Blusher really brings your look together but it can be a little tricky to apply correctly – get it wrong and you end up looking like a doll.

Follow these tips to ensure perfectly applied blush:

Choose the correct colour
If you are dark go for a deeper colour, olive skin tones should choose a warm colour while fair skinned gals should pick a pink tone.

Remove excess powder
Dip your angled blusher brush into your make-up. Dab lightly and remove any excess by blotting it onto your hand.

Show off the apples of your cheeks
Accentuate your cheek bones by smiling – no need to show off your pearly whites. Lightly press the blusher onto the top half of your cheeks. Avoid brushing it across your face as you will just end up wiping away your foundation.

Go right up to your brow line
Continue right up towards your temple and end just above your brow line. Gently blend until it looks seamless across your face.

Blush will brighten your face and take away years but only if done correctly.