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Huge congratulations are in order as Aaron Paul has become a dad for the first time.

The Breaking Bad actor and his wife Lauren revealed that they had welcomed a little girl into their family on Thursday.

Taking to Instagram the proud parents shared photos of their newborn daughter.

Aaron simply captioned his photo, “My heart.”

Lauren shared a series of photos from the day their daughter was born, including a beautiful shot of the new mum cradling her little girl in her arms.

“There are no words that will ever be able to explain what just happened to my heart,” she wrote.


My heart

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Lauren later shared a photo of her husband holding their little girl in his arms, “I have never loved you more than I do right now. We are so lucky to be your girls forever,” she shared.

The photo, which was taken in their baby girl’s nursery, has melted our hearts, the look of pure joy on the new dad’s face is everything.

Fans quickly congratulated the new parents, with one even saying: “I aspire to be this happy one day.”


There are no words that will ever be able to explain what just happened to my heart. 

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“Hope she ends up having daddy’s gorgeous baby blue eyes. Congrats on your bundle of joy,” one wrote.

Another added, “A million congratulations to you and your family. The most amazing adventure begins.”



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Looks like she's a little daddy's girl already.

We are thrilled for both Aaron and Lauren!


US actor, Aaron Paul and his wife, Lauren, just dropped some very exciting news – baby number one is on it's way.

The couple shared the news via adorable synchronised Instagram posts last night, and it's safe to say they are absolutely over the moon.

“Hey everyone. Look what I did,” Aaron wrote.

“Words can't express how excited I am that this little one has entered our lives. Just thought it was time I would share this beautiful news with all of you.”

The star, who played Jesse Pinkman in the hit series Breaking Bad, also shared a super sweet snap of Lauren cradling her blossoming bump.

Posting on her own Instagram account, Lauren created a heartwarming collage showing herself and Aaron as small children along with an ultrasound scan of their son or daughter.


Oh hi !

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The pair married back in 2013 after meeting on the polo fields of the Coachella music festival in California.

So, it looks like Jesse turned out all right after all.

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Look, there's no denying that Netflix smash-hit, Stranger Things, came totally out of left field and knocked us all for six this summer.

And if you still find yourself marvelling at the cast, the story's arc or the wonder that was Dustin, you're not alone.

In fact, you're in pretty good company as Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame is right there with you.

Having been given the opportunity by Elle to interview Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven in the sci-fi show, Aaron did what any of us would do – he fangirled all over himself.

According to the magazine, Aaron chatted with Millie over the phone earlier this month, and was unable to keep his chill for even one minute.

"First of all, I love you," he told Millie after thanking her for taking the phone call. "I have to start this off by saying that I'm just such a massive fan of yours."

"I mean, really, from one actor to another, I have such incredible respect for you. I really admire your work," he told the British-born actress.

After Millie revealed that she always felt she wanted to do something creative, Aaron responded:  "I'm so happy that you found this passion inside of you. A group of friends and I have a group chat in which we only discuss Stranger Things and how cool Eleven is."

Sounding genuinely awestruck, Aaron told Millie that her name constantly pops up in discussion in his home.

"I gotta tell you: My wife and I are constantly talking about you," he revealed. "We're constantly saying, 'Her parents must be so proud!' To be honest, we wish that you were our child."

And instead of pretending that the line was suddenly super dodgy before abruptly hanging up, Millie simply laughed, replying: "I wish you were my parents!"

Now, that girl has chill.



There will always be a Breaking Bad shaped hole in our hearts since the show ended in 2013.

But, it gives us joy to know that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are still BFFs.

The pair met up to do a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it was possibly the best reunion we've seen in years.

To mark Bryan's 60th birthday, the lads did a Super Sweet 60 video, taking the mick from the old MTV TV show Super Sweet 16.

At one point in the 15 minute segment, the former Malcom in the Middle star wears five crowns, stacked on top of each other, and begins to cry.

Watch and laugh… and then cry because it's all over.




Better Call Saul has been known to start off slow but then end with big things, and how much bigger can you get than bringing back Jesse Pinkman.

Yep, it seems that Aaron Paul may be reprising his role as the meth-head genius in the new season of the drama-filled show.

While doing a Q&A on Reddit, one user asked if he might be turning up again and it seemed that Aaron had a bit of a stumble before answering.

He said "…maybe I already shot it? …maybe it's airing this season? I don't know. Well, actually, I do know but you'll have to watch and see."

Hmm, seems pretty promising.

We just want to know now whether it'll be one of them black and white flashback moments or whether Jesse will actually be BACK.


Well, excuse me!

Do you want to hear Siri told freak out on you?

Ask her what 0 divided by 0 is and prepare to get totally roasted for 15 seconds. Even Jesse Pinkman can't believe his ears. 

