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Emily Warren is #girlgoals.

For those who don’t know, she is the musical genius behind 11 Chainsmokers’ songs (including Grammy-winning Don’t Let Me Down), Dua Lipa’s New Rules, David Guetta’s Say My Name, and so many more.

The rockstar has written some of her own music as well which you’ve most likely heard, including Paranoid and Hurt by You.

All of the New York native’s music has one thing in common – it is 100 percent honest.


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Her lyrics are brave and daring, exposing the toxic side of love that no one wants to talk about. And her new album is seriously amazing! Combining her previous singles with new releases, it will take you on an emotional journey of pain, love, mistrust and finally, letting go.

It is so refreshing to hear about real relationships in the singer’s songs, and this is really important to Emily. She writes everything from personal experience so people can connect with her on an intimate level.

“It starts off as my own thoughts,” she explained. “I have to allow myself to get uncomfortable.

“The more honest I am in my writing, the more possible it is for people to connect with it. Because if you say something vulnerable, it’s something that other people have felt too.

“I try to have each song pinpoint a moment or a specific feeling and explore that.”

Dubbing her album “a diary”, the singer explained a huge part of song-writing is about becoming vulnerable. “It shows me at my most exposed and shows things that I’m more resistant to talk about in real life.”

And a lot of her songs are about how helpful and scary becoming this vulnerable can be, especially in relationships.


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“I don’t know if everyone needs to share it as much as a songwriter does,” she said. “But in order to fall in love at all, you have to open yourself to the possibility of getting hurt. It’s scary but it’s a part of it. If you always have a wall up, you’ll never fully feel what it’s like to open yourself up to another person.”

Her music is all about taking these risks and reminiscing in the moment because that’s what love is all about. However, she also vocalises the fears that hold us back from fully opening ourselves up to another person.

One thing Emily, like most of us, does is get caught up in her own headspace, overthinking things way too much.

“I’m definitely an overthinker. Part of the reason I wrote [Paranoid] is because it’s so possible to get a small thought in your head and indulge in it, letting it spiral out of control. It turns into a whole story you’ve made up. Working through that and getting through being paranoid, jealous, suspicious, and not-trusting is crucial in order to get anywhere.

“I’ve a lot of friends who are in relationships where they don’t fully trust the other person and it’s endlessly painful. I was experiencing some of that too and working through that was a big level up.”

This could be caused by the massive influence social media has on modern-day relationships. Technology has transformed relationships from what they were in previous decades.

“My grandparents met when they were like 16 or 17 and that was it,” Emily explained. “There was never a question about anything. I think now there’s so many options that even if something’s good, people wonder ‘what else is there because I can easily meet someone on an app right now’.

“And culturally, music from when my grandparents were kids is so different from music now. It was all pretty much sweet love songs and now there’s hardly any just straight-up love songs. I definitely think that culture and social media are impacting that, and it’s really hard to navigate.”

In the movies, the girl meets the guy and they end up happily ever after. There’s no guidebook to navigating relationships in the technological age. What do we do if he’s liking another girl’s Insta pictures or snapchatting an ex? And is it wrong to innocently flirt with other guys online?

If we ever feel lonely, our phones are always in reach to give us the attention we seek, whether it’s Tinder or a new Insta compliment. And sometimes this compensation can keep us in a toxic relationship in the real world. We get what we need online, so we don’t notice as much when our partner isn’t giving it to us.


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Staying in an unhealthy relationship “stems from insecurity and just not thinking that we deserve anything better”, Emily said. She’s seen this in a lot of her friends’ and her own relationships.

“They put up with the bullshit because this person loves them. And that’s something I think about a lot in songwriting, like New Rules. Music has the power to influence things like that. If you can convince people that they deserve better that, as scary as it is to be single for a second, it’s better than constantly dealing with someone who’s taking advantage of you.

“Ugh! That’s such a common thing and it’s sad because it’s really frustrating to try and convince somebody of that when you see it so clearly and they don’t.”

We’ve all been where Emily has – seeing a friend with someone that’s making them unhappy, but they refuse to admit it to themselves. They are too close to the issue to see it. So, where do they get this concept from?

At some point, when girls are growing up they learn that men can get away with ill behaviour if they are in love. They start making excuses for the guy that their dating. “It was just one time” or “He didn’t mean it, he was just drunk (or angry)”.

“Film, tv, and music” are part of the reason, Emily answered. “What I’ve been noticing just from being in writing rooms this past year after #metoo and everything went down is that the tone is actually changing for the first time.

