Flat, dull, lifeless locks – we’ve ALL been there.

“Oh just do overnight rollers,” one well-meaning friends declares. “A paddle-brush will do it,” advises another. “Have you tried back-combing the roots?” a colleague with particularly luscious locks states.

Yes, yes, and YES – you’ve tried it all and next-to nothing works.

But sometimes having flatter hair is merely a matter of getting more inventive with your tresses – as well as making sure absolutely that you’re using the correct products.

Here are our top tips for giving every strand a lift:

  • Lots of conditioner on your roots will only weigh down your hair
  • Dry your hair completely before leaving the house
  • Approach a fringe with caution
  • Tip your head upside down and blow-dry it that way
  • Use mousse or hairspray to achieve a natural lift

And when it comes to choosing hair-care products wisely, TRESemmé’s 24 Hour Body range is the business.

If you suffer from a lack of body (yup), dryness (guilty as charged) and dullness (sadly so) then 24 Hour Body will change your world.

In fact, you can let your hair bounce back, bold and full.

The Shampoo and Conditioner works via TRESemmé’s unique Volume Control Complex, while silk proteins help to condition. Better still, your hair won’t fall flat and the products are light enough to use every day.

Big, bouncy, bold, beautiful hair? Yes, please!

Check out our Get The Look video below to create hair with enviable volume: