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Earlier in the week, we were gifted with the wonder of fruit juice hair.

It sure would seem as though hairstylists are getting very creative lately, messing around with different colours.

And we are HERE FOR IT. 

The latest hair colour trend? Blackberry hair, inspired by the most delicious berry of them all (sorry strawbs, still love you though). 

Nine times out of ten, amazing hair colour tends to be suited to blonde tones – they're just easier to dye. 

However, one of the reasons we love blackberry hair is because it is perfect for those of you living on the darker side of life. 

US-based hairstylist Megan Schipani recently created this berry inspired look, and shared the result on her gorgeous Instagram page. 

“My client came in telling me that she was a busy mom who needed low-maintenance colour that was still fun. The day before her appointment, I had received a few packages of a new direct-dye line and knowing that my client was in the market for purples, it just clicked,” Schipani told the gorge folks at Allure. 

Schipani insists that the look is relatively low maintenance when it's all done, however achieving the look is a gruelling enough process. 

She spent around eight hours (CHRIST) lightening her client’s hair using a balayage technique, being careful to only lighten only the strands that would be dyed purple.

After that lengthy job, she went on to create the "perfect level 8 blonde-balayage" base, she applied shades in Purple with a hint of Blue over the blonde.

“Believe it or not, this colour really doesn’t require a whole lot of care, apart from the typical cold rinses and infrequent washing routine. Since I didn't bleach her out or touch her roots, the colour should grow out super smoothly.” 

Sounds good to me. 

Would you try this gorge shade? 



So, you may have noticed that the ladies here at SHEmazing HQ have a sliiight obsession with all things Harry Potter.

From Potter-themed hotels to Sorting Hat candles, we're running out of ways to prove our love for the magical series – well, almost. 

Introducing Harry Potter hair! 

Inspired by the colours of the house of Gryffindor, the magical look is was first created by hairstylist Crystal Casey created using a balayage technique with hues of orange, yellow, red and purple. 

Speaking to Allure about how she created the spellbinding hairstyle, she explained: "The colour itself was inspired by Gryffindor from the Harry Potter movies, with my own twist, of course."

And the best part is that the HP hairdo suits all skin tones, as Crystal explains: "Since a lot of the natural brown base is left untouched, just about any skin tone can wear it."

And for those of you who were sorted into a different house (hey, hey fellow Slytherins), a whole host of Howarts-themed hair colours have been popping up online recently. 

Just check out these whimsical styles created by Krystina Sporck. 

Sorry, but being in Ravenclaw has never looked more appealing. 



The season is finally here – the trees are up, the lights are on and the mulled wine is flowing. 

It is bloody freezing out, so it is officially appropriate to pour yourself a delicious glass of red wine, brandy, oranges, and a handful of the most delightful spices you can find. 

Not into drinking mulled wine? Firstly – weird, are you okay? Secondly, fear not – just add some spice to your hair. 

I was only thinking the other day that it has been quite a while since there was a new hair colour on the block. 

And sure look, only a week later, and we have MULLED WINE HAIR – amazing. 

Now, I can already hear you say 'Rebecca, this is literally just red hair…' but that is NOT the point. 

The point is that we're half way through December, and I'm feeling festive, so it is mulled wine hair. Don't be a scrooge. 

Anyhoo, let's discuss this gloriously festive NEW hair shade. 

According to the gorgeous humans at Popsugar (who originally spotted the trend) mulled wine hair is characterised by its berry-red, dark undertones. 

That's enough talking, let's simply let the gorgeous hairstyles speak for themselves…






BACK FROM THE 90’s…and just in time for holiday 2017! #mulledwinehair is trending! There is nothing quite like a winter hair trend – whether it’s actually wearable, like the cider and spice hair color trend, or those glorious Christmas tree brows. So even if a beauty choice isn’t technically new, the timely rediscovery of a classic hair look: like the 1990s mulled hair color trend is bound to take off. Featuring a deep, berry red tone with multidimensional highlights and lowlights, it mimics the look of a nice mug of mulled wine. To preserve the richness of this color? The Exure Trio! . . . #exure #exurebeauty #exurerevitalize #exurious #haircare #leave-in #conditioner #hair #fashion #beauty #summerhair #hairhack #americansalon #modernsalon #beautylaunchpad #behindthechair #hairproducts

A post shared by Exure, Inc. (@exurebeauty) on




Are you on the hunt for a new 'do', but have no idea what to go for? 

Well, allow us to try and tell you why lilac coloured hair is the coolest hair colour EVER! 

Ever since the gorgeous Katy Perry rocker purple hair, the trend has been becoming super popular (according to social media) and we can absolutely see why! 