“People won’t suggest certain lyrics that they would have suggested a year ago. We underestimate how powerful lyrics are that are on the radio or how movies are. If you watch a movie now from the 90s, it’s pretty shocking what the girls are putting up with. They would never make a movie like that now.

“So, I do think media is a reflection of culture, one informs the other back and forth. It’s everywhere and it’s finally changing. It may take some time, but I do think it will have an impact.”

Women have began standing up themselves against the big guys like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby. And it’s exciting to be a part of this generation, as the tide begins to shift towards equality.

However, when it comes to modern relationships there is still this circling fear of ‘putting a label on it’.

“Having a bunch of friends who are now in open relationships or people getting married really young, it’s kind of all over the place right now,” Emily agreed. “What I’ve learned in making this album and in my own personal life over the last year is that there is no right answer or right way to do it. 


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“Trust your gut. Maybe you will fuck it up. That’s the point of Hurt by You, maybe it will all go to shit but you still do it, you still have to experience it. As painful as heartbreak can be, it’s unavoidable and it’s part of life – to know that and let yourself be vulnerable is probably one of the best ways to experience being a human being."

Emily’s album "Quiet Your Mind" explores all the feels we get in relationships – before, after, and during. It doesn’t hold back but strips us down to our most vulnerable selves.

It comes out today so make sure to check it out on Spotify.



It’s been less than 24 hours since I went to see Coppers: The Musical and I am itching to see it again. Have I been on the Olympia’s website for the past 15 minutes umming and ahhing about buying tickets? Possibly…

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from the musical, mainly because of my limited love for Coppers and it’s sticky floors, overpriced drink and love for cheesy pop music, but boy was I pleasantly surprised.

My stomach hurt from laughing so much, my cheeks ached from smiling and Maniac 2000 will be forever stuck in my head.

The show follows the love story between Kerry girl Noleen who moves from small town  Cahersiveen to Dublin and GAA player and clamper Gino Wildes.

The musical features comical songs about working for the VHI and gay GAA players-that will be stuck in your head forever, but most importantly, Coppers will leave you feeling oddly proud about Ireland and our unique cliches.

The cast really won me over, especially Noleen’s hopeless fiance Mossy and his side-splitting performance. They're a genuinely talented group of people and certainly deserve a standing ovation each night.

The show is silly and witty, and serious fans of the theatre may call it foolish, but Coppers: The Musical is full of heart. 

It’ll brighten your day and leave you yearning to go to the over-crowded club on Harcourt Street with hopes of finding your very own Noleen(t) or Gino.

Kudos to Paul Howard, Karl Harpur and the entire cast of Copper Face Jacks: The Musical.

Do yourself a favour and go see this joy of a musical. It’s too good to miss.

Copper Face Jacks: The Musical runs in the Olympia until Sunday, August 12.


The sun has finally returned to Ireland and the temperatures are soaring. Rumour has it we could experience temperatures of 27 degrees next week. We rarely get treated to sunny weather here on the Emerald Isle, which means we certainly revel in every ounce of sun we can get.

Once the sun comes out we’ll have barbeques every other day and dust off our holiday clothes that have been hidden away in a suitcase since we got back from Spain.

The warm weather may be wonderful, but we must remember that animals may find it extremely difficult to deal with the heat.

Thankfully, the ISPCA has reminded us pet owners of the importance of minding our furry friends during the summer.

The charity stressed the importance of leaving out cold water for your dogs and cats. Make sure to put the bowl in an accessible and shaded part of your house or garden.

They also urged pet owners to provide shelter for their pets where they can take a break from the heat if they need to. Remember that animals need to cool down too, so supplying a spot in the shade from them is vital.

The ISPCA added that leaving your dog in the car is extremely dangerous.

They tweeted: “Temperatures could reach 28 degrees this weekend. The ISPCA would like to remind pet owners that leaving their dogs in the car in hot weather can be fatal in minutes, even with the windows down #dogsdieinhotcars”

Don’t neglect your pets during the heatwave.


Service dogs do incredible work for their owners with disabilities or impairments. They are there to help guide, protect and seek help if something goes wrong. 

And most of us know that when you see a service dogs out and about you are not to go up and pet it. However, what should you do if a one comes up to you directly, and with no owner in sight? And what does it mean? 

Well, according to a post on Tumblr, "if a service dog without a person approaches you, it means the person is down and in need of help".

One owner, who goes by the name of Lumpatronics, took to the blogging site to share an incident that occurred about a week ago. 

