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We all have had a bad experience with heating tools and haircare: whether it's burning your scalp or just creating supremely dodgy curls for a night out, it's happened to us all.

Some gals even resort to teaching their boyfriends how to use hair tools to stop themselves from constantly getting burnt, and other gals just give up altogether.

Taming the mane can be tedious, frustrating and just downright PAINFUL. This Christmas, we're hoping to get a gift from Santa which will ultimately stop the problem of tangled brushes and applying aloe vera to our burns.

We have scoured the lands trying to find a tool that allows us to move our heads and hands around without the heat danger, and creates the perfect looks for day and night.

HALLELUIJAH: a new and improved version of the Instyler has just been released, and it just might save your life.

You might remember the original Instyler; in case you've been living under a haircare rock, it's become a huge name by transforming hair into big bouncy waves and straight, sleek locks.


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The Instyler Max now comes in three glam colours: purple, black and pink, and we can't decide which one we want more.

Praise the Lord, no more burns. The Instyler Max has a rotating barrel addition which straightens, curls, and adds twice the amount of body to our hair. It works super fast so you won't be spending hours with aches in your neck staring at the mirror. 

Trying to get picture-perfect hair can be tricky at best, re-creating glamorous curls or straight sleek looks from our favourite catwalk shows seems unfairly difficult considering we don't have a personal hairstylist on hand. 


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We are hoping (nay, praying) that this tool will be the answer to our hair prayers. Think of it like a mini-hairstylist that you can carry around in your bag.

Treat yourself, we are definitely nabbing this in time for our Christmas party.

Grab your new guardian angel of hair at www.instyler.ie for just €99.99, not bad considering it essentially gives you red carpet glamour.



Penneys has it all, from quirky homeware to bargain beauty bits and everything in between. 

Now, the mega-brand is branching out into hair styling, after the mega success of its PS… beauty collection. 

Heat styling tools are always a little bit pricey, and between accumulating a straightener, curler, and hair dryer, the costs can start to seriously add up. 

Straightener €6.50

Luckily, Penneys has just introduced a range of heat styling tools, and we're kind of in disbelief at the prices. 

For as little as €6.50, you can add to your hair care routine. 

We're obsessed with the mini straighteners, as the adorable little tool is the ideal size to slot into a weekend bag for a night away with the girls. 

Straightener €14.00, Curler €11.00

Fancy a full size tool? No problem. The very same straightener, but twice the size, is also available. 

Big, loose curls are the perfect night out look, but mastering GHD curls isn't for all of us. 

Penneys has also brought out a curling wand to tackle the bouncy blow dry look on a major budget. 

Hair dryer €8.00

Need a basic blow dryer? This €8.00 metallic bad boy ticks all the boxes. 

The Penneys Gods have been good…


Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just can't nail perfect tousled waves.

But fear not because Elle spoke to hair stylist, Kevin Mancuso, on what he uses to achieve polished beachy curls. And his secret? A straightener.

"The hair curls up like ribbon wrapped around a pair of scissors," says Kevin.

"The flatiron leaves a natural straight end whereas a curling iron curves under."

Here's how to master the look:

Step one

Prep your damp hair by using a body-boosting mist or light mousse. This will give your hair some added volume.


Step two

Then, blowdry your hair roughly, combing through any knots with your fingers. If you use a brush, it will look too flat.


Step three

Once your hair is dry, wind a one-inch piece around the top of your straightener, wrapping it away from your face. 

Next, gently ease your straightener down the length of your hair, and release two inches before the bottom of the strand. 


The end

For a loose texture, do a few hair flips like Beyoncé and shake out your waves. Hello perfect tousled curls!



We are all aware that straightening our hair can leave it looking a little dry and frizzled. However, there are a few tricks to learn that will help your tresses look fabulous and poker straight.

Use the right shampoo
Start by using the right shampoo and conditioner. Go for products that are specially made for dry, damaged hair and offer sleek, smooth locks.

Brush your hair
Use a paddle brush to remove any knots and brush your hair straight.

Use a little oil
To give your hair a silky shine rub a little oil in your hands and run it through your hair from root to tips using your fingers.

Dry your hair
Spritz on a little heat protection spray before using your hairdryer. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you put your hair straightener near it.

Don’t have the straightening tool on too hot
If your straightener has a temperature adjustment facility, try to keep it on a lower heat that will still straighten your hair.

Don’t overdo it
Don’t run the styling tool through your hair too many times. Twice should be more than enough.


S! TV’s Beauty Expert Odette shows us ladies how to achieve the perfect head of curls using a hair straightener, ensuring beautiful hair in no time!