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Waking up with a nasty pimple or breakout is never a good way to start the day, especially if you have no idea where it came from.

The odd hormonal breakout can't be helped, but there are some other factors that could be causing havoc with your skin without you even knowing it.

Prevention is always easier than cure, so take note of these six surprising things that might be causing your skin to suffer…

1. Your phone
If you're a fan of talking rather than texting, your skin could be feeling the consequences. Holding your phone up against your cheek and ear for prolonged periods of time can cause a build up of oil, especially if your phone gets overheated. Plus, phone screens are a breeding ground for bacteria. Switch to speaker phone or keep anti-bacterial wipes handy.

2. That milky cup of tea
Dairy, especially milk, is often linked to acne problems, as many of the hormones and inflammatory products in milk can lead to excess oil production and clogged pores. Cut down on milk or switch to almond or soy milk instead.

3. A boyfriend with a beard
We love a good beard, but our skin's not such a fan. If your man has rough stubble, kissing him can cause friction which promotes oil production. Not good. If you can't bear to see your man go bare-faced, at least ask him to keep his beard soft with conditioning oil.

4. Your shampoo and conditioner 
Thick hair products can cause pores on your back, chest and hairline to clog in a snap. Tilt your head when washing out shampoo in the shower, and if you like to leave your conditioner in for a few minutes, tie it up so it's not hanging down your back.

5. Your gym sessions
Sweating is a GREAT way to detoxify, but if you don't take care to clean up well after the gym you may find your skin suffers as a result. Be sure to wash and cleanse your face as soon as you're finished working out, even if it's with a make-up wipe.

6. Pillowcases
If you find you're randomly waking up with spots on the side you sleep on, your pillowcase could be to blame. Dirt and oil can build up faster than you might think, so if you think your pillowcase could be the problem be sure it change it every few days, more so than your bed sheets.



Breakouts are a common beauty problem but that doesn’t mean we should just put up with them.

Here are three tricks to keep spots at bay:

Check your products
If you are prone to the odd breakout you need to look at what products you are putting onto your skin. Find one that is suitable for oily skin and stick with it. Alcohol-based products are a no-no as they can irritate your skin and prompt excessive oil production, which you really don’t want.

Get rid of sweat
Make sure you wash your face as soon as possible after a workout. When sweat mixes with your skin’s oils it blocks your pores and traps bacteria. Don’t sit around in your sweaty clothes either as this can cause breakouts on your chest and back.

Wash your hands
Before you put your hands on your face make sure they are clean as they can carry a multitude of sins. Also, make sure you wash your make-up brushes and sponges at least once a week to stop a build up of bacteria.