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As the chill is coming back in the air, and the nights are getting darker, we'd do anything for a little glimpse of sunshine here in Shemazing! HQ.

And we'd certainly like to be in Niall Horan and Eoghan McDermott's shoes right now.

If you don't know why, check out Niall's latest Insta:


this was a bad idea . Any guesses why ?

A photo posted by Niall Horan (@niallhoran) on

Jealous? Yep, us too.

The lads, who are part of the London Irish Crew (along with Bressie and Laura Whitmore), are soaking up the sunny rays in Hollywood at the moment and decided to have a little splash in the pool yesterday.

The Mullingar man captioned the photo: "This was a bad idea. Any guesses why?"


A photo posted by Niall Horan (@niallhoran) on

No doubt he's talking about how sore that splash was on his bare skin, but to be honest, we rather that than the freezing chill hitting us when we wake up in the morning.

Someday ladies… someday.


He’s the Voice Of Ireland host who pretty much wowed the nation when he got Ed Sheeran to sing Thinking Out Loud as Gaeilge.

Released last year, the album Ceol also featured the likes of The Coronas, Kodaline, and Keywest.

And now Eoghan has revealed in conversation with SHEmazing that he’s all set for Ceol round 2 – and that he has a HUGE US-star lined up for it.

“It’s going to be pretty massive,” the 2fm presenter added.

“We’re almost there on it – it’s just a matter of firming up the detail at this stage. I'm not going to name names just yet, they're up there with, say, Taylor-Swift in terms of fame.”

Eoghan was yesterday hanging out with the likes of Rosanna Davison and Samantha Mumba at the 3Live area at Longitude – where Three was hosting acoustic performances, secret gigs and film screenings.

And at the 3Club, Eoghan also impressed the revellers with an indoor DJ set.

“We’ve had a pretty crap summer and then all of a sudden the sun comes out… so I really wasn’t expecting the crowd to show up in the way that they did. But it was epic!

“I love the The Voice and I’d never knock it but it’s very much ‘silly jokes’. So it’s nice to bring back to music every now and then. There are really only a few companies that really do music properly – and Three is one of them.”

He’s adamant he doesn’t particularly have his sights set on the Late Late gig once Ryan Tubridy moves aside, but the 33-year-old says he loves Brendan O’Connor’s new show, Cutting Edge.

“He probably felt he had something to prove,” Eoghan adds, “but he’s definitely proved it now.”

That and he loves the Ellen DeGeneres format: “She does the silly stuff but then gets Obama for a discussion about racial inequality. It’s seamless.” 

Finally, Eoghan, who has been open about his own battles with depression and self-harm, recommends that everyone has a mentor – admitting that he has three.

“Years ago a guy was over from London to do some work with Spin 1038, where I had a show at the time. He liked what I was doing and brought me back with him to work on XFM – where likes of Dermot O'Leary, Russell Brand, and Ricky Gervais all cut their teeth. 

“That was a turning point. And I know I've been very lucky in my career to date.”



In recent years, we've seen a dramatic increase in the number of high-profile names who have opened up about their personal struggles with mental illness.

And while so many of us seek to establish an open dialogue when it comes to issues surrounding mental health, we still have a long way to go.

In an effort to contribute to the conversation, 2FM presenter, Eoghan McDermott, has made the decision to chat openly about his experience of mental illness.

Speaking to The Independent, the popular presenter said: "A while ago, I was asked to be an ambassador for Pieta House."

"When I got to know all the great work they did [helping to prevent suicide and self-harm], I felt a little disingenuous being involved without being honest about my own situation."

The Voice of Ireland presenter admitted that there come a point some years ago when he realised he was in over his head and in desperate need of help.

While things may have been looking good on the outside, he was struggling to deal with relationship problems, saying: "I was in a good place in my life in terms of work. I was hosting a drive-time radio show on a famous London station, Xfm. But I had just broken up with a long-term girlfriend."

“I went through a period of self-harming and a little spate of depression. I was a bit withdrawn in myself. And also, I was in a new place, so I wasn’t surrounded by my regular family and friends," he explained. "I had never had any kind of emotional adversity before and I just didn’t handle it well."

The 33-year-old eventually sought help from a friend and insists that reaching out is so important.

"Once you make that breakthrough by talking about it, the world becomes a much less daunting place. Ever since then, I have taken care of my mental health, and now I feel very resilient."

Fair play, Eoghan.



A "glamorous gang of hobos" is how Eoghan McDermott describes his trip away with Niall Horan and Hozier.

While speaking to Goss.ie, the presenter revealed plans of travelling around Connemara with the musical duo – if they can fit it in.

“We have said that a gang of us, there’s about seven or eight of us that used to hang around in London when we were all there, would love to go just to Connemara for a little while.

