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It's easy to feel motivated about the idea of exercise, but when it comes to bringing this idea to life, most of us end up at the same conclusion – 'I just don't have the time.'

But, before you convince yourself that a healthy workout out regime is out of your reach, think again.

We're all busy people, and while it can be tempting to put it off for another day, making time for exercise is vital for increasing energy levels.

Here's our top tips to help you stay on track while working full-time.

1. Prioritise exercise

Even if you're working a 40+ hour week, chances are you've got a couple hours to spare each day – use them wisely.

Choose 3-4 days a week when you will commit to making exercise your number one priority. 

You'll be shocked how easy it is to make time when exercise is at the top of your to-do list. 

2. Schedule your workouts

Plan your sweat sessions like you would plan a doctor's appointment.

Put aside some time throughout the week and schedule it in you computer/ phone/ diary as a repeat event.

You're much more likely to commit to a workout if you've planned it well in advance. 

3. Recruit a workout buddy

Find a friend, colleague or family member who shares a similar fitness goal and encourage each other to find the time to make it happen.

Exercise does not have to be a solitary activity and you'll probably find it's much more enjoyable when you've got someone to share those highs and lows with.

4. Keep your gym shoes handy

Whether its the boot of the car, or your locker at work, having your gym gear at the ready can make all the difference it comes to keeping fit.

Not only will you be ready to go should a burst of energy come over you after work, but the daily visual reminder will encourage you to stay on track.

5. Switch up your screen time

For those evenings when you do want to take it easy in front of the television, make the most of the time you have.

Why not make use of those quick ad breaks and do some squats, lunges or pushups?

Sure, it's only three minutes here and there, but it all adds up.




These days, we're all storytellers, right?

Whether it's on Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram, we all have something to say or a story to share.

And like everything else in life, some people simply do it better than others.

Whether it's their contribution to the fitfam, foodie or fashion worlds, this country is falling over itself with rising stars, and while we may check out their uploads on the daily, how often do we properly take their efforts into account?

The SHEmazing Awards is seeking to honour the people who have made a serious splash across the realms of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment in the last 12 months, and we can't do it without your help.

But if you're a little stumped as to the criteria needed to crown your favourite social media personalty, style expert or social activist, check out these top three tips!

Do you check their feeds on the daily?

If you check in on your favourite style queen, fitfammer or foodie as regular as your own mates, it might be time to have your say and vote for them in the appropriate category.

Show them that the time and effort they put into their work is not going unnoticed!

Have you mentioned them to friends?

If you have sent links of their uploads to friends and family, and urged them to follow ASAP, you need to get voting pronto.

And your friends and family do too!

Do they inspire, galvanise or entertain you?

If their uploads regularly engage, fascinate or captivate, they are definitely in the running for one of our highly sought-after gongs in May.

Hop over to our voting page, and make sure that the people who influence and energise you are given a fair crack of the whip at the inaugural SHEmazing Awards!




Some people love sexting while other people would rather die than send a suggestive text to a random guy or even their other half.

Whether you love it or hate it, do any of us actually have any idea if we're even good at it?

Different strokes for different folks and all that, but there are a definitely few key issues we should ALL keep in mind before closing our eyes, internally screaming and pressing send.

Here are the top ten tips for ensuring a cringe-free sext-fest.

1) Don’t do it if you’re not comfortable.

Like all sex, it’s meant to be a mutually pleasurable endeavour

2) Don’t get his name wrong.

This is vital

3) Don’t laugh at him.

Yes, he misspelled his own body part, but no one’s perfect.

4) Don’t mention the cringy move he tried in bed last week.

You didn’t look so hot that time you got stuck in your own bra, ya know.

5) Don’t promise a sexy photo and then send a photo of a cat.

Hilarious? Yes. Mean? Definitely.

6) Don’t take forever and a day to reply.

No likes to have sex amongst the tumbleweeds.

7) Don’t do it in the same room as anyone else.

Yes, it’s a little wild, but it’s also a lot weird.

8) Don’t be disappointed if he’s failing to turn you on.

