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If we were the organised, dedicated ladies we wish we were, we'd have a bikini wax booked as standard every four weeks, ensuring less pain and just the right amount of hair growth between appointments.

Of course, life (and our budget) sometimes gets in the way, and when we realise we've left it a week or two later than planned, more often than not we end up waiting even longer out of sheer dread for the pain that awaits us. That's why we were delighted to find out that there are a few things that can be done to keep pain at a minimum when it comes to waxing.

Here are some of the tips we've tried and tested…

1. Prepare your skin beforehand
In order to unclog pores and follicles, it's important to exfoliate well around a week or two before your wax. This loosens the hairs and means they can be pulled out much more smoothly. Keeping your skin soft and moisturised also increases elasticity, so your skin won't get as irritated during waxing.

2. Do not shave. We repeat, DO NOT SHAVE.
For a wax to be as pain and stress free as possible for both you and the waxer, it's key to have at least three (usually four) weeks of uninterrupted hair growth. That means that shaving between waxes is a total no-no. When you shave, your hair grows back bluntly and in different directions, making it far more painful for it to be waxed off.

3. Take a painkiller
It might seem obvious, but taking an Aspirin or Ibuprofen about 45 minutes before your appointment reduces pain and also reduces inflammation. Sorted. Don't go over the recommended dosage, obviously.

4. Choose Lycon wax
Look for a salon that offers Lycon wax, which is far gentler than regular strip waxing as it can be peeled off the skin. A lot of salons using Lycon also apply a layer of oil underneath, further protecting the skin as the wax only sticks to the hairs, not the skin underneath.

5. Time it right
Unless absolutely necessary, avoid scheduling a wax in the few days leading up to your period. Your skin is hyper-sensitive around this time. Also, our pain threshold is supposedly at an all time high between 3pm and 5pm, and is far lower early in the morning. An afternoon wax it is, so.



Some of us thought it was a walk in the park and others (usually known as people who tell the truth) acknowledge that the first-time bikini wax is a horrendous affair.

It's an occasion where you leave your dignity at the door and hobble out afterwards wondering what the hell you were thinking clambering up on that table in the first place.

No matter which camp you fall into, what we do all have in common is that we do, at the very least, remember the occasion.

And here’s why…

1. It was the first time a non-medical person in a non-sexy environment asked us to remove our pants.

I knew it was coming, but I really don’t think I like it.

2. It was the first time we realised we might be a bit more attached to our lady garden than we originally thought.

Stop. Stop. I’ll keep it.

3. It was the first time we truly appreciated what our mothers went through in childbirth.

Actually, maybe this is worse.

4. It was the first time we saw our raised knees actually tremble in fear.

Huh, I didn’t know they could do that.

5. It was the first time we were made to engage in pleasant chit-chat while in excruciating pain.

I know I didn’t have to chat about my holidays with the nurse who stitched me up after I fell down the stairs and smashed through our front door on roller skates.

6. It was the first time we questioned whether someone truly, truly despised us.

Did I do something to this woman in a past life?

7.It was the first time we truly questioned societal values and didn’t have to put it in an essay.

This is barbaric and wrong and I’m only doing it because society insists on it… I think.

8. It was the first time we found staring at a buzzing fluorescent light relatively calming.

The flickering of this light will see me through.

9. It was the first time we wondered if our finger nails could be considered a weapon and would we do time if we used them?

Back off and don’t dare go any lower.

10. It was the first time we realised that we are willing to suffer so that our lady garden looks ‘just-so’.

Great, it’s exactly what I wanted. Super-cute. See you in six weeks.

And the cycle continues…



Going for a bikini wax can be painful – and not just when they’re pulling the hair from their follicles. The whole lead up can lead to us lying in bed at night worrying about things, such as:

  • Will she be repulsed by how hairy I am, maybe I should trim it first?
  • Ohmigod! I’ve booked a wax for the week of my period – should I cancel?
  • Will I have to take off my knickers?
  • Should I make conversation when I’m sitting there with no trousers on – or is that weird?

Well, ladies, we’ve done the research to ease your worried minds. Expert beauty therapist Aisling O’Farrell told us everything you need to know, beginning with the age old ‘should I trim before a wax’ question:

“Definitely don't trim before a wax! Unless you haven't gone near the hair for a year or something, there is no need to trim. The worst thing you can do is arrive with hair that is too short! It makes it more irritating and painful for you and harder for the therapist.”

Noted. Put that trimmers down ladies, you heard her! As for getting a bikini wax when you’ve got your period, it’s not ideal as you are more sensitive, so it will be more painful. And while most therapists don’t have a problem doing it once you’re clean and have a correctly inserted tampon, Aisling let us in on one possible nightmare scenario:

“There's always the chance that the string can accidentally get caught in the wax and be pulled out so it's a little risky!”

Holy Divine mother of Jesus. We’re not sure we would ever recover from the something like that! We’ll be leaving the waxes around that time of the month for now – holiday or no holiday!

As for making conversation, Aisling is a firm believer in a little less conversation, a little more action please: “The client should usually just try sit back and relax, too much chat might delay the therapist as she doesn't want to seem rude or unresponsive which just then prolongs the experience. Therapists always get asked by clients if they look 'normal' down there which is crazy because firstly,  there is no normal but secondly, all the therapist is interested in is your hair, nothing else!”

Phew, that is good to know! And as for whether or not you have to sit there with no knickers on – that's only if you're getting a Brazilian. You can wear your own underwear for a normal wax, and most places give you disposable undies for the others.

It’s all such a lot of work though, isn’t it? If you’re cursing the man in your life because he doesn’t have to put himself through such a thing, perhaps this video of men getting their bikini line done will make you feel better. At the very least, it’ll make you smile!


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