Have you noticed this annoying Instagram issue everyone’s mad at?

Instagram stories officially took over from Snapchat stories in terms of users a few weeks ago, but it seems that the social media giant hasn't quite worked all the bugs out of its systems.

Instagram users have been taking to social media platforms in their droves to complain about one particular issue when it comes to Insta stories.

It seems that users are unable to adjust the volume while watching Instagram story videos. 

Instead, when they try to turn the volume up or down, the volume in the app cuts off completely.

Instead, the ringer volume of the phone itself begins to adjust, rather than the volume of the story video. 

Peeved story watchers have had to exit out of stories, and ex-out of the app itself and re-enter in order to get the sound to work again on a particular story they were watching. 

It is not known yet if the volume vendetta is a glitch or simply something Instagram needs to work on in a future update. 

Here's to hoping they sort it out fast, is the angry mobs on Twitter are anything to go by.