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Kylie Jenner basically churns out new products quicker than we can buy them, and this week has been no different.

After the successful but controversial launch of her Kylighters, the teenage makeup mogul has branched out into blushes. 

One interesting aspect of the new line is the very raunchy names that Kylie has allocated to each shade. 


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All of the shades are drop dead gorgeous, and the reality TV star promises that they provide a matte, buildable colour. 

The names are X-Rated, a pale pink, Barely Legal, a warm pink and Virginity, a hot pink.

There is also Hot & Bothered, a divine coral shadeand Hopeless Romantic a ravishing red.  


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The rosy hues sound a tad raunchy, but we're guessing they are all part of the 19-year-old's new, grown-up image. 

"If you know me then you know that my favourite product is blush," said the star via Snapchat.

"So I'm excited to announce that my blushes are joining the Kylie Cosmetics family this Friday," she continued. 


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The blushes will joining the rest of the now extensive Kylie Cosmetics collection this Friday, March 24 at 10pm.

Much like the rest of the teenager's makeup endeavours, these blushes are sure to sell out fast! 



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Blusher is a great make-up product when applied correctly, but sometimes we can be unsure what the correct way is. Here are some tips on how to apply blusher depending on your own face shape. They are simple tips, but could definitely help with your make-up routine.

For round faces, apply it at an angle, blending from the apples of you cheeks towards your temples.

For square faces, apply it across the way, slightly over from your nose.

For oval faces, apply blush straight to the apples of your cheeks.

For long faces, apply on the apples and blend out towards the temples.

This will definitely be a useful tip for the weekend, you better inform the rest of the girls.



Now we’ve seen a lot of odd make-up trends in our days, but making yourself look ill is definitely one we have yet to encounter…until now!

The trend, known as ‘me no shita chiiku’ is really popular in Japan writes Refinery 29, and sees women applying their blush not just on cheekbones, but actually underneath their eyes too.

A quick search on Google of the term ‘Byojaku’ will show you that this ‘sickly’ look is very much a trend with the wearer appearing vulnerable and quite child-like, which it seems is the aim of the look.

However, illness isn’t the only look many Japanese women go for when they apply blush under their eyes as blogger RinRin Doll explains: “Rather than a sick look, the blush brings a more youthful and innocent look to the face.”

Hmm, we think we’ve spent far too long learning how to conceal our under-eye baggage so we may give this trend a skip – would you give it a try?! 

Here is Rin Rin Doll doing a tutorial on her popular make-up look:




NYX Cosmetics have taken the world by storm and their arrival in Ireland a few months ago has drawn serious attention from make-up lovers and beauty bloggers all over the country.

NYX blushers are a thing of serious beauty and can give you that healthy complexion and radiant glow that we all want leaving the house in the mornings! Or indeed, in the evenings…

However, many of us can be a little wary when it comes to using blush on our cheeks – where exactly should you apply it and what colour is best for your skin tone?

Now, NYX have shared some of their ultimate tips to ensure that you rock the blusher look:

  •  To apply to your cheeks, smile at yourself in the mirror and dot on the apples of your cheeks. Use your blusher brush or finger to blend towards the temples to give a subtle, sculpted glow. It’s important to apply high up on the apple of your cheeks so that your cheek looks lifted.
  • Avoid applying blush high up on the cheek bones, this area is for bronzer and blush will only create a longer face and shorten your forehead.
  • Always make sure you tap off any excess blush so you don’t apply too much on the cheek.
  • Try choose a shade that matches your cheeks when flushed or pick a hue that matches your lip colour so you ensure your cheeks look naturally blushed and not overdone. The NYX Cosmetics Blush in Angel, €7.49 is a shade that looks stunning on all skin tones.
  • Powder blushes are amazing for women prone to oily skin.
  • When choosing a blush or bronzer it’s important to find one that will illuminate the skin. Pastels, such as pretty peaches like the NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush Peach, €7.49 will brighten up your skin and highlight your face in all the right places.
  • For first time blushers, start off with a light pink or coral pigment like NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush Pinched, €7.49 and if you want something brighter go with a rose colour or deeper plum shade like the NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush Rose Garden, €7.49 if your skin tone is more sallow and warmer in tones.

NYX's blushers come in a range of colours and tones to suit everyone – our trouble is choosing just one!




Blusher really brings your look together but it can be a little tricky to apply correctly – get it wrong and you end up looking like a doll.

Follow these tips to ensure perfectly applied blush:

Choose the correct colour
If you are dark go for a deeper colour, olive skin tones should choose a warm colour while fair skinned gals should pick a pink tone.

Remove excess powder
Dip your angled blusher brush into your make-up. Dab lightly and remove any excess by blotting it onto your hand.

Show off the apples of your cheeks
Accentuate your cheek bones by smiling – no need to show off your pearly whites. Lightly press the blusher onto the top half of your cheeks. Avoid brushing it across your face as you will just end up wiping away your foundation.

Go right up to your brow line
Continue right up towards your temple and end just above your brow line. Gently blend until it looks seamless across your face.

Blush will brighten your face and take away years but only if done correctly.