Breaking Bad star admits he is a real ‘geek’ at heart


Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul admits that he grew up far removed from the life of his onscreen character, Jesse Pinkman.

The Need for Speed actor admits that he was a “theatre geek” growing up and says that his “main focus was school and theatre”. Although, it worked out pretty well for him in the end.

He went on to add that he had a very sheltered upbringing and never really went to parties or dated growing up. Talking about his home life, Aaron said: ”It was a beautiful, loving home. I was very protected. They wanted to keep me out of harm’s way, so I didn’t grow up going to parties in high school. I never dated.”

The 34-year-old, who married Lauren Parsekian in May 2013, revealed that it wasn’t until he moved to LA that he got his first proper girlfriend – he was 19.

He confessed: ”I had a girlfriend in fifth grade but, let’s be honest, we only talked three times and we dated for a year and a half. My first proper girlfriend was when I was 19, after I moved to LA.”

We love him even more now!