How to use your camera phone to its full potential


Travelling light often means leaving your camera at home and just sticking to using the camera on you phone. Unfortunately, these snaps don’t always come out exactly as you want them too so, we have compiled a list of problems and how to fix them:

Grainy texture
The sandy effect across your pictures that you didn’t ask for is usually down to the settings on your phone. To fix it change your settings by turning up the contrast or by taking a bigger picture size to reduce the sandy look.

There is nothing worse than thinking you have taken a great shot to realise that it is actually blurry. This is usually caused by a shaky hand or lack of lighting. To stop this problem, hold the shutter button down for a few seconds longer than you normally would and make sure there is adequate lighting.

No flash – no problem
The more light you have the better your shots will be but that doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to take great snaps if your phone doesn’t have a flash. You can often use a photo editing feature on your phone to make them look better or simply move until there is more light focused on your subject.