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We all have had a bad experience with heating tools and haircare: whether it's burning your scalp or just creating supremely dodgy curls for a night out, it's happened to us all.

Some gals even resort to teaching their boyfriends how to use hair tools to stop themselves from constantly getting burnt, and other gals just give up altogether.

Taming the mane can be tedious, frustrating and just downright PAINFUL. This Christmas, we're hoping to get a gift from Santa which will ultimately stop the problem of tangled brushes and applying aloe vera to our burns.

We have scoured the lands trying to find a tool that allows us to move our heads and hands around without the heat danger, and creates the perfect looks for day and night.

HALLELUIJAH: a new and improved version of the Instyler has just been released, and it just might save your life.

You might remember the original Instyler; in case you've been living under a haircare rock, it's become a huge name by transforming hair into big bouncy waves and straight, sleek locks.


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The Instyler Max now comes in three glam colours: purple, black and pink, and we can't decide which one we want more.

Praise the Lord, no more burns. The Instyler Max has a rotating barrel addition which straightens, curls, and adds twice the amount of body to our hair. It works super fast so you won't be spending hours with aches in your neck staring at the mirror. 

Trying to get picture-perfect hair can be tricky at best, re-creating glamorous curls or straight sleek looks from our favourite catwalk shows seems unfairly difficult considering we don't have a personal hairstylist on hand. 


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We are hoping (nay, praying) that this tool will be the answer to our hair prayers. Think of it like a mini-hairstylist that you can carry around in your bag.

Treat yourself, we are definitely nabbing this in time for our Christmas party.

Grab your new guardian angel of hair at www.instyler.ie for just €99.99, not bad considering it essentially gives you red carpet glamour.


Instagram stories officially took over from Snapchat stories in terms of users a few weeks ago, but it seems that the social media giant hasn't quite worked all the bugs out of its systems.

Instagram users have been taking to social media platforms in their droves to complain about one particular issue when it comes to Insta stories.

It seems that users are unable to adjust the volume while watching Instagram story videos. 

Instead, when they try to turn the volume up or down, the volume in the app cuts off completely.

Instead, the ringer volume of the phone itself begins to adjust, rather than the volume of the story video. 

Peeved story watchers have had to exit out of stories, and ex-out of the app itself and re-enter in order to get the sound to work again on a particular story they were watching. 

It is not known yet if the volume vendetta is a glitch or simply something Instagram needs to work on in a future update. 

Here's to hoping they sort it out fast, is the angry mobs on Twitter are anything to go by. 



We've all had those moments where no headphones were available, and playing music out of your phone was a necessity.

While the act may make you feel like a teenager down the back of the bus again, there is actually a very sophisticated hack that will let you play music off your phone at a much louder decibel than you ever thought possible.

Whether it's a house party emergency or just you dancing around the kitchen, Twitter user The Bae has shared a hack to increase the volume of your fave tunes. 

Simply head to Settings, click on the Music section, scroll down to EQ, and change the EQ setting from Off to Late Night.

And BAM you have high impact sounds coming from your little old smart phone. Simple.

Make sure you play music while you're switching from EQ Off to Late Night so you can hear the difference for yourself. 

We tried the hack, and we can confirm that it 100 per cent works. 

Our neighbours will definitely be grateful for this one…  



Without a laborious blow-dry or fist full of crunch-inducing mousse, introducing volume to fine hair can be a challenge.

So when we heard whispers of a new foam conditioner which can be applied and rinsed out while showering, we simply had to try it.

While initially sceptical as to how much benefit could actually be derived from what could be perceived as a gimmicky product, when tested by the SHEmazing! team the Pantene Pro-V Air-Light Foam Conditioner proved itself a rare gem in a market brimming with false hope.  

This unique conditioner uses tiny champagne-sized bubbles to distribute nourishing ingredients throughout the entire head.  Because its formula is weightless in nature, the Air-Light Foam will not rest heavy on thin hair therefore allowing it to appear more volumised.

What’s interesting about this product is that it is as useful to those with thicker locks as it is those with fine hair because its lightweight formation allows users to thoroughly condition their hair from root to tip without weighing down the strands or encouraging the scalp to become greasy.

Where traditional conditioners often leave the hair closest to the head soft but flat, the Pantene Air-Light Foam boosts each strand from the base while leaving it conditioned, salon smooth and, most importantly, with a desirable amount of volume throughout.

Pantene Pro-V Air-Light Foam Conditioner will be available in pharmacies nationwide from February 2017.  RRP: €5.99.

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editorial_headerBlake Lively, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian: just a few of the names that come to mind when we think of thick, voluptuous, va va voom hair.

