Fine hair getting you down? Then it’s time to try FOAM conditioner


Without a laborious blow-dry or fist full of crunch-inducing mousse, introducing volume to fine hair can be a challenge.

So when we heard whispers of a new foam conditioner which can be applied and rinsed out while showering, we simply had to try it.

While initially sceptical as to how much benefit could actually be derived from what could be perceived as a gimmicky product, when tested by the SHEmazing! team the Pantene Pro-V Air-Light Foam Conditioner proved itself a rare gem in a market brimming with false hope.  

This unique conditioner uses tiny champagne-sized bubbles to distribute nourishing ingredients throughout the entire head.  Because its formula is weightless in nature, the Air-Light Foam will not rest heavy on thin hair therefore allowing it to appear more volumised.

What’s interesting about this product is that it is as useful to those with thicker locks as it is those with fine hair because its lightweight formation allows users to thoroughly condition their hair from root to tip without weighing down the strands or encouraging the scalp to become greasy.

Where traditional conditioners often leave the hair closest to the head soft but flat, the Pantene Air-Light Foam boosts each strand from the base while leaving it conditioned, salon smooth and, most importantly, with a desirable amount of volume throughout.

Pantene Pro-V Air-Light Foam Conditioner will be available in pharmacies nationwide from February 2017.  RRP: €5.99.

Feat image: Shuttershock