The colour tones suit hair styles of all lengths, from choppy bobs to long luscious locks. 

Lavender hair also looks ridiculously good tied up in a pony tail, or in a handsome braid of some sort. 

We reckon this look is here to stay, and we seriously want to give it a go. 

Let us know what you think! 

4,973 Likes, 12 Comments - Hair Extensions Color Inspo (@vpfashion) on Instagram: “{#VPInspiration} Hair that is out of this w o r l d by @aprilmarie.beauty  More hair…”


LAVENDER HAIR. so many tears. so pretty. D':


hair, purple, and braid image


tumblr_nvau87SXjr1tsgoaxo1_500.jpg 500×500 pixels                              …


Scene Hair : Photo                                                                                                                                                                                 More


Purple is the new black ! We looove this lilac hair color by @lo.reeeann  ! The dark roots totally made this look have an edgier feel . #hairoftheday #purplehair


Discover your #Curly style at BellaCapellinapa.com #BellaCapelliNapa




#Smokey Purple Hair






Ladies, there is no better time of the year to change things up. Summer is the best season to alter your hair, we promise.

Hotter temperatures mean that all those bright, sunny days could result in more highlights or going totally mad with a daring new shade. 

Now, while we appreciate that this latest hair colour trend is not for everyone, we are loving the tangerine hair shade that is taking social media by a storm.

Imagine pastel sister blorange and it's edgier sister fire, then combine the two – and you have tangerine hair.

This might just be one of summer's hottest hair colours trends as everyone seems to be rocking tangerine locks this season and it's actually WAY prettier than you would expect.

Even the late David Bowie rocked the shade frequently, earning it serious cool points.  

We have seen so many crazy hair trends in recent months, from unicorn locks to rainbow roots, but tangerine hair is quirky while also being totally wearable.

The best part is that this colour suits every skin tone, and can be rocked on hair at any length – whether you have long locks or a gorgeous bob.

So if you find yourself looking for a new unique and beautiful hair colour, go straight to the fruit aisle for inspiration.

What do you reckon? Would you give tangerine hair a go? 



Rocks are all the rage in hair colour right now, and we cannot get enough of it! 

Geode hair is a wonderful combination of iridescent or metallic pinks, blues, and greens that fade in and out of the hair to mimic the look of crystals and minerals that line rock cavities. 

This stunning hair trend is starting to pop up all over social media, and we can absolutely see why.

The gorgeous people over at Refinery29 discovered the beautiful trend thanks to the innovative hair colourist Cherin Choi

We've been seeing vivid hair colours, like unicorn hair, phoenix hair and rainbow hair, for months – but this might be our favourite shade yet.  


Splash of Purple!!!. #pravana #vividcolors #blondehair #purplehair #hair_by_missmimi #myhclook #haircuttery

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The subtle fading tones of a number of jewel-like shades, with areas that pull either lighter or darker or simply fade out completely to reveal your actual hair colour – kind of like a shimmering, colourful balayage. 

If your hair is darker, these kind of looks these require lifting your hair with bleach first so that the bright tones get that "oomph."

We also love that it can be done to the extreme, or in a more subtle (and manageable) way – for those of us who are not brave enough to rock a full-head of pink hair. 

What do you think, ladies? Would you give this look a go? 



Remember last year, when the entire Internet went absolutely mad for rainbow hair?

Well, there is a new kid in town, and that new kid goes by the name of "vivid roots". 

This Instagram-worthy hairstyle can be achieved by simply adding a vivid colour of your choice to the roots of your hair, and nowhere else.


Give your roots a pop of color ! #vividhair #insiderbeauty

A video posted by @insiderbeauty on

Many people opt for just one solid colour, but some wonderfully brave folks have chosen the rainbow roots way of life. 


Primadonna girl, yeah All I ever wanted was the world

A photo posted by Winnipeg Canada (@hairbymisskellyo) on

That is the beauty of this new trend… it can be as bold and extreme as you like, but can also be subtle and low key.

Either way though, we are totally loving vivid roots!  




It was a year of crazy beauty trends, and it's safe to say there have been SO many different hair colour trends that we've lost count.

From Nutella hair dye, to mermaid hues and even hair tattoos, the trends are certainly not for the faint-hearted.


A photo posted by  (@thebentofox) on

However, one colour totally came out on top, with sales sky-rocketing throughout the entire year.

And what is the winning colour? Grey.

The head of beauty at Superdrug, Megan Potter, said: "Younger customers are going for metallic grey, recognising that it's a very graceful, sophisticated look."

Well, there you have it. We can only imagine what colours are heading our way in 2017.


It seems as though every week there is a new, trendy hair colour sweeping social media. 

