We all remember when Giuliana Rancic found herself in extremely hot water last year for saying Zendaya's hair looked like it "smells like patchouli and weed."

But now, another celeb has found the time to criticise Zendaya even more – and we just don't know what she was even thinking.

Julie Klausner, an author and comedy writer, voiced her views on Twitter, saying that Zendaya is under-weight and a bad influence:

And as Zendaya's fans started the backlash, Julie tried to say that she doesn't care about Zendaya and only wants younger generations to be healthy:

But Zendaya had a super sassy comeback, and wasn't even bothered to lecture Julie on her views. She just played it cool and chill, but with a little threat to not mess with her again:

Go Zendaya, you slaaaay.