The art of sexting- School yourself on the 10 major don’ts.


Some people love sexting while other people would rather die than send a suggestive text to a random guy or even their other half.

Whether you love it or hate it, do any of us actually have any idea if we're even good at it?

Different strokes for different folks and all that, but there are a definitely few key issues we should ALL keep in mind before closing our eyes, internally screaming and pressing send.

Here are the top ten tips for ensuring a cringe-free sext-fest.

1) Don’t do it if you’re not comfortable.

Like all sex, it’s meant to be a mutually pleasurable endeavour

2) Don’t get his name wrong.

This is vital

3) Don’t laugh at him.

Yes, he misspelled his own body part, but no one’s perfect.

4) Don’t mention the cringy move he tried in bed last week.

You didn’t look so hot that time you got stuck in your own bra, ya know.

5) Don’t promise a sexy photo and then send a photo of a cat.

Hilarious? Yes. Mean? Definitely.

6) Don’t take forever and a day to reply.

No likes to have sex amongst the tumbleweeds.

7) Don’t do it in the same room as anyone else.

Yes, it’s a little wild, but it’s also a lot weird.

8) Don’t be disappointed if he’s failing to turn you on.

Your ‘sexy’ puns and ‘saucy’ gags mightn’t be as stimulating as you think either, ya Casanova.

9) Don’t somehow find a way to argue in a sext, even if you think it’s cute.

It’s not, you’re being annoying.

10) Don’t forget to relax, have fun and practise as often as possible.

If you get good enough, you could soon add it to your CV. (You could, but don't.)