Louis Theroux & Stormzy’s Twitter love is the ULTIMATE bromance


With Obama and Biden setting the bar high for bromances, last week Ashton Kutcher and John McCain followed suit with their love for each other.

But now, there's two new guys in town that are literally gushing over each other on social media.

It all started when the king of documentaries, Louis Theroux tweeted a picture of an interview with Stormzy, where he was wearing a t-shirt with Louis' face on it.

Louis wrote: "So honoured to see this! Great interview too."

When the grime artist saw Mr Theroux's tweet, he responded and said, "thanks Louis you are a true legend (sic) I respect you HIGHLY! Thank you."

But, it was actually a few days earlier when the Twitter exchanges began. Louis tweeted a picture of him and director John Dower at the NME Awards, to which Stormzy wrote to him and said, "you are the GOAT."

Don't worry, he didn't mean Louis is like a farm animal, but rather the Greatest Of All Time.

These guys…