Your ‘sexy’ puns and ‘saucy’ gags mightn’t be as stimulating as you think either, ya Casanova.

9) Don’t somehow find a way to argue in a sext, even if you think it’s cute.

It’s not, you’re being annoying.

10) Don’t forget to relax, have fun and practise as often as possible.

If you get good enough, you could soon add it to your CV. (You could, but don't.)



Dyeing your hair is not an easy decision, especially when it is your first time.

So when it comes to deciding on which colour to choose, bear in mind these tips:

Find out your natural look
This can be tricky, especially if you have been dyeing your hair for a long time, but try to remember!

Think about your lifestyle
Before you go too wild, keep in mind how your new look will fit in with your lifestyle – job, college, etc. Don’t go purple if you’ll just end up with a stern warning from your boss – it’s totally not worth it.

Do a tester
If you have finally decided on a shade, try it out before you go permanent. You can pick up a wash out dye kit fairly cheaply and it will mean if the colour really isn’t right you can change it.

Think of your skin tone
Always keep in mind your skin tone when deciding on a colour. If you are pale, avoid going for a shade that will wash you out.

Go a shade lighter
When you have finally decided on a colour, always choose one shade lighter than you want. It will come out darker than the picture on the box. 


It can be hard to be happy when you are bogged down with college assignments or are overloaded at work. However, with these simple steps you’ll be beaming at yourself in the mirror in no time.

Make plans
Nothing makes you feel happier than having plans for the weekend or the end of the month. Whether it is a holiday or a few drinks with friends, having something good to look forward too will help you get through the day.

Drink water
Avoid the 3pm slump by consuming enough water to keep dehydration at bay. Pop a water bottle in your bag or by your desk and never feel thirsty again.

Put on the radio
Nothing says 'smile' like your favourite tune. If you can, sing-a-long with it or even get up and have a dance. But if that's a bit awkward – you could be at work – just hum along to the song in your head.

Fake it until you make it
If you’re still not feeling happy, fake it. Your smile may trick your brain into thinking you are happy which might actually make you feel happy.

Write a list
If you have tons to do in one day, sit down and write a list. When you have completed a task on your list tick it off. You will instantly feel relief and joy.



Unfortunately, many girls have been in the awful situation of waking up and finding their hands are a strange shade of orange or the streaks on their legs leave a little to be desired.

No, we’re not talking about some skin disorder, we are talking about fake tan and those dreaded mishaps.  And yes, it usually happens when we have a big event or occasion to attend that day.

Don’t panic! We have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you out:

To get rid of streaks, you will need to use a really light body scrub. You don’t want to rub the tan away completely, just make the colour a little more even.

Orange palms and hands
Toothpaste is fantastic for removing tan stains on your hands. Simply rub a little on the palms and between your fingers to get rid of any tell-tell signs of fake tan use.

Too dark
If you were a little too generous with your application, run a bath and rub your body in baby oil. It should remove a layer of tan from your skin, making you look a lot more natural.

Dark spots
Your elbow and knees soak up a lot more tan than other areas on your body. To correct these dreaded dark spots, exfoliate the area and soften it with some moisturiser. Sorted!



Travelling by boat can be great fun but not if you are prone to sea sickness. There is nothing quite like being sick on a moving boat, especially in stormy seas.

If this sounds like you, you will benefit from these helpful ways to prevent or handle it:

Don’t think about it
If this is the first time on a boat for you don’t think about seas sickness. You might not actual suffer from it but you could very well convince enough to feel ill.

Acupressure wristbands  
You can usually pick up motion sickness wristbands in your pharmacy. They use acupressure to help sufferers and are usually good at stopping nausea and vomiting.

Ginger is good to alleviate nausea and is available in a powder form, tea or even sweets. So if you aren’t a fan of it you will be able to find something that you might like.

Green apples
Some believe green apples are helpful as well. Cruise ships often offer them on their room service menus.

Go outside
Spending as much time on deck as possible will help you to maintain a sense of balance. Staring at the horizon is a good idea.