“If schedules permit it would be deadly," he said. "We'd be like a glamorous gang of hobos in a van."

We don't know about you, but we certainly wouldn't mind travelling around in that van, and now that Niall is on a hiatus, it might actually happen.

Images: RTÉ



If you have been paying any attention to the whereabouts of One Direction as they officially enter their hiatus, you will know that everyone has been constantly accounted for except for Niall. 

Yep, One Directioners across the globe have been unable to pin-point Niall's exact location as he has purposefully stopped using social media in order to get some privacy on his adventurous and well-deserved hols. 

But it seems that a certain RTE 2FM presenter has let the cat out of the bag. 


Some week in paradise. Thanks boys.

A photo posted by Eoghan McDermott (@eoghanmcdermott) on

Many fans knew that Niall was doing a backpacking trip through South East Asia where it is believed he has visited Australia, Bali, the Philippines and Vietnam, but they still needed to know his exact location. 

According to Eoghan's Instagram, the Mullingar native is partying it up on the beaches of Thailand and it looks like he is having a ball.

"Some week in paradise," read the caption of the photo which has sent fans into a tailspin. 

Niall was spotted landing in Bangkok airport on the 29 Feb before he obviously decided to check out some of the country's party hotspots. 

Niall has been located. Let the hysteria ensue. 



RTE radio presenter Joe Duffy reading out some of Kanye's most hilarious tweets from this week may be the best thing that's ever happened on Irish radio. 

As part of the popular Eoghan McDermot show on 2FM, Joe has been lending his vastly underused comedic talent to a very brilliant segment entitled Joe Duffy reads out Tweets. 

And if there was ever any tweets that deserved reading out by Joe, it was Kanye's colossal rant from earlier this week. 

Kanye took to Twitter to tear Wiz Khalifa a new one and also to reply to some pretty awkward accusations made by his ex, Amber Rose. 

And in fairness to Joe, he took the sensational tweets in his stride. 

Listen to the clip below:



It's been seven months since Zayn Malik confirmed he was leaving One Direction, but in hindsight it seems like it could have been the best decision for the band.

The remaining four lads are on the verge of their longest break yet, but Niall Horan says they're closer than ever.

"We’re happy and everything’s worked out," he told 2FM's Eoghan McDermott in an interview recorded in the early hours of this morning. 

"It’s actually brought us, the rest of us, closer together."

And speaking about Zayn's decision to leave the band mid-tour, Niall said there was never any bad blood.

"There were never any arguments or disagreements, or anything like that, I think he just fell out of love with it in the end.

"Towards the end you could see he wasn’t enjoying it as much, his heart wasn’t in it as much."

Back in March it seemed to many as if Zayn's decision to leave had been sparked by an ultimatum from his then-fiancée Perrie Edwards – which Niall did seem to allude to in his interview. 

"He had a couple of conversations where he had to make a few decisions I guess," Niall said.

There was more drama for the foursome earlier this week when their Belfast gig was cancelled at the eleventh hour, moments before they were due to appear on stage.

Today it was reported that Liam Payne's alleged "sudden illness" may in fact have been more of a "meltdown" sparked by the stress of constant work.

But when pressed by Eoghan today, Niall didn't give too much away.

"He was 'unable to perform,' that's all I will say," the Mullingar man said with a laugh.

And with an indefinite hiatus ahead, what does Niall hope to do with all that free time? Golf, travel and head to the gym, that's what.

"By the end of next year I’d love to be a low single-figures golfer," he admitted. 

"I’d like to be in some sort of good shape too."

Listen to the full interview below:


With One Direction's long-term "hiatus" starting next year, the lads will have plenty of free time to do whatever they want without touring or recording commitments.

For Mullingar native Niall Horan, that could very well mean taking an extended visit to Ireland.

According to the singer's pal, presenter Eoghan McDermott, Niall has plans to purchase his own home here next year, with a view to spending more time on the Emerald Isle rather than in Los Angeles or London.

"He said he wants to get a place in Ireland next year," Eoghan told the Herald. "Not to necessarily spend all his time here, just to be in Ireland quite a bit."

Niall already has two lavish pads, a sprawling house in Hertfordshire, England which reportedly cost him €1.3m, plus another mansion worth almost €1.5m just down the road from the Kardashian clan in a gated community in Calabasas, California.

When he does visit Ireland, the 21-year-old usually stays with friends, or at home in Westmeath with his family, so it's understandable he'd like his own place if a longer trip is on the cards.

As for his next career move, Eoghan reckons the singer might give some part-time broadcasting work a go. "He wants to do a bit of presenting, not in a mad capacity. I think he will be brilliant at it. If I can get him in for a show that would be class."

Niall was one of the first 1D members to address rumours of a split last month, taking to Twitter saying the boys would be taking a "break" but were not quitting for good:

Roll on 2016 so NiallWatch can begin in full force on this side of the Atlantic… 


A ratings battle is ahead for TV3 and RTÉ, but who will come out on top?

