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If you've ever dreamt of being a real life princess who travels the world for a living, we suggest you keep reading.

Disney is currently on the hunt for wannabe princes and princesses to work on its luxury cruise ships in a variety of exciting roles.

From character performers and DJs, to nursery counsellors and housekeeping managers, there's a position to suit every qualification.

Each role will of course require some specific skills, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that all Disney staff must go the extra mile to make the cruise experience as magical as possible.

According to the company's website, the “amazing crew members are a big part of why Disney is known as a world-renowned leader in the entertainment industry.”

“With incredible itineraries that visit exciting destinations around the world, crew and officers can chart the course for an unforgettable adventure with Disney Cruise Line.”

Sounds amazing, right?

Of course it does – travelling the world via the happiest boat on earth – what's not to love?

Well, there's just two small catches.

  1. The roles are based in the US, which means you'll have to be willing to move.

  2. You need to commit to a seven-day working week with limited time off.

But if the idea of being ferociously happy seven-days a week hasn't scared you off, you can apply for a role at disneycareers.com.


OK, we'll admit that when we first saw this cruise ship festival, visions of people getting langered and falling overboard came to mind.

But, if you dig a little deeper into the festival, it sounds totally insane.

We're so used to basically being in the middle of a bog during a festival over here, so Anchored is going to be a sight for sore (mud-stained) eyes.

With a combo of unreal weather, tropical locations and well, music, Anchored might just change festivals the way we know them.

Because if you're not feeling the music-side of things, take a stroll down the boat where you'll find a Michelin star restaurant, a cinema and even a casino.

The festival takes place on the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas, which sails from Monaco to Rome, through to Santorini and Mykonos before sailing back to Monaco.

Oh, and did we mention there's a gym, a rock-climbing wall, hot tubs and mini golf to keep you entertained?

We're totally on board with this.



Longing for your dream internship but just don't know where to start?

Well, how does travelling the world on a free, food-and-drink-included cruise sound? Oh, and you'll get paid €3500.00 for it. 

One cruise company, Royal Caribbean is seeking a young professional for an "intern-ship," where they create content for the brand's Instagram while exploring all the perks of the ship and its destinations. 

Royal Caribbean want an adventure seeker to document their travels on the cruise line for three weeks, and is willing to pay them handsomely for their troubles. 

"The candidate will sail the seas capturing incredible content and uncovering amazing stories," according to the Instagram post.

All candidates have to do is post an "extraordinary" travel photo or video on Instagram, tagging @RoyalCaribbeanUK and using the hashtag #ExtraordinaryExplorer, to be in with a chance of being selected.

“Our cruise holidays are filled with extraordinary moments and we want to find a talented storyteller who can help us capture those unique moments and share them through one of the most inspirational social media platforms,” Ben Boudin, Royal Caribbean’s Managing Director in Ireland & UK, told Dublin Live.

So basically they want someone to live the high life while taking breathtaking snaps for social media. Sounds like every millennial's dream. 

Do hot dogs or legs pictures count? 



Cruise ships are getting more and more luxurious as the years roll on. Who hasn’t been tempted to hop aboard a giant floating hotel bound for the Caribbean at least once?

Well, people who suffer from sea sickness are probably not so inclined to book their tickets when pay day arrives. There’s one demographic that cruise ships have shunned up to now.

For some, the less than stable nature of the ocean and all of its wild glory can be just too tricky to stomach for weeks at a time.

However, now a genius have come up with the perfect way to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time at sea, without any of the nausea.

The Sun Cruise Hotel is a cruise shop that will never cause motion sickness. Why? How?

Well, rather than being located in the sea, it actually resides on a massive cliff overlooking the sea instead. Amazing.

Aside from the fact that is staying firmly on dry land, the hotel, is otherwise a precise replica of any other luxury cruise ship. There’s a revolving sky lounge, karaoke, a sea water pool and a volleyball court.

They also play wave sounds and birds’ calls over loudspeakers on the ship so it feels like you are out in the ocean.

So, next time you’re in Korea you know where to find the most unique of cruise experiences.



Selena Gomez proves that she is not one to be pushed around EVER while on holiday in St. Tropez recently.

The singer shoved the disrespectful paparazzo who obviously got too close for her comfort and reminded him to show her the respect she deserves!

Watch the video below.

You tell him, girly!




Thought cruises were just for old people? Well, it’s time to think again! Here are our six best reasons why we are considering a cruise for our next holiday!

You only have to unpack once
Seriously, unpacking and repacking has got to be the most annoy thing about travelling.

You will always have a view of the sea
People on land pay top dollar for this

The amount of places you’ll see
You will experience more cities in a week then you would travelling around by plane.

You don’t have to worry about carrying around a load of money – most things, including food,  are paid for before you even get on the ship.

Meet other people
We admit this can be done on any holiday, but this way you won’t lose them as they move on to other places – you’re all stuck together until you go to land.

Comfy bed
The best thing about a cruise is the fact that while you are travelling you have a comfy bed to lie down on – you won’t get this on an aeroplane!

The activities
Depending on which cruise you pick, there can be so many activities on board that you won’t have to leave.



Travelling by boat can be great fun but not if you are prone to sea sickness. There is nothing quite like being sick on a moving boat, especially in stormy seas.

If this sounds like you, you will benefit from these helpful ways to prevent or handle it:

Don’t think about it
If this is the first time on a boat for you don’t think about seas sickness. You might not actual suffer from it but you could very well convince enough to feel ill.

Acupressure wristbands  
You can usually pick up motion sickness wristbands in your pharmacy. They use acupressure to help sufferers and are usually good at stopping nausea and vomiting.

Ginger is good to alleviate nausea and is available in a powder form, tea or even sweets. So if you aren’t a fan of it you will be able to find something that you might like.

Green apples
Some believe green apples are helpful as well. Cruise ships often offer them on their room service menus.

Go outside
Spending as much time on deck as possible will help you to maintain a sense of balance. Staring at the horizon is a good idea.