How to feel a lot happier in five easy steps

It can be hard to be happy when you are bogged down with college assignments or are overloaded at work. However, with these simple steps you’ll be beaming at yourself in the mirror in no time.

Make plans
Nothing makes you feel happier than having plans for the weekend or the end of the month. Whether it is a holiday or a few drinks with friends, having something good to look forward too will help you get through the day.

Drink water
Avoid the 3pm slump by consuming enough water to keep dehydration at bay. Pop a water bottle in your bag or by your desk and never feel thirsty again.

Put on the radio
Nothing says 'smile' like your favourite tune. If you can, sing-a-long with it or even get up and have a dance. But if that's a bit awkward – you could be at work – just hum along to the song in your head.

Fake it until you make it
If you’re still not feeling happy, fake it. Your smile may trick your brain into thinking you are happy which might actually make you feel happy.

Write a list
If you have tons to do in one day, sit down and write a list. When you have completed a task on your list tick it off. You will instantly feel relief and joy.