Hollywood star hit the tiles in Dublin last night!


We've always known that Hollywood star, Aaron Paul, was a fairly sound guy, but now that we've heard he was on a bit of a pub crawl in our fair city last night, our admiration has gone through the roof!

35-year-old Aaron, best known for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad, hit the tiles last night and made an appearance at more than one of Dublin's fine establishments!

The talented star popped into The Globe on George's St. for a refreshment, did a bit of mingling in Dicey's on Harcourt St and chilled out for a while at 37 Dawson St. With all his hoppin' and trottin', we can't believe we didn't cross paths! But, thankfully, some lucky peeps did, and got to spend time with the actor!

A few eagle-eyed fans, after spotting the well-known star living it up, managed to grab a couple of selfies with him which they immediately splashed on social media, and who can blame them?!

Waking up to a photo of you and some mates shooting the breeze with an Emmy award winner definitely helps fight The Sunday Fear!