery died while they were hiking, so they pushed it to a nearby street and began flagging down other cars to help them jump-start it.

The group’s jaws hit the floor when Ashton spotted them and pulled over to help.

Ashton told them that he had to drop his passenger, believed to his pregnant fiancée Mila Kunis, at home first, but came back really quickly to help them out.

The actor apparently asked if everyone was OK, and brought snacks and drinks for the group – who had been stranded for hours as nobody else had stopped for them.

Ashton struggled to find his own battery in the back of his Lexus, but eventually helped the group get back on the road.

A member of the group captured a video of the road-side rescue, during which Ashton can be heard laughing and says, “I’ve never f****ing not been able to find a battery in a car.”

What a good guy!



Robert Pattinson has admitted that a sex scene in a car with his co-star Julianne Moore left him in a sweat.

The 28-year-old played out some backseat action with the actress in David Cronenberg’s new satire on Hollywood, Maps To The Stars.

And it is not the first time Rob has got up close and very personal with an actress in a car – all in the name of art.

He also seduced Juliette Binoche in a limo in his previous collaboration with the Canadian director in Cosmopolis.

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival this week, Rob said the sex scene with Julianne was a “wonderful experience” but also, “very sweaty”.

When asked to name which of his onscreen passengers was the better lover, Pattinson joked, “They’re both seven!” before quickly adding, “Obviously, Julianne”, as the actress sat very close beside him!

Director Cronenberg chipped in, “I don’t think I’m breaking any new territory when there’s a scene of people having sex in cars. ‘Why wouldn’t you? There’s such great cars around.”

Rob was doubling up while in Cannes as he was also at the film festival to promote his other movie, The Rover.




Lindsay Lohan has taken Britney Spear’s ‘beat-up a car’ stunt to extreme measure by taking a sledgehammer to it.

“I should have done this to Herbie…” the actress said as she lay into the unsuspecting motor.

But it seems the 27-year actress hasn’t really lost it as the OTT reaction was all part of a TV show gag with host Billy Eichner.

The pair couldn’t contain their anger that their beloved TV show How I Met Your Mother is coming to an end after nine seasons.



A new drive-in cinema opened in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, last weekend.

But don’t worry, you haven’t missed it yet! The drive-in is planning to screen many movies over the coming ten months.

The drive-in cinema, being run by the Underground Cinema and the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company  first opened on the 15th of March with a screening of Grease with subsequent screenings of movies such as Back to the Future and The Commitments over the bank holiday weekend.

The films screened at earlier times are family friendly while the later times are for an older audience. The drive-in cinema will also feature Irish movies as well as cult classics.

Get to planning your perfect date!

There are a further four screenings planned for the end of March as follows:

Despicable Me 2, 29th March @ 7pm
Aliens, 29th March @ 9pm
Monster University, 30th March @ 7.45pm
Casablanca, 30th March @ 9.45pm