However, for those with thin, limp, lifeless locks, falling curls can be an everyday struggle. Still, and while transforming fine hair into a luxurious work of art isn’t always easy, it CAN be done.

We have outlined the simple steps in our Get The Look: Volume video to help you achieve fabulous, long-lasting volume.

  1. Wash hair with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Shampoo & Conditioner. This will help maintain all day volume and bounce, making the hair manageable without weighing it down.
  2. Next, apply TRESemmé Volume & Lift Mousse to the roots of the damp hair, to provide superior natural looking volume. Use a comb to make sure the mousse has been spread out evenly throughout the roots.
  3. Blow dry to 70 percent dry and section the hair off into 2-3cm wide sections.
  4. Blow dry with a large roller brush and put rollers in immediately after, while the hair is still hot.
  5. Next, spray the hair with TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hair Spray. Allow the hair to cool around the rollers and set.
  6. Take out rollers, starting with the first roller put in and lightly tease the hair at the root. This will add extra volume and help the style to hold for longer.
  7. Finally, gently comb the hair through to the ends.

And there you go, say hello to big hair! Limp locks will now be a thing of the past and you’ll never have to worry about your tresses looking dull and lifeless again.

For all the Get the look videos and for your chance to win a hair makeover with TRESemmé, click here.



Flat, dull, lifeless locks – we’ve ALL been there.

“Oh just do overnight rollers,” one well-meaning friends declares. “A paddle-brush will do it,” advises another. “Have you tried back-combing the roots?” a colleague with particularly luscious locks states.

Yes, yes, and YES – you’ve tried it all and next-to nothing works.

But sometimes having flatter hair is merely a matter of getting more inventive with your tresses – as well as making sure absolutely that you’re using the correct products.

Here are our top tips for giving every strand a lift:

  • Lots of conditioner on your roots will only weigh down your hair
  • Dry your hair completely before leaving the house
  • Approach a fringe with caution
  • Tip your head upside down and blow-dry it that way
  • Use mousse or hairspray to achieve a natural lift

And when it comes to choosing hair-care products wisely, TRESemmé’s 24 Hour Body range is the business.

If you suffer from a lack of body (yup), dryness (guilty as charged) and dullness (sadly so) then 24 Hour Body will change your world.

In fact, you can let your hair bounce back, bold and full.

The Shampoo and Conditioner works via TRESemmé’s unique Volume Control Complex, while silk proteins help to condition. Better still, your hair won’t fall flat and the products are light enough to use every day.

Big, bouncy, bold, beautiful hair? Yes, please!

Check out our Get The Look video below to create hair with enviable volume:





When it comes to hair, every woman wants thick, voluminous locks.

Those of us with hair that just seems to stick to our scalp and never move will know only too well the feeling of envy when a woman with bouncy large hair walks by.

Now, we have some seriously simple tips on how you can add some volume to your hair.

Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely
With so many products on the market now it’s not hard to find one to suit your hair. Try using really light-weight products that won’t cling to the hair follicles after you’ve rinsed, weighing your hair down and making it appear flat.

Don’t go overboard
When it comes to conditioner, it’s important to only apply it to the ends of your hair. Any more and your hair will be weighed down and flat as a pancake.

Add some layers
Layers will give your hair some bounce and give it some volume. Speak to your hairdresser about what you want and see what they come up with.

Dry your hair upside down
When drying your hair after a shower, throw your head upside and dry your hair from there.

Backcomb can be your friend
Now we don’t mean channelling Cheryl Cole circa the X Factor US debacle. Backcombing in a subtle way can be a great way to boost some volume for your roots.

Dry shampoo
People with thinner hair will know that greasiness is never far away, meaning dry shampoo is your BFF. However, dry shampoo is also great for creating volume.



Any woman who says she doesn’t want a thinner-looking face is clearly lying. Who wouldn’t want the beautifully sculpted cheekbones that come with having a slim face?

If you’re as unlucky as we are, then don’t worry about it, here’s what you can do to have a slim-looking face:

Get layers

Vertically-shaped layers can elongate your face and make it look slimmer. But, be careful not to make them too short.

Avoid bobs

When hair is one length, it makes the face look much fuller than it is. So if you want to take away a few pounds off your face then don’t you better steer clear of anything that even resembles a bob.

Side parting

A long layer of hair swept to the side will accentuate your cheekbones and hide a high forehead. A side fringe is a cute and stylish way to elongate your face.

Add volume

If you add volume to the top of your head you will draw attention to the eyes and forehead. Hair that is flat on top doesn’t have any face-slimming qualities so don’t be afraid to back comb.