Waxing etiquette 101 – from an expert!


Going for a bikini wax can be painful – and not just when they’re pulling the hair from their follicles. The whole lead up can lead to us lying in bed at night worrying about things, such as:

  • Will she be repulsed by how hairy I am, maybe I should trim it first?
  • Ohmigod! I’ve booked a wax for the week of my period – should I cancel?
  • Will I have to take off my knickers?
  • Should I make conversation when I’m sitting there with no trousers on – or is that weird?

Well, ladies, we’ve done the research to ease your worried minds. Expert beauty therapist Aisling O’Farrell told us everything you need to know, beginning with the age old ‘should I trim before a wax’ question:

“Definitely don't trim before a wax! Unless you haven't gone near the hair for a year or something, there is no need to trim. The worst thing you can do is arrive with hair that is too short! It makes it more irritating and painful for you and harder for the therapist.”

Noted. Put that trimmers down ladies, you heard her! As for getting a bikini wax when you’ve got your period, it’s not ideal as you are more sensitive, so it will be more painful. And while most therapists don’t have a problem doing it once you’re clean and have a correctly inserted tampon, Aisling let us in on one possible nightmare scenario:

“There's always the chance that the string can accidentally get caught in the wax and be pulled out so it's a little risky!”

Holy Divine mother of Jesus. We’re not sure we would ever recover from the something like that! We’ll be leaving the waxes around that time of the month for now – holiday or no holiday!

As for making conversation, Aisling is a firm believer in a little less conversation, a little more action please: “The client should usually just try sit back and relax, too much chat might delay the therapist as she doesn't want to seem rude or unresponsive which just then prolongs the experience. Therapists always get asked by clients if they look 'normal' down there which is crazy because firstly,  there is no normal but secondly, all the therapist is interested in is your hair, nothing else!”

Phew, that is good to know! And as for whether or not you have to sit there with no knickers on – that's only if you're getting a Brazilian. You can wear your own underwear for a normal wax, and most places give you disposable undies for the others.

It’s all such a lot of work though, isn’t it? If you’re cursing the man in your life because he doesn’t have to put himself through such a thing, perhaps this video of men getting their bikini line done will make you feel better. At the very least, it’ll make you smile!