Unlike so many Hollywood stars, Tom Hanks is a man of the people.

From photobombing wedding snaps, acting as a human lost-and-found and enduring hideously awkward conversations with drunk people, Tom Hanks is the celebrity of everyone's dreams.

So while we weren't especially surprised he reached out to a fan recently, we couldn't help but be touched by his gesture.

After receiving a sketchbook containing pictures of his various movie roles courtesy of artist Denise Esposito, Tom not only responded to the package but even sent a present in return.

Sharing the exciting moment on Facebook, Denise wrote: "For those who don't know the story – I'm trying to make it really short – nearly a month ago I gave him as a gift a Moleskine sketchbook with all his filmography drawn inside."

"He was so impressed that he gave me a present as well," Denise continued. "How amazing life is when your favorite actor sends you a typewriter and a thank you letter? How unbelievably cool is that?"

"I can't stop staring at all of this. When a gesture is worth a thousand words.. and this man really left me speechless."

Paying tribute to Denise's talents, Tom, who is a collector of vintage typewriters, wrote: "Denise Espostia, for your lovely book of sketches of all those movies."

"Here is a typewriter to do with whatever you need. Make more art! And many thanks."

How badly do we want to impress Tom Hanks?!