Whether you’re curvy or slim, no woman is safe from cellulite. Cellulite is fat beneath your skin and looks bumpy because it is pushes against connective tissue. It is not harmful but most ladies don’t think it is particularly nice to look at.

Here are top tips to get rid of the dreaded orange peel

Use a body scrub
To remove or decrease cellulite you need to get the blood flowing underneath. A body brush rubbed towards your heart will help to break it up.

Get moving
Cellulite forms in the areas with the least amount of circulation so get moving to increase blood circulation.

Get up off your bum
If your job requires you to sit on your bum all day make sure you take some time out to get up and move around. Sitting around all day is not good for your bum.

Use products after exercise
The best time to use cellulite cream is after exercise so wait until then for the ultimate effect.



Flights delays can ruin your holiday and put you in a bad mood. Unfortunately flight delays are out of your control and you can usually blame them on weather, some mechanical fault or industrial actions. While there is nothing you can do to stop them, you can prevent them from ruining your trip.

Get what is owed to you
If your flight is delayed by more than a few hours make sure you talk to the flight operator to see what you deserve. Even if it is only water it will mean you won’t have to pay for it.

Pamper yourself
Flight delays can be boring and expensive so make sure you take some time out to pamper yourself without spending any money. Spend some time sprucing yourself up at the beauty counter or make sure you smell nice with a few spritz of sample perfumes.

Have a chat
Pass some time by chatting with the person sitting beside you. You never know what you might discover.

Make sure you are insured
Making sure you are insured will go a long way in ensuring you have as much of a stress-free delay as possible.



Travelling light often means leaving your camera at home and just sticking to using the camera on you phone. Unfortunately, these snaps don’t always come out exactly as you want them too so, we have compiled a list of problems and how to fix them:

Grainy texture
The sandy effect across your pictures that you didn’t ask for is usually down to the settings on your phone. To fix it change your settings by turning up the contrast or by taking a bigger picture size to reduce the sandy look.

There is nothing worse than thinking you have taken a great shot to realise that it is actually blurry. This is usually caused by a shaky hand or lack of lighting. To stop this problem, hold the shutter button down for a few seconds longer than you normally would and make sure there is adequate lighting.

No flash – no problem
The more light you have the better your shots will be but that doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to take great snaps if your phone doesn’t have a flash. You can often use a photo editing feature on your phone to make them look better or simply move until there is more light focused on your subject.



Blusher really brings your look together but it can be a little tricky to apply correctly – get it wrong and you end up looking like a doll.

Follow these tips to ensure perfectly applied blush:

Choose the correct colour
If you are dark go for a deeper colour, olive skin tones should choose a warm colour while fair skinned gals should pick a pink tone.

Remove excess powder
Dip your angled blusher brush into your make-up. Dab lightly and remove any excess by blotting it onto your hand.

Show off the apples of your cheeks
Accentuate your cheek bones by smiling – no need to show off your pearly whites. Lightly press the blusher onto the top half of your cheeks. Avoid brushing it across your face as you will just end up wiping away your foundation.

Go right up to your brow line
Continue right up towards your temple and end just above your brow line. Gently blend until it looks seamless across your face.

Blush will brighten your face and take away years but only if done correctly.



Breakouts are a common beauty problem but that doesn’t mean we should just put up with them.

Here are three tricks to keep spots at bay:

Check your products
If you are prone to the odd breakout you need to look at what products you are putting onto your skin. Find one that is suitable for oily skin and stick with it. Alcohol-based products are a no-no as they can irritate your skin and prompt excessive oil production, which you really don’t want.

Get rid of sweat
Make sure you wash your face as soon as possible after a workout. When sweat mixes with your skin’s oils it blocks your pores and traps bacteria. Don’t sit around in your sweaty clothes either as this can cause breakouts on your chest and back.

Wash your hands
Before you put your hands on your face make sure they are clean as they can carry a multitude of sins. Also, make sure you wash your make-up brushes and sponges at least once a week to stop a build up of bacteria.