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The sun has finally returned to Ireland and the temperatures are soaring. Rumour has it we could experience temperatures of 27 degrees next week. We rarely get treated to sunny weather here on the Emerald Isle, which means we certainly revel in every ounce of sun we can get.

Once the sun comes out we’ll have barbeques every other day and dust off our holiday clothes that have been hidden away in a suitcase since we got back from Spain.

The warm weather may be wonderful, but we must remember that animals may find it extremely difficult to deal with the heat.

Thankfully, the ISPCA has reminded us pet owners of the importance of minding our furry friends during the summer.

The charity stressed the importance of leaving out cold water for your dogs and cats. Make sure to put the bowl in an accessible and shaded part of your house or garden.

They also urged pet owners to provide shelter for their pets where they can take a break from the heat if they need to. Remember that animals need to cool down too, so supplying a spot in the shade from them is vital.

The ISPCA added that leaving your dog in the car is extremely dangerous.

They tweeted: “Temperatures could reach 28 degrees this weekend. The ISPCA would like to remind pet owners that leaving their dogs in the car in hot weather can be fatal in minutes, even with the windows down #dogsdieinhotcars”

Don’t neglect your pets during the heatwave.



Impress your guests with these awesome home hacks that you’ll wonder why you never thought of yourself!

1. Have hundreds of towels but nowhere in your tiny apartment to store them? These wine rack holders are perfect for holding your towels.


2. Hang your ironing board behind the kitchen door using tow hooks. Genius.


3. Fill a large bucket of water with the help of a brush pan.


4. Went a little overboard with your coffee filter purchase? Use them to clean the dust from your TV or laptop.

coffee_filter - Copy

5. Put that leftover lemon to good use by using it to remove hard water stains.


6. Store any loose wires in empty toilet roll tubes.

paper_roll_holders_ - Copy

7. Or instead use old plastic hangers.


8. Hang your trousers on shower hooks to make it easier to grab them from your wardrobe when you are in a hurry.


9. Letter and paper organisers make great shoe holders.


10. Planning on doing some DIY? Put a magnet on the end of your hammer to hold your nails.