Fixing fake tan mistakes


Unfortunately, many girls have been in the awful situation of waking up and finding their hands are a strange shade of orange or the streaks on their legs leave a little to be desired.

No, we’re not talking about some skin disorder, we are talking about fake tan and those dreaded mishaps.  And yes, it usually happens when we have a big event or occasion to attend that day.

Don’t panic! We have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you out:

To get rid of streaks, you will need to use a really light body scrub. You don’t want to rub the tan away completely, just make the colour a little more even.

Orange palms and hands
Toothpaste is fantastic for removing tan stains on your hands. Simply rub a little on the palms and between your fingers to get rid of any tell-tell signs of fake tan use.

Too dark
If you were a little too generous with your application, run a bath and rub your body in baby oil. It should remove a layer of tan from your skin, making you look a lot more natural.

Dark spots
Your elbow and knees soak up a lot more tan than other areas on your body. To correct these dreaded dark spots, exfoliate the area and soften it with some moisturiser. Sorted!