We've all had those moments where no headphones were available, and playing music out of your phone was a necessity.

While the act may make you feel like a teenager down the back of the bus again, there is actually a very sophisticated hack that will let you play music off your phone at a much louder decibel than you ever thought possible.

Whether it's a house party emergency or just you dancing around the kitchen, Twitter user The Bae has shared a hack to increase the volume of your fave tunes. 

Simply head to Settings, click on the Music section, scroll down to EQ, and change the EQ setting from Off to Late Night.

And BAM you have high impact sounds coming from your little old smart phone. Simple.

Make sure you play music while you're switching from EQ Off to Late Night so you can hear the difference for yourself. 

We tried the hack, and we can confirm that it 100 per cent works. 

Our neighbours will definitely be grateful for this one…