Say good-bye to the dreaded orange peel

Whether you’re curvy or slim, no woman is safe from cellulite. Cellulite is fat beneath your skin and looks bumpy because it is pushes against connective tissue. It is not harmful but most ladies don’t think it is particularly nice to look at.

Here are top tips to get rid of the dreaded orange peel

Use a body scrub
To remove or decrease cellulite you need to get the blood flowing underneath. A body brush rubbed towards your heart will help to break it up.

Get moving
Cellulite forms in the areas with the least amount of circulation so get moving to increase blood circulation.

Get up off your bum
If your job requires you to sit on your bum all day make sure you take some time out to get up and move around. Sitting around all day is not good for your bum.

Use products after exercise
The best time to use cellulite cream is after exercise so wait until then for the ultimate effect.