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Any Amy Huberman fans are going to be delighted with this as RTÉ2 has revealed it has commissioned a brand new female comedy-drama.

Production has already begun on the six-part series called Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope, starring our fave Irish funny gal.

The show follows two Cork twenty-something women whose “relationship and lifestyle starts to spiral out of control.”

The women are fuelled by “mad nights out and bolstered by a sense of entitlement.

"These girls are running away from the reality that’s hurtling toward them.” Sounds like any Irish twenty-something can relate!

The show will air on RTÉ2 this autumn.


RTÉ star Jennifer Maguire is known for her ultra-chic style, but she insists she didn't always have quite as firm a grasp on the world of fashion.

Speaking to SHEmazing! today ahead of her return to RTÉ2 as everyone's favourite 1980s mammy on Bridget & Eamon, Jennifer recalled her own memories of that "ridiculous" decade.

"I was all about the shiny tracksuits, and my sisters and I all had awful hair," she admitted.

"I'm amazed we survived the Eighties really. 

"My own style would be more inspired by Alex Chung than Bridget, I love that 'effortless' look… But the Eighties is so in right now."

Of course, now that she's an Irish mammy herself – indeed, she welcomed her first daughter Florence last March – Jennifer's all about the 1980s throwbacks.

"The moment Florence gets sick she'll have flat 7Up and dry toast.

"That's a given, it cures everything, I'm sure it cures cancer, they just haven't spotted it yet."

With little Florence about to turn one, Jennifer says she's definitely open to having more kids – but not just yet.

"I'd love to do a Miriam [O'Callaghan] on it and have a rake of kids," she explains.

"But I live in a shoebox so it's not feasible right now."

For the moment, the mum-of-one is happy to focus on building her career, which got a huge boost last year when RTÉ commissioned Bridget & Eamon – originally a Republic of Telly sketch – for a full series.

"We’re really proud of it," says Jennifer of the new show, written by herself, Jason Butler and co-star Bernard O'Shea. 

"So many people have told us how much they love the characters and how much Bridget reminds them of their mammy or their mad neighbour. I hope people enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it."

Bridget & Eamon starts on RTÉ2 on Monday 1 February at 10pm – check out our interview with Jennifer below:




Fox Mulder and Dana Scully made their long-awaited return to our TV screens last night, as the first episode of The X-Files' revival aired.

The verdict? If you were struggling to grasp what was going on in the original episodes, you won't be any better off this time around.

While no-one can deny that the theme tune is as chilling as it was fifteen years ago, the reviews on social media were somewhat mixed…

The plotline was as hard to grasp as ever


Some people weren't on board with the whole 'nostalgia' element


Although others were loving a bitta Nineties revival of a Tuesday


And some people… had no idea what was going on at all



Gone are the days when we'd wait with bated breath for the Christmas RTÉ Guide to find out what we'd be settling down to on TV that year.

Now, the listings are announced online too, and if you don't find the film you're looking for, well, there's always box sets, Netflix and more box sets.

Luckily though, our favourite Irish TV channels have come up trumps this year, and we reckon we'll be glued to the telly on those chilly Christmas nights.

Here's what you can look forward to…

Brand New Movies

Gravity, RTÉ One, Christmas Eve


Oz The Great & Powerful, RTÉ One, Christmas Day


Anchorman 2, RTÉ2


Lincoln, RTÉ One, St Stephen's Day


Les Miserables, RTÉ One, St Stephen's Day


One Direction: This Is Us, RTÉ2


The Classics

Home Alone 2, RTÉ One


Up, RTÉ One


The Commitments, TV3


The Quiet Man, RTÉ One


It's A Wonderful Life, RTÉ One




And a special mention…

Queen Of Ireland Christmas Message, Christmas Day, TV3

Ireland's honourary Queen of Ireland will take to our screens on Christmas Day afternoon to share her vision of 2016 with us. Even though it's long before the watershed we reckon there'll be a few risqué jokes in there. It is Panti Bliss after all.


Ed Sheeran fans, get the popcorn ready for 6.30pm tonight.

Earlier in the year Ed filmed a cameo on popular Aussie soap Home And Away, and though it's already aired Down Under, Irish viewers have yet to see the singer's appearance.

But that's about the change this evening as RTÉ2 are finally set to air the episode.

The Thinking Out Loud singer will make a visit to Summer Bay to visit his old nanny, Marilyn Chambers, played by long-standing cast member Emily Symons.

When Marilyn tells residents that her darling 'Teddy' is coming to see her, nobody is any the wiser… until Ed himself shows up and treats the town to a surprise performance in The Diner. 

Ed headed to Summer Bay in the middle of his hectic Australia and New Zealand touring schedule, but he says giving up his precious free time was a no-brainer.

It's an Australian institution. It's always on in my local chip shop," he said.

"I got asked to do it and it sounded like it could be fun. I did Shortland Street in New Zealand… and I'm sure if Emmerdale or EastEnders ever ask me in England I would do that as well." 

We can't wait to see tonight's episode.


Ray D'Arcy is finally taking charge of a primetime slot on RTÉ One, with his new Saturday night chat show kicking off this weekend.

The radio and TV personality says his newest gig will feature "extraordinary stories from extraordinary people, comedy, and the big names… if Ryan [Tubridy] doesn't get there first."

Ahead of the launch of The Ray D'Arcy Show at 9.45pm this Saturday, the host took a look back at his "best bits," sitting down in a tux (as you do) to get a blast from the past.

Of course, it wasn't long before a very unwanted old friend – we'll give you a clue, he has a beak – dropped by for a surprise visit.