Rumours of a new RTÉ entertainment show have been widely circulated this week, and though nothing has been confirmed by the national broadcaster as yet, it sounds like TV3's Xposé could have a hard time ahead.

The new show, named Bounce, has reportedly been commissioned by RTÉ for next season and will feature Nadia Forde and Madeline Mulqueen at the helm along with Voice of Ireland host Eoghan McDermott.

Bounce will also apparently feature red carpet coverage from London and even LA with the help of former RTÉ TWO Elev8 presenter Diana Bunici, and model Roz Lipsett.

Diana recently relocated to London

The show is set to air at least twice a week and it's thought the pilot episode could be filmed as soon as next month.

As currently the only live Irish entertainment show airing in the 6pm – 7pm time slot, Xposé has long been one of TV3's most successful outputs, but it's remains to be seen how it will fare with another Irish competitor offering a similar show.

TV3 was already forced to revamp its entire evening schedule when UTV Ireland launched at the beginning of this year, taking with it Coronation Street and Emmerdale as well as exclusive rights to The Graham Norton Show.

Despite the hype, Xposé presenter Lisa Cannon says the team are "not worried at all" about Bounce's effect on ratings.

"It’s always been on the cards that it was going to happen," she told Evoke.ie. "Xposé is well established and has been at the forefront of entertainment for the guts of a decade, so I certainly don’t think that will change."

This is not the first time RTÉ have launched a live show in direct competition with one of TV3's offerings. Back in 2013, Morning Edition was launched during the same time slot as TV3's long-running show Ireland AM, but it was cancelled late last year.

So does Bounce stand a chance? We'll have to wait and see…



Emotions were running high in the country on Friday night as Ireland prepared for the results of a referendum which would decide the future of the country's LGBT community.

With broadcasters, celebrities and members of the public taking to print and social media in their droves in the run-up to the historic occasion, one RTÉ employee used Friday night to slam the station for placing a gag order on their employees prior to the Marriage Equality referendum.

To 'ensure fairness in its coverage', the national broadcaster requested staff members do not publicly air their views on the issue, something which didn't sit well with The Voice presenter Eoghan McDermott.

Outraged and determined to speak out once the gag was lifted on Friday night, 32-year-old Eoghan took to Twitter, writing: "After 10. F*k you RTÉ with all my beating heart. I hope today you didn't stand in the way of a stranger's happiness."

However, it looks like the star revised his opinion of his employer's stance the following morning, writing: "Ops. Heightened emotional state. I do believe in a neutral forum for debate, important for democracy to function."

Fans and followers of the broadcaster had a mixed reaction to the star's initial tweet, but it seems all was soon forgotten as the presenter celebrated alongside the Yes side and marked a momentous day in Irish history.




Anything can happen on live radio, as this latest interview most definitely proves.

Rockers U2 kicked off their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE World Tour in Vancouver, Canada last night, and the Irish fans were there in their droves.

The Edge may have made headlines for toppling off the stage during last night's rendition of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, but it seems he wasn't the only one who may have been a little unsteady on his feet.


"Didn't see the edge, I'm ok!! #U2ieTour

A photo posted by U2 Official (@u2) on

RTÉ presenter Eoghan McDermott spoke on Rick O'Shea's 2FM show today live from Vancouver, where he attended last night's gig and met Bono and co afterwards.

Speaking about the gig at Vancouver's Rogers Arena, the presenter admitted that the venue was full of concert-goers smoking weed, so much so that he felt "stoned" himself.

"There is medicinal marijuana on every street in every corner in every nook and cranny in Vancouver so I think I’m passively stoned… The stadium is one big hot box," he explained. 

Of course, Eoghan was quick to add that he hadn't smoked any weed himself, saying, "I’m not down with this sort of thing, no to drugs."

Chatting about his plans for the night ahead, Eoghan said he was going to "eat some chocolate and fall asleep." As you do.



It’s good to know that even the hottest musicians around went through an awkward teenage phase aswell! Presenter Eoghan McDermott posted a hilarious throwback snap of Kodaline during the week, saying: “THERE IS HOPE! Even if you are a nerdy awks teenager, you too can grow into a bona fide superstar sex god. @Kodaline.”

kod teen

And even Bressie, the most beautiful man in Ireland, wasn’t always as stylish as he is now – singer Dara Munnis posted a great photo of the singer hanging out with Mark from Kodaline, saying Laura Whitmore and Eoghan put him up to it: “Sorry @markkodaline and @nbrez. My least sound tweet. @thewhitmore and @eoghanmcdermo put me up to it. #Flashback”

bressie teen

Ah, these photos remind us of our own teenage disco days. Good times, even if they weren’t the most stylish!