And just in case you don’t have Siri, here is what she says:

“Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.” 



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We've always known that Hollywood star, Aaron Paul, was a fairly sound guy, but now that we've heard he was on a bit of a pub crawl in our fair city last night, our admiration has gone through the roof!

35-year-old Aaron, best known for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad, hit the tiles last night and made an appearance at more than one of Dublin's fine establishments!

The talented star popped into The Globe on George's St. for a refreshment, did a bit of mingling in Dicey's on Harcourt St and chilled out for a while at 37 Dawson St. With all his hoppin' and trottin', we can't believe we didn't cross paths! But, thankfully, some lucky peeps did, and got to spend time with the actor!

A few eagle-eyed fans, after spotting the well-known star living it up, managed to grab a couple of selfies with him which they immediately splashed on social media, and who can blame them?!

Waking up to a photo of you and some mates shooting the breeze with an Emmy award winner definitely helps fight The Sunday Fear!



Walter White and Jesse Pinkman left a lot of heartbroken fans behind when Breaking Bad ended last year, but here’s a little pick-me-up if you’re still missing the show.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul star in this brilliant parody video with Veep actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as a promo for the upcoming Emmy Awards.

The hilarious video features Bryan and Jesse in a satirical show called Barely Legal Pawn, which pokes fun at pawn-shop reality TV shows. In this spoof episode, Julia’s trying to get away with selling the guys her Emmy Award. We won’t ruin the ending for you – but it’s good!




Rihanna is usually the one leaving everyone else star-stuck!

But the Diamonds singer was walking on air after meeting Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul at The Guy’s Choice Awards in LA last night.

RiRi attended the A-list event where she was given an award for ‘The Most Desirable Woman’ – a first in the award show’s history.

But that wasn’t the thing that made the pop star’s night!

After bumping into Aaron, Rihanna shared a snap of the pair of them captioning it, “My life has been completed!!! #Pinkman4President.”

The Need For Speed star revealed earlier this year that Drake told him Rihanna is a massive Breaking Bad fan.

“Drake told me the other night, ‘I’ve never watched the show but Rihanna was just so obsessed with it and so she got me on to it,'” he said.




Don’t worry ladies – JT isn’t cheating on his stunning wife Jessica Biel!

Although, he is very eager to strike up a bromance with Aaron Paul.

Justin let his feelings for the Breaking Bad actor known – and vice versa – as they locked down a pizza date on Twitter.

Justin began the chat by tweeting about Aaron’s character from Breaking Bad, that ended its five-season run last September.

“Question: Does anyone else legitimately miss Walter White and Jesse Pinkman? It can’t just be me, right?” said Justin.

Aaron, 34, who celebrated his first wedding anniversary with wife Lauren Parsekian last month, was quick to tweet back.

“I miss you too man,” Aaron wrote, adding, “We should hangout and eat some pizza.”

Justin obviously liked that idea and soon posted a Vine video of a pizza being made.

“Can I be honest? I think I may love that pizza in an emotional way,” Aaron tweeted back.

The SexyBack singer replied, “Right?? It’s criminal. #Pizza4Ever.”

We’re just loving this super cute bromance!




Breaking Bad fans will be delighted to hear that Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman in the hit US show, is not ready to say goodbye to his character just yet.

According to E! News, Aaron is set to appear in the spin off show Better Call Saul. While it has not been confirmed, the 34-year-old is reportedly in “serious talks” about revisiting the role of Jesse.

Speaking to AP, The Need for Speed star said: “Anything Vince [Gilligan] is involved with, I’m there.” He added: “I owe him my entire career.”

Better Call Saul is based on the character of dodgy lawyer Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, and is to be set years before Walter White and Jesse meet.

Other former Breaking Bad stars have said they would be willing to take part in it; unfortunately, Hank Schrader played by Dean Norris won’t be appearing. Bryan Cranston on the other hand has said he is “open to the idea”.

This is definitely the best news we have heard all morning.



Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul admits that he grew up far removed from the life of his onscreen character, Jesse Pinkman.

The Need for Speed actor admits that he was a “theatre geek” growing up and says that his “main focus was school and theatre”. Although, it worked out pretty well for him in the end.

He went on to add that he had a very sheltered upbringing and never really went to parties or dated growing up. Talking about his home life, Aaron said: ”It was a beautiful, loving home. I was very protected. They wanted to keep me out of harm’s way, so I didn’t grow up going to parties in high school. I never dated.”

The 34-year-old, who married Lauren Parsekian in May 2013, revealed that it wasn’t until he moved to LA that he got his first proper girlfriend – he was 19.

He confessed: ”I had a girlfriend in fifth grade but, let’s be honest, we only talked three times and we dated for a year and a half. My first proper girlfriend was when I was 19, after I moved to LA.”

We love him even more now!