Ray started his career with RTÉ in 1990, taking over from Ian Dempsey on The Den, which at the time featured aliens Zig and Zag, natives of the planet Zog.

Socky and Dustin followed later, though Ray finished up his slot in 1998, going on to present the teen entertainment show 2Phat.

Other notable RTÉ gigs included Blackboard Jungle, You're A Star and four separate years as host of The Rose Of Tralee.

Having spent over a decade at the helm of The Ray D'Arcy Show on Today FM, the Kildare native quit in a shock move last year, moving back to RTÉ for a Radio 1 afternoon show.

With another stage in Ray's career kicking off this weekend, we're excited to see what he brings to the Saturday night slot.


With a weekend of lashing rain forecast, it seems our hopes of an Indian summer have been dashed.

But bad weather and darker evenings aren't all bad, as it gives us every excuse to curl up in front of the telly with a cup of tea. Luckily for us couch addicts, there are some seriously great new homegrown shows hitting TV screens this autumn and winter.

Here are a few we can't wait to check out.

F**k Cancer, RTÉ2
Earlier this year, 2fm host Louise McSharry was given the all-clear from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but the documentary takes us back in time to her diagnosis and subsequent treatment. This is an honest, emotional and truthful look at cancer, something that has affected the lives of so many of us. F**k Cancer is part of Reality Bites, RTÉ2's ongoing series of one-off documentaries. Watch it Thursday 17th September at 9.30pm.


Panti: The Queen of Ireland, RTÉ2
Work on this documentary started almost five years ago, long before Rory O'Neill's alter ego Panti Bliss became a household name worldwide.  Follow Ireland's most famous drag queen as she leads the campaign for LGBT rights in this country and around the world. Another Reality Bites documentary, though no air date has been confirmed just yet.


Vogue's Mean Girls, RTÉ2
​This three-part documentary series follows Irish model Vogue Williams as she meets women who are living their lives on the edge. Sex workers, MMA fighters, reformed gang members and criminals on death row… Mean Girls is not one for the faint-hearted.


Crumlin, RTÉ1
Have the tissues at the ready for this in-depth look at life in Our Lady's Childrens' Hospital in Crumlin, filmed on the wards over eight months. Doctors, nurses, patients and parents all feature in this emotional look at the world of paediatric medicine. The series started last night, Thursday September 10th. 


A Week To My Wedding, RTÉ1
​We love a good wedding reality show, and RTÉ has capitalised on the success of Say Yes To The Dress with their own romantic series. A Week To My Wedding follows six couples in, you've guessed it, the week leading up to their wedding day. We're already looking forward to the Bridezilla tantrums…


Saturday AM/Sunday AM, TV3
Ireland's most popular morning news and entertainment show just expanded to the weekends. Saturday AM and Sunday AM kicked off last month, presented by Laura Woods, Anna Daly, Ivan Yates, Tommy Martin and Simon Delaney… with a more lie-in friendly start time of 9am.


Bridget and Eamon, RTÉ2
​Ireland's favourite Eighties mammy and daddy have landed their own series, starring Jennifer Maguire and Bernard O'Shea. We have high hopes for this series… expect to see lots of shoulder pads, indoor smoking and wooden spoon waving.



Sweating, exhausted from chemo, and surrounded by reality TV cameras – it’s no wonder that Louise McSharry’s bridal boutique experiences fell somewhat short of the fairytale.

“I wasn't ready to go shopping,” the popular 2fm presenter admitted earlier today at the launch of RTÉ2's new season schedule at the station's Montrose campus.

“I'd done the Late Late Show the night before and I’d had chemotherapy the previous Tuesday so I was exhausted.”

The 32-year-old was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma last year, and spent much of early 2015 filming for her forthcoming show, Reality Bites: F**k Cancer.

“One of the side effects for me with chemo was having really bad hot flashes,” she added, explaining that one particular outlet she visited had no ventilation.

“I was sweating SO much!” she laughed.


A photo posted by Louise McSharry (@louisemcsharry) on

Unsurprisingly, and despite being surrounded by “beautiful” dresses, Louise admitted she felt uncomfortable the whole time.

“Anybody who has gone wedding dress shopping knows that they only have them in one size and that is never my size, so I was trying to squeeze myself in to dresses that didn’t fit me. 

"It was just a really bad day.”

Today, Ms. McSharry – who was adamant she’d avoid a pre-ceremony crash-diet – said that her experience was far from unique.

"I’ve heard horror stories from friends who've been told to wear Spanx or lose weight, but if anyone had said that to me I honestly would have ripped their face off because it's bullsh*t. 

"The idea that you need to have a particular body for your wedding – I don’t buy into any of that.

"I found the whole wedding dress shopping thing really difficult in that regard.”

Thankfully, she eventually found her dream gown at the Bridal Corner in Glasnevin,  on the recommendation of a nurse treating her in hospital.

“The shop happened to be right outside my house and I went there with just one friend, really low key, and that was when I found stuff I liked.”

And without a doubt, she looked absolutely stunning on her big day – marrying long-term partner Gordon Spearin last month in front of friends and family in Co. Cork.

Meanwhile, though many newlywed couples might put starting a family on the long finger, Louise says it’s at the forefront of her mind.

“My eggs are decimated. I was given an injection during treatment to help my ovaries take cover and go back to normal after chemo but I went for fertility testing a couple of months ago and it wasn’t good news,” she explained.

“I definitely want a family 100 percent, but we’ll just have to wait and see and let nature take its course.”