The blogger explained how while out and about with their service dog they tripped and fell. The dog is trained to get an adult if this person has a seizure, and so raced off to seek help.

"I went after him after I had dusted off my jeans and my ego, and I found him trying to get the attention of a very annoyed woman," they wrote.

"She was swatting him away and telling him to go away. So I feel like I need to make this heads up: If a service dog without a person approaches you, it means the person is down and in need of help.

"Don’t get scared, don’t get annoyed, follow the dog! If it had been an emergency situation, I could have vomited and choked, I could have hit my head, I could have had so many things happen to me. We’re going to update his training so if the first person doesn’t cooperate, he moves on, but seriously guys.

"If what’s-his-face could understand that lassie wanted him to go to the well, you can figure out that a dog in a vest proclaiming it a service dog wants you to follow him."


There’s something so glamorous about a night out at the theatre, whether you’re going to see a serious production of a well-loved classic or a witty show at your local theatre.

We must admit that seeing a musical at the theatre is one of life’s simple pleasures, so it's time to pop on your dancing shoes and break out those 80s dance moves as Whitney- Queen of the Night is coming to Irish theatres.

The electrifying show will make its way to The Waterfront Hall, Belfast on January 16 and will then head to Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on January 17, 2019.

Whitney Houston’s music lives on in this captivating theatre show consistently receiving standing ovations and rave reviews.

Whitney – Queen of the Night is a stunning celebration of the music and life of one of the greatest singers of our time. This award-winning production features a sensational line-up of musicians and artists, with a powerhouse and breathtaking performance from rising West End star Shanice Smith as Whitney.

Taking us on a magical rollercoaster ride through three decades of classic hit’s, Shanice, winner of Brit Idol and a graduate of the world famous Brit School (where the likes of Adele and Leona Lewis cut their teeth), has triumphed in the role and has astounded audiences wherever she plays.

Beautifully remembering the most highly awarded female artiste in the world ever, the music of Whitney Houston has touched most of us at some time in our lives. With hits that include, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, One Moment In Time, I’m Every Woman, My Love is Your Love, So Emotional Baby, Run to You, Saving All My Love, I Will Always Love You, and many more.

Share her life and get ready for the greatest love of all in Queen of the Night!

Tickets from €29 including booking fee go on sale this Friday, June 22.



Going for a bikini wax can be painful – and not just when they’re pulling the hair from their follicles. The whole lead up can lead to us lying in bed at night worrying about things, such as:

  • Will she be repulsed by how hairy I am, maybe I should trim it first?
  • Ohmigod! I’ve booked a wax for the week of my period – should I cancel?
  • Will I have to take off my knickers?
  • Should I make conversation when I’m sitting there with no trousers on – or is that weird?

Well, ladies, we’ve done the research to ease your worried minds. Expert beauty therapist Aisling O’Farrell told us everything you need to know, beginning with the age old ‘should I trim before a wax’ question:

“Definitely don't trim before a wax! Unless you haven't gone near the hair for a year or something, there is no need to trim. The worst thing you can do is arrive with hair that is too short! It makes it more irritating and painful for you and harder for the therapist.”

Noted. Put that trimmers down ladies, you heard her! As for getting a bikini wax when you’ve got your period, it’s not ideal as you are more sensitive, so it will be more painful. And while most therapists don’t have a problem doing it once you’re clean and have a correctly inserted tampon, Aisling let us in on one possible nightmare scenario:

“There's always the chance that the string can accidentally get caught in the wax and be pulled out so it's a little risky!”

Holy Divine mother of Jesus. We’re not sure we would ever recover from the something like that! We’ll be leaving the waxes around that time of the month for now – holiday or no holiday!

As for making conversation, Aisling is a firm believer in a little less conversation, a little more action please: “The client should usually just try sit back and relax, too much chat might delay the therapist as she doesn't want to seem rude or unresponsive which just then prolongs the experience. Therapists always get asked by clients if they look 'normal' down there which is crazy because firstly,  there is no normal but secondly, all the therapist is interested in is your hair, nothing else!”

Phew, that is good to know! And as for whether or not you have to sit there with no knickers on – that's only if you're getting a Brazilian. You can wear your own underwear for a normal wax, and most places give you disposable undies for the others.

It’s all such a lot of work though, isn’t it? If you’re cursing the man in your life because he doesn’t have to put himself through such a thing, perhaps this video of men getting their bikini line done will make you feel better. At the very least, it’ll make you smile!