The latest of these gorgeous hair shades doing the rounds on Instagram is chocolate-mauve. 


Initial skepticism has turned into complete obsession. I love dis hair, and I love this lady!

A photo posted by Bushwick Brooklyn Hair Painter (@hannahthepainter) on

Imagine dying your hair a warm shade of chocolate brown, and then adding purple and pink highlights throughout. 

We admit it sounds kind of weird, but the results are actually quite pretty.

We have Hannah Edelman, who is a New York based hair stylist, to thank for this lovely new trend. 

Hannah has posted a number of images to her salon's Instagram page, where she has received quite a lot of positive feedback. 

It has been described as the "perfect colour for Fall" and 'the new rose gold hair".

We can't help but love this look. 



Yes, colour trends come and go but we have to say we love this one. 

This quirky trend, which has been dubbed the 'Mother of Pearl', uses muted pastel tones which fade throughout the hair for a shimmery, pearly look. 

It definitely has a much more subtle effect than the silver hair trend and we think it is super demure for those of us who just don't want a 'normal' hair colour. 

The look is achieved by bleaching the hair and then using soft blues, pinks and greens to achieve a 'washed out' look. 

It's pretty much a way easier to wear version of the rainbow hair trend. 

Top colour stylist Aura Friedman said that she achieved the look by using her expertise colouring skills. 

Speaking to Pop Sugar, Aura said that she first bleached the hair to a pearl tone (that is the colour just before you reach that silvery hue). She then layered on the brighter colours strategically around the head before washing out. 


Mother Of Pearl via @birchbox painted by me at @ionstudionyc #motherofpearl #pastelhair #hairtrends #opalhair

A photo posted by Jenna Perry (@jennaperryhair) on

Well, the result is suitably beautiful. 

Could you rock the Mother of Pearl? 


People all over the world are intent on finding a way to achieve the most Instagram worthy hair colour. The lengths people will go to in order to achieve the kind of locks that would make Ariel well jealous are reaching new highs.

The latest innovation is “fluid hair painting”. Yes, it involves the kind of labour intensive colouring techniques you were expecting.

However, you won’t have to spend hours sitting staring at your cloaked self in the mirror. KL Christoffsen, the legend behind the latest viral trend told Modern Salon that clients need to be “reclined”. “Because their hair is fanned out, it gives me the ability to thoroughly look over every strand to see how the colour melts from top to bottom,” she explained.   

“It’s easier to see the colour fluidity when you have that elevation. You’re able to have more control,” the colouring genius added. The “colour table” definitely looks amazing and we wouldn’t mind having a little lie down while our hair undergoes an amazing mermaid transformation to be honest.   


  A photo posted by KL Christoffersen (@mermicornhair) on


Admit it, you’ve caught yourself dozing off while having your shampooed, it can be very relaxing.

The technique also means that it is more controlled than the usual balayage method, which creates the super soft colour melt everyone is lusting after.

KL adds: “What I love about using this technique is that the final results are endless – from mimicking sun-kissed baby highlights to creating a multi-colored rainbow explosion. It’s really quite versatile!”

While we are feeling quite tempted to take the plunge and finally embrace the bold trend, KL does warn that people should not try this one at home.

“It’s not just laying down and slapping color on the hair. You should definitely see a licensed professional for this method.”

Not worry though, because colourists all over the world are mastering the technique so it might only be a matter of time before you’re heading down to your favourite salon for a quick nap and a hair transformation.


There has been a huge number of beauty trends exploding all over the internet in recent months.

Whether it's strobing for your face, trying to keep your brows on fleek (without dyeing them rainbow colours) or even baking your face there has been something new to try every week.

As for haircare, first there was contouring and now something even MORE bizarre.

For anyone who missed the great tie-dyeing adventures of the Nineties, it basically required you to tie elastic bands around a t-shirt then dip the fabric in different colour dyes.

Hair colourist Rickey Zito is now applying the technique to hair.

Probably important to note that this hair is bleached beforehand, for optimal colour intensity. No one wants a dull tie-dye effect to be fair.

Rickey of course makes the process look very simple as he separates the hair into large sections. Then he uses cloth ribbons to separate the sections again and make sure the colours are separated.

The results are definitely different.

Rickey is obviously a huge fan of ALL hair colouring trends – his Instagram feed is full of rainbow coloured locks.


Whip it good.. #hairgod_zito #headrushsalon

A photo posted by Ʀ€₭ョ¥ ℤϮø (@hairgod_zito) on

He calls himself ‘hair god’ for a reason.

We're kinda tempted to give this a go… but maybe we'll test it out on a t-shirt first.

Well hello there!
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